Good morning friends. Today, I want to share something with you I was in a store where a tagline says “You can always count on us” But no. We can’t always count on people because sometime people will change their minds and not always be there for us So, we can’t always count on them but we can absolutely count on Jesus Christ since Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. Also, He will be always there for us and he is the same God from the past, present, and future So, yeah we can always count on Jesus Christ but sometime not on people. One day, I was in meeting where this person said “let be like that person! But no we can’t be like that person, we have to be like Jesus Christ because we are God’s image, not that person’s image. We are meant to be like God’s image since God created us to be like His image. And represents His image and that all I want to say and have a great blessed day!