God is bliss. God is bliss and love.
When people say, “God,” they kind of, it’s it’s easy to drop into
thinking about a person. It’s just, it just happens. When we talk about
things, we tend to picture things. That’s the human mind. If somebody says,
“Oh, I went to a play last night and it was about this in that you don’t just
see it in your mind you don’t just hear it and you don’t just picture it like
like put text you’re reading as they’re telling you about it typically you start
imagining the set oh this set was amazing all these lights and you start
imagining the lights right so we do that oh you know God and you start going an
old man with a beard well you got you got to stop and if you’re going to have
to picture anything replace picture with feeling and if it’s an ultimate feeling
you can’t just go oh God is probably kind of like happiness you know like an
ice cream you know no man it’s this almost inconceivable state of being it’s
unimaginable by human brain standards but god is bliss and love the Father
aspect of God is like bliss it’s a it’s a state of being the mother aspect of
God is love now I what they call in some traditions the Holy Spirit as the Divine
Mother and it’s accurate and I can support it from a thousand different you
know directions but I don’t I don’t bother you know I just just that’s what
it is the Holy Spirit some church is attributed like a masculine to it even a
Course in Miracles will use he as a pronoun it’s just a figure of speech and
yet people again made it literal I’ve had all the lot of you know loving
forgiving Course in Miracles people get enraged at me for referring to it as a
she in my book called the heart of A Course in Miracles what do you mean she
it’s clearly a he in the book and I’ll say you mean the book that Jesus told
you was an illusion so knock it off you know so they get a little tripped out
you know and it’s just imagine this the concept of what bliss even means bliss I
mean that’s such a cool word so God is this state of
bliss and love and I’ll explain the difference slightly a slight difference
and when we say masculine aspects feminine aspect or even bliss and love
they’re all the same but for our understanding we you know make it a
little bit different but the Druids often used the Sun as sort of a symbol
of God or even a symbol of heaven but the the the Druids would say the Sun is
like a place it’s an assemblage it’s a gathering of
of soul pure souls floating in an ocean of bliss that’s a good way to put it
you know like having just pure souls floating in an ocean of bliss there you
go bliss you know and people go okay so what if we do buy this Michael what if
we do buy this thing about heaven and we we die and we all ascend or whatever it
happens to be and we go to heaven they actually ask then what you know what are
we gonna do don’t we get barred this is this is not a divine mind that asks such
a question but it’s understandable don’t get me wrong I mean it is understandable
cuz with our human brains we’re like really 24/7 we’re just like blissing out
you know they’ll say like I’ve done that on drugs you know just oh you know but
it wears off so the human brain doesn’t understand it is it possible and what is
it me what does it mean to to float in an ocean of bliss it’s beyond it’s
beyond words and that’s why when Buddha was asked he just put his finger to his
lips meaning you can’t answer that soon as you try you’re using words to
describe that you can’t describe with words however you can you can try
because that’s what you need to do when you’re on earth you you know ultimately
can’t accomplish it but you can at least make an attempt when you make an attempt
that comes from fear like people saying heaven is for only a few souls who make
it out of all the gazillion souls that were ever created but they’re all going
to help but not you and me because we belong to a certain church that’s a
fear-based attempt so I’m not endorsing that but when geez
said heaven is like that I endorse because he’s giving you a concept I love
that word learning you know learned through concepts because a picture is
worth a thousand words and it means do like Jesus this is what the ancients
used to teach by all the indigenous peoples they used to teach through
metaphor and parables and stories mythology songs because it could mean
different things to different people the downside is people make it mean what
they want it to mean and make a religion around it that’s not what we were
supposed to do it was supposed to be experiential not judgmental experiential
so the father aspect of God you could say is like this state of bliss and then
you know what’s really beautiful is bliss just said wow this bliss is so
superb so beautiful I think today I’ll create more bliss because bliss becomes
more bliss I mean bliss doesn’t become conflict and eight like people say it
happened with God no it never did bliss is just blessed so bliss just says
well what I’m a creator what a creators doing that create so I’m going to create
more bliss but when it did it went and it expanded it didn’t create bliss and
toss it somewhere into the universe it just extended it expanded itself bliss
became more bliss and when bliss added to the bliss the new bliss is you you
and I are actually the bliss of God we’re we’re the the extension of God I
mean try to wrap your mind around that not not a little thing we’re actually
the bliss of God being extended so we’re that thing where that new Wow
of God and God saw that it was good this is great this can’t go wrong except the
children of God when they wondered what it would be like if they could feel
something other than bliss the children of God became very scared at what they
had thought what does this mean what we just had a
terrible thought and the children of God wondered what that would be like and and
to cope with or actually to not cope with but to try to cope with that
feeling we ran away from home okay we ran away from home we said this
is this is terrible what we’ve done to God to heaven you know I mean it’s it’s
a very if you really tuned into it it’s kind of a frightening feeling we were
created to be the bliss of God and then we said oh my god this is we’re feeling
terror what happened to bliss so we panicked and we ran away from home
and we went as far away was as we could that doesn’t mean heaven is that the
other extreme of the universe and earth is at the furthest opposite extreme as
