a lot of you have started You know a youtuber or you know, you feel like everybody else is doing it and something like that You know, we got a lot of copycats out here. Okay. Nobody ain’t there own woman no more. No problem. Y’all no problem Do y’all know this thing is permanent. This thing is permanent. Okay, and so the guy don’t love you now What you have to go through? Yea. you’ll have him under your fingers for a while, but I see I’ve seen it that thing it wears all sometime with the anyway Let me tell y’all this story Okay, please okay, and there everybody is not at this smoking? Oh look Okay, you know I don’t smoke I was out there whatever stuff you know for the fool I and I did have me a little beer whatever. Okay, and it was a Ghanian who had invited me there okay, and so he To me. He was like see this guy right here So I guess it was like trying it showed me who to mess with. Not the best me It’s a damn shame he said this man he got old wife at home and she is a doctor and you say This is acceptable to her. I Wonder why this man is doing what he’s doing. He can’t stay at home and I’m gonna tell you what, I’m gonna tell you why I know hoping you win women’s who are putting these spells on these men stop Okay, they’re not happy home Meanwhile, you got to put up with being miserable because he don’t love you do wait He never beat it You think it’s gonna change a man’s heart? No It’s not change his heart You got his spirit you don’t have his heart. And so this is why maybe somebody means I help She known these girls and beaten only girls impossibly impossibly killing these girls Okay Because they are mad They are mad and then look they’re not themself and they know that Okay, so you’re ladies who are doing this thing, please I beg you all please Stop this pray help confidence work on yourself You get what I’m saying work on yourself and let this day be genuine because if it’s fake See a lot of us. We got a lot of things to prove to people outside. It does think it’s fake Okay, a lot of us get shuffle, so please Please it gave him Due to this situation being a permanent situation Okay look You can get tired of him what you gonna do then We’re gonna put a man in This is dangerous lady Okay. I love you all. I thank you for listening to me I thank you for liking I thank you for subscribing and I think you got some committee Y’all tell me do y’all know about any ladies who are in the spirit binding relationship? Tell me what the results are Tell tell us Tell us what the results are and tell us how things working out because I don’t think it’ll be working out really good I love y’all Queens. Be Blessed