Al salam Alykom we RahmatAllah we Barakato in this video i will deliver to you ensha’ Allah from the statement of the holy Quran all the details you need to know about al dajjal the liar messiah We will know his true identity, where is he now and when he will appear Some of these information will be new and strange to you But We will have the proves from the holy Quran clear verses and from true sunna hadith and if you hold with allah saved book clear verses verses then you will pass and you will find dajjal deception is very weak and allah ta’ala said in sura [Al-Nisa] :83 verse in arabic then the translation {And without Allah grace and mercy upon you you would indeed followed Satan except a few.} 4:83 Truthful Allah the Great We had been tricked by the prigs those who claim to be muslims and they are not those are satan’s servants and they made most of us believe in the opposite of many of the holy Quran clear verses They said al dajjal is one eyed but Allah is not one eyed Glory be to Allah the Most High but if we return to Quran surah [Al-Shoura] verse number 11 allah ta’ala Said verse in arabic then the translation {Nothing is like Him; )
Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Shoura] 42:11 this is clearly mean that allah ta’ala does not look like human or anything we know so the subject is not about one eyed or not maybe one of you want to say this is true hadith but this cant be true hadith this not even hadith by prophet mohammed pbuh as prophet mohammed pbuh will not say anything in the opposite of the Quran and Allah ta’ala and his prophet said to compare any hadith with the Quran to know if this hadith is true or not this is in true is a fake by Dajjal himself He want you to believe and think that Allah ta’ala looks like human but he is not one eyed!! And when dajjal will appear he will not be one eyed So.. if you believe in this fake You will be tricked and you will fail They said dajjal can resurrect the dead!! by cutting off one man into two halves then he walk between the two halves then he return him back to life after dead!! but if you believed in this fake then you are already disbeliever in the quran Because if we return back to Quran You will find that Allah ta’ala challenging the falsehood To return life to any dead in surah [Al-Waqi’ah]: verse number 87 allah ta’ala Said verse in arabic then the translation (Then return it back to life , if you are truthful?(87) Truthful Allah the Great And it here refer to the soul of the dead Maybe someone want to say this is only for “fetna” But we know that Allah ta’ala gives theses miracles only for the prophets & Messengers because they are calling and inviting for Allah not for the falshood Same Dajjal Cant Say to the skies Rain and it will Rain! because the skies will not respond to him in true these signs only for Allah ta’ala and anyone believe in something else he is already disbeliever in the Quran and he will fall in Dajjal “fitna” We know that Dajjal is the liar messiah and this is true As he will claim messiah identity and he will use the Christian faith that Allah is Messiah and allah ta’ala Said in surah [Al-Ma’eda] :72 verse in arabic then the translation ( Indeed they disbelieve who said: Allah is the Messiah son of Mariam) This is the wisdom from the return of the true messiah as there will be two men claiming messiah identity one will say that he is allah or son of Allah and this is Dajjal and the other will say that he is Allah servant and his messenger and this is the true messiah Isa son of Mariam pbuh so be warned that Dajjal is no one else the Shaitan iblis Satan Lucifer himself and Allah Ta’ala told us that the shitan will appear for the open “fitna” with his armies in sura [Al-Esra] verse number 64 allah ta’ala said Arabic {And incite whom you can of them with your voice, and collect against them your horses and your Men) Truthful Allah the Great and this verse clearly confirm that the shetan:Satan will appear for open “fitna ” with his armies We used to think that Adam pbuh was in ” al m’awa ” paradise over the skies but this is not correct and from the statement we knew that there is paradise already here in earth from Surah the cow verse number 30 allah ta’ala Said Arabic (Allah Said to the angels, I will place a King in earth.) Truthful Allah the Great and this mean Adam was the ruler in the earth Paradise from Surah [Al-Rhaman] verse number 17 allah ta’ala Said Arabic and this land has two gates one in the north pole and the other in the south pole and these points for the sunrise and sunset and inside it Gog and Magog and dhul qarnayn barrier and the shitan remains inside it as he requested from Allah and he will claim that this Paradise is for him but its not for him and he will be forced to leave it with shame as allah ta’ala Said we have to know that the hell is a planet and its orbiting earth from time to time From Surah (Sad) verse number 69 allah ta’ala Said Arabic {I have no knowledge of the upper host as they dispute.(69)} Truthful Allah the Great and now it’s approaching earth and when it will arrive it will force earth to rotate in its reverse direction so the sun will rise from the west and it will be the reason for the destruction of Zulkarnain barrier Same time will be the first resurrection and this is not the full restriction as in the judgment day this will be only for the disbelievers whom allah will will and dajjal will claim that he is the one who resurrect theme Same time Dajjal will appear with his armies of gog and magog for the open “Fitna” and seduction The savior for Muslims and all mankind is the awaited mahdi imam Nasser Mohammed Al Yamani as he is the one who reveals all of dajjal deception and deliver the true statement of the holy Quran for all of us I will add a link to the statement with this video and i advise you to read and think about it as you can.