far away means we went as far away from bliss as we could we went into a world
of annihilation a world where even stars eventually died we went into a universe
of three-dimensional limited consciousness that’s as far as you could
get from God where love is not the day love is not the tone of the day fear is
fighting and and warring and competing I mean humans are insecure about
everything that doesn’t exist in in heaven you know and I mean it’s like all
the humans have that same temptation you can be like oh my god oh I live in
Sedona and I just fasted for 24 48 hours or a week and a month and when I fasted
I feel so pure and then the hair falls out I’m getting old
where’s bliss where thicket where did bliss go it happens and it happens to
everybody we make jokes about it those of you who are visitors you know you
could be all blissed out until you hit their roundabouts in this town you know
this is out the window you know as well as our hands know
so it’s an inside joke people watching from F you know around the world here
and there so so it goes so quickly but why it only goes because it’s a
reflection of ourselves so check this out we said to ourselves what would life
be like we became panicked we went ran away from home and I know that’s
contrary to some people’s beliefs that God created us out here like a separate
thing and when hello my beloved children I know just the place for you
earth good luck you know that’s not how it happened it’s not happening it only
was this and then we fell so to speak but when we fell we didn’t actually go
anywhere we just fell asleep so when they talk about the fall from heaven
think about it guys oh geez the for the fall that’s terrible
that’s when all the morning stars of God the glory of the heavens that’s us fell
from heaven and riddled the earth you know we came here and then place of
suffering and generation after generation suffering suffering suffering
wait how did it start again well we fell and then what happened everything
horrible bad you know Jesus got crucified and there were Wars and
terrible things happening in the planet how did that start again we felt fell
asleep that means all of it is a dream that’s actually a nightmare is a better
word for it but think about it doesn’t it change the context we fell asleep huh
now just try it on I’m not saying it’s easy for everybody to accept that
because some some things that you like you want to make more precious than
asleep a dream and some things you don’t like you want to make more horrible than
you would want to have in a dream it doesn’t change that you’re children of
God just fell asleep and when we fell asleep we we said okay
I’m running from God to remember that’s part of it I’m trying to flee from God
because God is bliss and I I don’t feel I didn’t feel blessed so I did something
naughty so we left heaven we came to earth seemingly were dreaming it but we
came to earth and we said you know but you know what’s gonna happen if I die
because the three dimension is really my affirmation that I’m in a limited state
of being this is it I mean it dies it gets old whatever but usually the other
way around it gets all and then dies but here it is
you know so it’s like I’m dense and and that can’t be fixed you know that now
this is what we’re doing unconsciously we’re solid we don’t have to ever go
home and face our fear however there’s something once we adapted the 3d are
limited dimensionality in into our lives we forgot that something else happened
you died and when you die you become a little less dense oh you’re kidding me
that means you’re a little closer to heaven because you’re less dense so what
we did was we said I’ve got it will reincarnate reincarnation is not a
solution it’s actually a disease to keep reincarnating assures us of the idea
that we never have to go home and you can say then that must mean that some of
the religions like the fundamental Christians have it right because they
don’t believe in reincarnation they just stay on their the other side yeah
terrified on the other side in hell you know in a low place of the astral world
so they’re not getting any any closer either but even they will reincarnate
once they adapt to the idea that it’s gonna happen whether they like it or not
they’ll just reincarnate in another you know difficult life because they didn’t
believe in reincarnation so they’ve got to come back and deal with that belief
where am i back you know so if you try a different religion or something I don’t
know you know but so imagine this we’re trying to write reincarnation was not a
solution and then and then God said what happened you were here a minute ago
children what happened we did leave but God could tell that we’re in
this sleep like what where are you guys and we’re just like the lights are on
nobody’s home we’re just you know so God said my children my children have gone
to sleep and believe that there’s something that they’re not they’re
believing that they actually left heaven so God says to the divine mother the
Holy Spirit I want you to go in and help them and this didn’t happen eventually
this happened the instant we thought we went to sleep the solution was already
given you’ve heard the saying what’s the problem love is the answer as soon as we
thought we separated love was given as the answer the divine mother became love
the solution so this kind of gets interesting but we’re becoming so
frightened of this world you know of God and what could happen so we try to run
and so the Holy Spirit says I know just what to do if the Holy Spirit shows up
in our lives to blatantly it’ll be too much god and we’ll go and have to run
against somewhere else because we don’t were afraid of God on some level and
religion hasn’t helped but we’re afraid of God on some level
that’s why there are these fear-based religions fear God that’s not God
telling you that it’s a man writing that fear the Lord you’re gonna be
annihilated if you look upon the Lord no men can see the face of God and survive
all these things about God there’s not much that’s inviting when it comes to
traditional or fundamental religions not much that’s inviting so the Holy Spirit
says I have just the idea I’m going to go in the world and I’ll make sure I’m
covert about it not only Dutch does she come in the world she becomes the world
we come in – as soon as we thought we could separate she became the universe
we flew into she became the world and she helps us manifest all our lessons so
the Holy Spirit you know like if there’s a person here that’s challenging me
today believe it or not the Holy Spirit says I can’t just appear and go hello
honey you were trying to hide yes what I’m gonna love the hell out of you
I’m gonna just download so much love you’re gonna just get over all your fear
oh no no because God will not took away anything that you believe in because
you’re a creator you believe in fear you believe in retaliation from God so God
has to be very tactful about it so the Holy Spirit therefore the Divine Mother
is being very tactful so she says I’m never gonna let you know too overtly
that I’m here with you think about how we can go that’s silly we want God only
to the amount that it is easy in other words when you see God easily when you
feel God easily when you experience God easily like a a meditation on epiphany
you know what it means that you’re that much less afraid of God how do we know
because you allowed it to happen easily a pain-free way you get what I
just said there you allowed something wonderful to show up that was God in our
lives oh that’s pretty cool so that’s a sign of us getting it but for typically
for human beings it’s not always gonna be that way
you’ll have an epiphany and then you’ll have five challenging conversations with
people and we go god I wish it was just all nice and the Holy Spirit’s going I’m
actually in every one of them I have to help you look at your fears by
manifesting them for you so I became all the people that must annoy you not that
there’s not souls there that are making unhealthy decisions to be annoying
they’re doing what they’re gonna do but the holy spirit helped materialize them
for you that annoying soul could have been somewhere else I would name a town
but then everybody’s gonna think I’m saying that all annoying people moved to
that town you know just just arbitrarily you know any place okay so the Holy
Spirit man isn’t that amazing she she helps materialize that person you could
say it another way if you had to she brings them into your space but she’s
involved with materializing every lesson why because she’s saying if I can bring
the positives to show you look how good you’re doing sweetheart
you mother and then I’m gonna bring some annoying person why because through your
properly dealing with that person it’s called forgiveness through your properly
dealing with that person you will be freeing some of yourself why because all
those annoying people are actually reflecting all of your worst feelings
about yourself you just don’t want to know that you don’t want to believe that
you want to think that you’re you know kind of a victim walking through life
and God helped me with mean and annoying people you know help them to become more
like me and God saying they’re already like you
it’s just magnified your slightest fear of God becomes people you fear your
slightest belief that God has retaliation or judgment on you for
leaving is everybody else that manifests the reasons that we think we’re separate
in other words another way of saying it is if you have even the slightest amount
of identity crisis the slightest amount of not knowing who you are it’s gonna
manifest as a person making you feel so small and we go
you know God that person makes me feel so small and in it okay on a human level
it’s true I’m not telling you to pretend it didn’t happen it’s true but why are
they in your life they’re in your life because on some level there’s a little
little antenna that pops up when you have low self-worth and it sends out a
frequency low self-worth low self-worth look and there’s someone out there that
goes you know oh I was looking for somebody that I could just mash today
because I have low self-worth so if I can smash you and push you down I’m
gonna feel a false sense of self-worth and you’re like aha I’m open to the head
you know this is how this is how this place works it’s hard to explain it it
really is and yet it’s easy if we can absorb the concepts if any specific
piece of it is too challenging or you know to to whatever you’re you know you
can just go all that peace I don’t I don’t agree with that and let it go but
just allow yourselves to to absorb any amount of it to say what if it’s true at
all what if it’s true at all of it I am actually an extension of God not the guy
standing here or sitting here I we as pure souls floating in the Bliss of
heaven you know God that there’s something in me that is
that thing and never forgot the part of me that never forgot that is called the
Christ the part of me that has forgotten is called the ego that’s all it is it’s
kind of a psychological thing in a sense that’s all it is it’s a spiritual
psychology this entire thing spiritual because it’s spiritual it’s not physical
it’s not dense its physical it’s it’s spiritual but it’s psychology in that
after we forgot that we are spirit we developed a psychology that could decide
that were holy or not and the ego part of our psychology said we’re not holy
and then we took that not holiness and I’m saying that the Divine Mother helps
us consistently to see that non holiness how it must be I know who he’s talking
about the evils in the world then you’re gonna name somebody like the president
or whoever you whomever you don’t like her your ex
I’m saying all people are going to hold some amount of a reflection of you some
amount but are they reflecting your awakening or you’re sleeping and it is
not up to them to reflect your awakening that’s what free will means free will
does not mean you get the choice to become obnoxious well it’s my free will
I can do what I want that’s that’s just a brat it’s just a spiritual brat you’re
just being on a tantrum playing games with the universe no when we say free
will the only time you’re actually exercising free will is when you freely
choose the will of God and the will of God is that unholy I don’t have to go
I’m gonna try and be more holy I am that thing and I forgot how do I know I
forgot because there’s still people that annoy me and they’re a reflection of how
I’m doing so the closer I get to remembrance the more I see a reflection
of healthy and that’s why you don’t need to fall in
love with every attribute of a person because the attributes are just
reflections of ourselves Wow I really like that book I really
like that movie I really like that poem that’s great
but they’re reflections of you getting it the reflections of the good part of
you so see them thank them just thank them don’t worship them don’t marry them
thank them it’s just a poem don’t marry it just thank them and then
recognize thank you for mirroring my value god man that’s so cool
marry yourself go here and marry yourself then you can also make the
choice to also partner with people by that poem or that song or whatever but
don’t jump to that go here and credit yourself first god I’m awakening thank
god this is great and it is great there’s nothing better than our awakened
nothing more important than our awakening and if that sounds good you
know you’re like ha I kind of liked it now brace yourself because it also means
you got to accept the opposite people are mirroring my awakening oh thank you
for being wonderful thank you Michael thank you for being wonderful thank you
my it’s me me me be careful because if you’re gonna try to own that you got to
also own and you’re annoying wait a minute what is that bringing up for me
you know there’s lessons and there’s layers and I’m not saying you have to
obsess on this but we have to consider this as a process healing must never be
neglected on the spiritual path Healing is 50% of our spiritual path we try to
be all spiritual and only talk about chanting and oming and it’s psychism
psychic you know work you can’t be spiritual without the other half being
taken care of almost first which is the healing path regret shame doubts fears
and so on we got to deal with the healing path in fact you you you will
inhibit your ability to become spiritual your new life be born again you’ll
inhibit it by any work you haven’t done further down here in the human self
another way to put that Jesus says you will only rise as well as you fall and
everybody’s you know trying what does that mean you know and they you know
they just don’t get it they sit theorize what he might have meant I’ll tell you
what it meant you can only rise as much as you’re
willing to look at your stuff you got to release the the ballast to rise to float
you can’t just try to be in denial and I’m ascending today not if you’re still
rude you know it just doesn’t work that way
rudeness is an anchor hate judgment it’s an anchor you’re not going anywhere
well you know it’s true so so when God said let there be light you’re you and I
we’re the light it’s just that we turn the volume down
we we we play small we lower the light and say no no not me
I made you to be the light I you are my light Jesus said I am the light of the
world light light light that’s our identity
when we’re working on remembering it we call it light workers it’s a term that
people are becoming very familiar with it’s a term that I may have been the one
that made it up back in the 80s but it was made up not because I said I need to
come up with a word that’s gonna become popular it was actually just a natural
extension here’s why we are light once we know we’re light and we’re doing
anything we’re coming into this world you’re now not just like you’re a light
bearer which is what I called my newsletter back in the 80s we are light
and I like we are light bearers but when you take being a light bearer like
holding presents and you bring it and you you want to make a difference in the
world now you’re a light worker so it just seemed like a natural progression
and you know people started taking the term and adopting it to be their own you
know their own meaning and all that so you’ll see me on the internet saying hey
there’s a bunch of people using the term light worker but it’s kind of ironic
because in their work and their teachings and their videos they don’t
mention God and I’m going how if you’re not the light of God how are you a light
worker but but everybody wants to leave God out of everything you know they want
to just kind of well that’s old-fashioned we don’t we want to have a
larger audience so if you leave God out this is really a good sign of insanity
if we leave God out we’ll be more popular that’s
that’s how churches of Crone’s Oh big you know without realizing it they leave
God out there’s a there’s a story I’ve shared this once or twice before but a
quick story there’s this old traditional church traditional so fear-based and all
that kind of stuff and they have this african-american man who was their
janitor and you know he’s not allowed in the church itself and he doesn’t
understand that because he wants an equal ability to know and know God to go
in and know God to be part of the celebration and and the service you know
but they won’t let him in so he has to keep his job to make a living so he does
his janitor work and you know and but he just goes in the closet
the the janitor closet and he gets on his knees and prays he’s done he’s just
fed up with this and he says God please help me I just I want to be with you I
want to feel you I want to know you but they won’t let me in then he hears a
voice don’t take it personally they don’t let me in either so yeah so we
chose the world of limitation and God is not limited God is not limited but we
created a world that is that’s what it means by we have gone as far away as
possible guys to hide and that’s why we manifest things like playing small you
don’t just have a little self-esteem issue like you might have thought oh you
know sometimes I have self-doubt sometime yeah true those are symptoms
even though you think those are the problems hidden behind all that those
are just symptomatic of us playing small we’re far far greater oh you mean I so I
should come out and and become the dancer I always wanted to be yes but
it’s much more than that we’re actually made in the image of God
and we bought we bought the the story of limitation we actually became addicted
to the world of limitation and it’s not an accident so don’t just think it’s
because people will not honor who you are don’t just blame the world people
don’t see me people don’t hear me oh you don’t even believe you’re worth
being heard and I’ll agree the ego part of you isn’t worth being heard but the
divine part is so the more we own our divinity it’s going to be a little
awkward like a learning to walk we stumble we fall you earn your divinity
you know you you remember it so you go okay I’m and own it and I’m feeling
inspired I’m gonna I’m gonna write a poem it’s a little risky but I’m gonna
I’m gonna write it but and you write a poem it’s possible that the first person
that looks at it goes that sucks and you can go that’s it you have ruined my
light you have stifled me no try this maybe that person’s reflecting to me my
fear of coming out and if they did what should I do now keep coming don’t let
somebody deter you if you’re doing something rude hurtful blatantly you
know dark be willing to see that if you wrote something that’s hurtful and they
say that wasn’t very nice be willing to see that that’s not what I’m talking
about I’m talking about just because people
look like they suppress you a little they’re still reflecting potentially
still reflecting our doubts and all I’m asking us to all learn to do is see it
for what it is breathe through it and continue walking forward because behind
the one little stumble is the ability to walk and then run and then fly and
that’s awaiting all of us there’s a saying knit dim owned do if
you know it’s different different pronunciations knit dim owned do or knit
do owned dim that saying is from the Celtic language and it means God is not
limited so if you experience limitation you’re not experiencing God God is not
limited so as soon as you experiencing someone looking like they limit you
press you down that’s not God so you what are you gonna do go well gosh they
just always do that so here I am that means now you know that that’s not God
that means you’re letting something other than God control you which is
called worshiping false idols because you’re allowing something
yourself to believe that something has power that it doesn’t have oh ok so
instead I can go well they’re looking like they’re doing that but this is just
a test let me let me see that and continue walking forward but what if I
trip oh if I trip my trip get up trip get up keep moving
what other option do you have well tripping could could be painful so is
stagnating so at least when I trip I have a bruise from falling but I’m
moving forward I’m becoming God and become remembering that I’m one with God
how could a bruise intimidate me including a bruised ego when somebody
says something mean it’s not easy I mean it isn’t it’s not easy dealing with this
world because there’s so much attempt to hurt but if you’re the Christ which
means the light of God and the world tries to snuff you you know you’re light
out what are they called the Antichrist so what if you go and use the metaphors
of the Christ Antichrist of the book of Revelation what are you told about the
Antichrist it’s everything that’s the antithesis it’s the opposite it’s
there’s love and then there’s hate fear so which one do you want to buy into I’m
gonna close with that in just a sec first let’s let’s take this brief
journey and just realize we were part of God breathed it just breathed let there
be light that’s us we went into a sleep state and we went forward out into the
universe and we came to earth and we go wow where are we and it’s a place called
Lemuria a continent that received us a very feminine mothering canta the mother
continent received us and said if you’re going to densify let’s start here and we
showed up and we became like tribes half a Varrick still half part Astral some of
us but we landed in Lemoore Ian became these colonies these groups of beings
and we’re saying what just happened well we just landed on earth why do I
feel different because you’re starting to densify God how sad we were unlimited
expansive beings and now we’re becoming these dense beings and we lived in that
state for hundreds of thousands of years until we shifted to the Atlantean era
but Christ in us went to Lemuria some of us didn’t remember we were the Christ
light and some of us did those are the light workers so then Christ appeared in
Atlantis but we’re the minority because people are falling asleep and starting
to judge more and hate more if things are not going well we’re falling and
densifying more and more than into ancient civilizations that we we hear
about existing ten thousand years ago and five thousand years ago into all
these ancient civilizations some of us you know we still work the light and
some of us chose to be part of the dark always the majority the dark the
sleeping ones they’re not awake we became Mayans light workers in the Mayan
civilization Israelites the light workers within this culture there’s
always someone saying let’s remember let’s remember and lots of others saying
no let’s forget forgetting comes through hate and fear and so on forgiving brings
the awakening and we became though Chinese wisdom keepers we became the UH
nastasi in every tribe there’s potentially someone holding light but
some tribe some groups were more blatantly the light workers on this
planet the Arthurian nights the Cathars the Knights Templar
there were always corrupted ones in every group but there were light workers
some again more blatantly you know about the light and all if
you’re watching something like this or listening to something like this you you
had to have been part of the light work somewhere along the line that’s why it’s
familiar that’s why you can watch and go this feels familiar not just I like the
way this guy speaks to my head because that’s not what I do I share the
familiar because it’s the Christ in me acknowledging the Christ in you and back
the Christ and you acknowledging the Christ in me and we share an experience
we’re sharing remembrance the Renaissance artisans they’re part of
that light work it’s not just a historic piece it’s their you know they’re part
of the remember the choice to awaken the Rosicrucians unity is part of that
movement and still even in unity there’s churchism politics anybody that you know
Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy these are people that heard the download of
lights coming bell with the 12-step program these are people who are hearing
something and then anchoring it they’re light workers even if they don’t call it
that if they are working on anchoring more God’s light on this planet in any
form music recovery whatever it is you’re a
light worker and it’s okay for us to acknowledge and use that term I’m I’m a
light worker it becomes fad like for some and that becomes a little stranger
but don’t forget you’re still the light worker even if you don’t use the term
because some people are you know misusing it or overusing it Edgar
Casey’s work is clearly coming from cry even Jesus told Helen and of course in
miracles Jesus worked he said Casey worked directly for me it’s amazing what
kind of you how do you put that on your business card that’s amazing
like and and Edgar was cool – Jesus you know a quote like it woman this is what
Jesus and there’s live this is what Jesus says about you know Edgar you know
walk around with that but that’s what God put on all of our cards hi my name
is Michael or Joe or Sally Sam whatever and
I’m here doing what I can to anchor the light of God it’s pretty cool but that’s
what we’re here for all of us are here for that but that’s what it means by the
way is narrow and for a few Jesus reiterates that and of course a miracle
says it’s not for you it’s just that only few choose to listen but it’s all
of us are gonna get this at some point we don’t go home partially awakened it’s
part of us as a group awaken it’s all of us
so how much longer do I have to do this light work sometimes it’s tiring it is
yesterday I was just aware of this for myself personally I was just aware of
being in such a pit of a state just just it felt like living in a nightmare
that’s what it felt like it’s I mean it may sound strange but I felt like I was
just watching everything go by I was in such a bizarre state for the last day or
two and it was like man and I was aware that when you do light work you don’t
just work on yourself you sometimes drop into the collective so I’m like floating
in this astral plane even though I’m walking around I’m floating watching the
collective darkness and and stuff in it it’s heavy it weighs heavy on your
nervous system it weighs heavy on your conscience or whatever else that is dear
to you or whatever and so I’m just watching this going this is just bizarre
you know it was just it’s it’s the most strange state however it’s also our
destiny to remember you you’re never there by accident anywhere you are light
put the flashlight on like the torch in other words even if you’re in the
darkest place turn on the damn light you know you know just god it’s so dark in
here geez look how dark I’ve never seen a
darker space it’s so amazingly dark I wonder if this is the darkest thing in
the universe or just turn on the damn light and turning on the light means
that you have the ability the humility to call upon the Holy Spirit you know
call upon Christ call upon Jesus call upon your angels call upon whatever you
believe is the highest possible thing and I’m not saying that I was like in a
dark place that you could see palpably or that I you know and in conversations
or engaging you know in some way not at all
same person driving it I was just aware of these multi dimensions and the
heaviness that humans can feel at times and I’m just going wow you know it
teaches compassion to be able to see how much people carry sometimes so just
sitting there watching this and thinking wow just such a strange state never get
there for too long guys it’s not an accident you
got into that place okay it’s not a it’s not an accident and I’m not saying he
did something wrong I’m saying when you get there often it’s actually your
consciousness taking another level of expansion but to do so you never rise
without falling so to speak so you’re given lessons in an appearance and an
experience of deep dark stuff so that you bring light to it so that you rise
to a new level and that’s very helpful to call upon don’t call upon your aunt
Betsy call upon something that’s the highest you unless aunt Betsy’s as high
as it gets for you but call upon the highest possible thing
why because that brings the greatest light to the dark place that you’re
sitting in for a moment and it then launches you to the highest possible
thing the next minute does that making sense so Casey’s work
your work my work and that what we do here at unity of Sedona this is not a
church this is not just a gathering place this isn’t a place of interesting
lectures I am and many of us here are very vividly aware that we’re actually
plugged into the grid plugged into the circuitry of the Christ we’re not just
kind of having interesting talks we’re very conscious of being part of
something doing something sometime and it helps it helps to to become as we’re
as you can of what you’re doing because then it ramps it up your work because
you realize oh my god I’m not alone in this that’s one of the perks you know I
remember Paul McCartney and other members of The Beatles saying we could
it we had everybody hooked we had we could say anything and they wanted to
hear it they loved everything we said and did the world and they said we could
have done anything we could have told people hate your mother do you know hate
the world get revenge and they would have done it and he said we’re very very
happy that we chose love and now that’s a musical band you go we’ll have nothing
like them everybody in your own way when you carry what you have right it’s gonna
ramp up to other levels you know hide it dampen it too much how much warped can
you expect if you turn down the heat too much turn down the fire too much you’re
not going to see much gray trees so it’s awakening the Christ because
it’s who we are even the history in those groups you fill affinities you
fill a resonance and you might even be here watching for the first time going
what’s this well there’s a vibe it is and it isn’t just like this building all
in the sacred geometry and the building in the land and we have a labyrinth that
no man that stuff’s out there and it’s cool we have all that but it’s only cool
cuz of us because we chose to set a higher course the vibe you feel and go
wow I’m watching this online it who’s this guy you know if you don’t like me
good that’s great that’s fine you’re afraid of God anything we think we don’t
like is something in us that represents fear or some other dark feeling but when
you find something and see light in it and loving it that’s also reflecting you
so when you see this don’t just think this is amazing talk or they’ll you like
let’s assume you like it this isn’t just a great talk this is a choice we’re
making to remember who we are that creates a vibe you can have a
birthday party and be in a bad mood it’s you have to choose to get in a good mood
about the birthday party you have to choose to say wow where can I take this
it’s fantastic this is a choice so don’t just go I’d like to talk imagine saying
I like the choice I like the choice that this is representing that I can align
more and more and more with God and my true self and there’s nothing more
important nothing higher nothing better nothing more important but do remember
there’s the Christ and it feels great but there’s the Anti Christ in this
world the Anti Christ when it comes to systems politics religion and science
not because they cannot hold light because they do if the right person sets
the right intention in science or politics or religion but generally
speaking those systems are run based on fear they use the media they use
whatever else to create more fear so they feed themselves you need us as
they’re feeding the Machine to scare you into needing them
that’s the Antichrist that they say in the book of Revelation and the
Antichrist will be shot and died and come back to life
that’s what it means it never goes away the they hate it breeds more of itself
so when you allow this world systems to get to you you know think about it then
you are you are taken over by the Antichrist you don’t have to worry about
a global leader someday it’s already happened
globally but what about personally judgment hate gossip
there’s the unholy trinity of the personality of the then both of them or
the ego the three systems of the world Antichrist of the world are based on ego
and the three systems that run my personal Antichrist are the ego judgment
you know hey but gossip is part of it even in a beautiful town like Sedona you
have you have you know Facebook pages and websites that are all about hate and
people will disguise it as I want I’ve got to have freedom of speech I want to
tell everybody what I think of them and if you don’t let them they’ll say you’re
bad and if you do let them they’re gonna let you know that everybody else is bad
it’s all back to hate and gossip again so when people say I want freedom of
stupid Beach you’re not free at all when you’re speeching about anything fearful
freedom of speech is not what people think it is
you’re never freely sharing unless it’s love so please guys please be careful
with what you do even the internet it’s a medium of more fear and ego if that’s
what it’s being used for download light into it if I was a billionaire the first
thing on my mind would be to create an alternate to the Internet it would only
be love based only things that are love based would be allowed on the dang thing
yeah yeah it would be great you know so you know if that’s to be that’ll that’ll
happen someday for somebody but just it’s the concept to imagine the concept
I hope someday we get that well be till then stop feeding the other one when you
see crap on the internet gossip and hate I see a lot of spiritual teachers
consistently attacked for various things and all we need to do is own sometimes
we’re silly we slip up you know and bring light to it but
when you start hating and fearing and attacking even spiritual teachers you
have nothing left because if you can really make the only things you know to
be light on this planet into dark what if you got left it’s easy to disc people
that are automatically kind of dark in their behaviors start shaming and hating
people that are trying to make a difference you know you couldn’t go on
the internet and look up Edgar Cayce God the guy had only humility he had only
the ability to want to help people and there’s people on the internet all he’s
the Antichrist he’s dubbed the devil because of their trippy religions don’t
click on that stuff men don’t listen don’t feed it don’t buy it
okay stay out of that represent the light maybe even be so courageous that
you say something when people say hey did you hear say you know that’s
interesting but I’m really choosing love and light these days you know which is a
way of sending a message they’re gonna get ticked at you for saying it but it’s
a nice tactful way of saying what the hell are you doing this what are you
doing you know without saying it you’re saying you know what are you doing why
are you why are you wanting to promote fear and hate I’m not in that mood man
that’s not my thing but just say it as nicely as you can but say it not into
that no thanks when you’re eating something and someone
says oh my god do you know what that does do you say yes and I dig it Oh God
look don’t tell me anything don’t tell me anything cuz I’m loving this
do you know that’ll kill you I know and this is my a ticket out of here I’m good
just stumped them just boom you know not today and and lastly lastly the Bible
tells you the Antichrist will come and when he does you will not be able to buy
or sell or trade anything without the ego stamp of approval without you taking
the mark of the beast you won’t be able to buy your seller and you know and
everybody it can take that very literally and that’s fine but it also
means this that no matter where you turn there’s the mark of the beast that’s
what it means you can’t buy yourself without the crap of the ego and the
Antichrist consciousness you can’t turn on the TV without the news telling you
what you should or shouldn’t do opening a magazine that tells you what you don’t
have but if you do this you’ll get it from this magazine that’s what it means
you can’t by yourself without the Antichrist flooding into
your life that’s what it means and we’re waiting for somebody to do that someday
you know some some groups are waiting for that tip it’s already happened it’s
already infiltrated everywhere the only solution focus on and be faithful to
Christ that’s the Book of Revelations version
focus on and be faithful to the Christ the way it says it in the Bible is more
like those who are the faithful those who are the you know 144,000 chosen ones
or children of Jesus and any other term you want to use and it all means the
same thing focus on love and Christ consciousness
focus on who you really are and focus on being determined to see who other people
really are despite their behaviors yes see the light in people you like and
that are nice but also work on saying when you see people that are a little
hard to deal with I’m not going to pretend they’re not hard to deal with
Jesus or God or whomever you’re talking to but Holy Spirit help me to see them
as you see them that’s how you doing don’t ask to be saved from them don’t
ask for them to be changed the way you want them to be ask to see them as God
sees them despite the way they be Cave that that’s tricky because I’m not
asking you to enable their behavior I’m not because inside I can say to you
quietly in my mind god how would you have me see them on the outside I could
say knock it off but not be coming from a place of reaction you might need to
hear me say not today but inside when you see them as you would like me to see
them that’s how it’s done clink there’s a it’s called Marta I
think there was some Martin Luther them said this cling to Christ and send
boldly in that a great saying I love that man like cling to Christ and cling
to the truth of who you are the God the Christ consciousness sin boldly doesn’t
mean and be irresponsible it means just and then own be a boldly meaning be out
be open with it yeah sometimes I do a little of this too much sometimes you
know I slip here and there just be open but if you’re centered in Christ all
those external edgy pieces they’re gonna start fading they’re gonna see you don’t
have to go fix them all they’re gonna start fading you can you can go into
recovery because it’s bad and you shouldn’t do it or you can go in
clinging to Christ and acknowledging this is this is this is a weakness of
mine and I’m working on it cling to Christ and you’ll have more success
going into recovery then if you go shaming that you know that the things
that happen think about that let’s take a few
centering breaths I brought a prayer that I scribbled down
a couple days ago and that’s what we’re going to use for meditation so imagine
these words being yours as best you can you can even alter the words in your own
way and it only takes about a minute or two at the most to share the words but
imagine that they’re yours just float into them imagine that it’s your soul
standing out in a Grover on a hillside somewhere you know in your living room
just going okay God Here I am imagine the soul saying these words
notice that they’re not trying to be too sublime affirmative they’re not decrees
per se but just imagine the soul saying this in our darkest hours in moments of
doubt or fear imagine your soul saying dear God during my time on earth while I believed
in you and practiced what I believed you wanted me to do and to be I did become
more kind and forgiving I became more kind and forgiving because
I believed in you I took greater care for my physical emotional mental and
spiritual well-being because I believed in you I did what I
could to make a positive difference in the lives of others soak it in let’s let it be true and soak
it in because I believed in you I chose to release harmful habits patterns
addictions and even opinions such as racism sexism and other hateful thoughts
because I believed in you I committed to this path to let go of the old and God I just want to say that even if
you do not exist because I believed in you I have become a better person
and have been a better person to others and what this means God is that even if
you don’t exist I have become the God in whom I once believed so thank you imagine the meaning of this just
floating around us and throw us that even if God didn’t exist because I
believed I worked on myself I healed old wounds I let go of addictions I became
more of service I became more helpful I tried to make a difference because I
believed in God and yet even if God doesn’t exist I actually became that
thing even if it didn’t exist it does now because I became but I believed the
word believed means to be and live and therefore God is even if it’s true that
it may have been that it ever was a time without it now is there is a God we
breathe in a sense of gratitude for that and imagine the difference you’ve made
in the world because of acting on sublime beliefs and then imagine all the people that are
grateful for you being a better person it can be in the most humanistic the
most mundane way that anybody was ever touched by your being a better person
and then imagine that they thanked you or even thought thanks to you
just imagine that that anybody was ever thank you you helped a child that was
lost and use oh honey over there you go over there oh thank you whatever it is
you gave advice to a person struggling you were present you took the hand of
somebody that was scared you did something helpful and they were grateful
now when they said thank you it was a prayer to God and in that moment you
where the god they were thanking try and imagine that people say thank you to God
here and there but when people thanked you for acting more like God that you
believed in they were actually praying and saying thank you to God we’re in you this isn’t to boost our ego it’s to
actually to raise our level of humility that in our day-to-day actions we become
that which people pray to we become the presence of God and look how easy it was
to forget that to think that we’re just working at this constantly and hoping
that we claw any amount of forward movement in our work in our path and our
awakening and then just think about it it’s already being accomplished in
everything I do to become a better person and so it is let that gently float away
let’s not get too abrupt to think about things like this is not
to raise ego but it it does for some of us raise the bar on our level of
responsibility don’t take it as a weight but take it as a gift it really does
serve me and others well by me learning to live this life I’m not doing it
because I fear god I’m not doing it because I fear hell I’m not doing it
because of anything fearful this is the right thing to be what I’m doing is the
right thing it’s the only thing that matters and to imagine that this is my
choice to bring God into the world today or not how could I just easily in
flippantly say no I want to I want to be hateful you know it’s just it’s a little
harder to do that when you wake up in a pleasant way it’s harder to to do ego
based things once you start waking up it just kind of doesn’t make sense anymore
that would be make as much sense as a person who struggled with finances to
win the lottery and to continue letting their old fears haunt them even though
now they’re immeasurably wealthy you get that it really doesn’t make sense but if
I do it I’m the one who’s doing it you’re a billionaire what do you mean
you’re afraid to tip the waitress ten extra dollars you see oh but you can’t
you never know what rainy day it could rain every day and you’re not going to
be broke you’re okay so that’s that’s laughs yeah laugh at that laugh at how
silly it is for us to not be as God created us to be thank you guys for
being with with us today and sharing that