Who would like to play Send To All? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Let’s find out who’s
in our Send To All box this week. She needs no introduction,
other than her first name. It’s the true Angel of the North,
it’s Cheryl, ladies and gentlemen. Cheryl.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, darling, Cheryl. Hi. Look, we tried to make your box
as Geordie as possible. I love it. Are you a Newcastle fan? I am, yes. You are, well, that’s
good. Of course I am. And that’s the Tyne Bridge, is it? The Tyne Bridge. Now, I’ve got a
problem with Geordies, in the sense that I can’t stop doing the accent
when I talk to them. Do you find that offensive
a little bit, or is it OK? I feel like a lot of people try,
but not many people can. IN GEORDIE ACCENT: Because when I’m
there I can’t come out of it. I just stay like the whole time.
It’s not bad. I know it’s not bad. I’m all right with accents,
you know. I’m impressed. I’m so glad cos
I didn’t want you to get offended because I can’t stop doing
it when I see her and I’m talking. It just floods out
of my mouth like that. Anyway, what about some phrases,
are there like some phrases to help you along?
I’m going to get mortal. Whoa, what was that?
I’m going to get mortal. Smashed drunk. Smashed, right. Don’t ever say doon and toon
in the same sentence, that’s… Oh, you wouldn’t go doon the toon.
I’m not going to go doon the toon. Not really. Right, so there’s rules
within a sentence. OK, how’s everything else going? How’s little baby Bear, baby Bear? Divine.
Baby Bear, how old is baby Bear now? 19 months. Walking, obviously. Walking. Walking. Running. Right. Opening every single thing
you can possibly see. And talking? Babbling. Babbling, so Geordie, sorry. LAUGHTER Gobbledygook. But that’s a good
sign, he’s babbling, cos he’s full of life and
character. Full of character. It’s the ones that just look
at you weirdly for years and then criticise
you with their first words. Yeah. My son’s first words were “map”,
and then his second word was “car”, which I thought it was
like he was trying to escape. Where’s the map?
He kept going, “Map, map,” then he started going, “Car, car.” I was like, if his next word
is passport, we’re in trouble. So now you’ve got a new TV show
coming on the BBC, I believe? Yeah. The Greatest Dancer. The Greatest Dancer. And what is it, how does it work?
Are you a judge? I’m a captain. Oh, right. Yes. You’re a captain.
We’re called dance captains. She’s the captain, ladies and
gentlemen, it’s captain Cheryl. APPLAUSE Now, if you’d like to
pop your mobile telephone. Oh. I know it’s hard to be
away from your phone. Well, it’s not that, is it,
it is that you’re going to have it. Just pop it in there. Uh-oh. Huge round of applause
for the very, very brave… Go on, Chezza! OK, here it comes. # The fog on the Tyne’s all mine,
all mine # The fog
on the Tyne’s all mine… # Come on! # The fog on the Tyne’s
all mine, all mine # The fog on the Tyne’s all mine. # Come on! I’m now, ladies and gentlemen,
in possession of Cheryl’s actual mobile telephone! I’m going to pop this in
here, and that should… Aw, who is that? Parker. Parker. Bless Parker. So these are your apps. Yeah. Quite nice. What is this one? Oh, life-saver – baby white noise, out like a count. Well, of course, babies love that. I love them now. Yeah. Sometimes if I put him
down for a nap, I fall asleep because of the sound. Well, let’s have a…
Hairdryer… Oh! LAUGHTER OK, air filter. What’s Bear’s favourite? There’s another app on there. Is it this one? Sound Sleeper? Yeah. Which one is his favourite? Lullabies, so go to And More.
And More. Track one. Yeah, all of them,
all the way through normally, he doesn’t fall asleep
until track seven or eight. Why don’t you just put
that one on first? LAUGHTER GENTLE LULLABY PLAYS Aww. That’s lovely. Do you freestyle on top of it? Sometimes. MIMICS CHERYL: Baby Bear,
it’s time for bed. Pop that pillow under your head. You’ll go to sleep very soon. Just in a sentence,
never say “doon” and “toon”. LAUGHTER OK, all right. We, now, ladies and
gentlemen, are going to pop the text into Cheryl’s phone. Oh, God. And then at the end
we’ll see what reply she gets. OK, so, how would you
start a text, like, friendly? Hiya? Hi? Hi, hey. Hi, babe? Hi, babe.
That’s good. All right. I’m getting private art lessons. And my homework, this week… ..is life drawing. Here comes the fun bit. Would you come round… Oh, no. ..and pose… Oh, my God! ..naked for me? It’s life drawing.
Do you have to put the naked bit? Can you just say “pose for me”? We’ll review it at the end. LAUGHTER It’ll only take a few hours. Oh, my God. We can have a good natter. And don’t worry,
I’ll whack the heating up! If you’d rather,
we can position fruit… In fact, I might pick some fruit… Where’s the fruit? Oh, it’s got to be grapes.
There you go. We could position fruit
and stuff in front… Oh, God Almighty. ..of your naughty bits.
Oh, my God. I just thought about a few people
that are going to receive this. Well, let’s see how they respond! Please say yes,
need to know tonight. How would you sign a text? It depends who it’s to.
Well, everyone. LAUGHTER Sometimes a kiss, sometimes,
like, maybe an emoji kiss. All right, one kiss. OK, right, so,
the text we’re going to send from Cheryl’s phone tonight is… “Hi, babe, I’m getting private
art lessons and my homework, “this week, is life drawing. “Would you come round
and pose naked for me?” Oh, God. “It’ll only take a few hours. “We can have a good natter and,
don’t worry, I’ll whack “the heating up. “If you’d rather, we can position
fruit and stuff in front “of your naughty bits.
Please say yes. “Need to know tonight.” You actually wrote,
“Please say yes”? Oh, you don’t like, please say yes?
“Let me know. “Need to know tonight. “Please let me know.”
You want a bit more matter of fact? Not so needy? Yes. All right. So, just a clarification –
out of this whole text, the “Please say yes” bit… LAUGHTER You’ve just asked everyone
in your phone to come round naked, so you can draw them, but you
don’t want to sound too needy? OK. “I need to know tonight.” Please let me know, yeah.
“Please let me know tonight.” Can you please give a huge
round of applause for the lovely Cheryl.
I am now going to send that text. APPLAUSE
And it has gone! Thank you so, so much, Cheryl! We’ll be back later on to see
her replies. Cheryl, ladies and gentlemen! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Now, ladies and gentlemen,
it’s time to find out what replies Cheryl has had in Send To All. How are you, Cheryl, how are you
feeling? Apprehensive. Oh, it’s good, it’s good,
it’s really fun. Let’s remind ourselves of the text
that I sent earlier tonight into Cheryl’s phone. “Hi, babe, I’m getting private art
lessons and my homework, “this week, is life drawing. “Would you come round
and pose naked for me? “It’ll only take a few hours. “We can have a good natter and,
don’t worry, I’ll whack “up the heating. “If you’d rather, we can position
fruit… – grapes emoji – “..and stuff in front
of your naughty bits. “Please let me know tonight.” So, that text went out. And texts have been flying in. And I thought we’d start with Dad. Dad, oh, no. Oh, Dad! Where’s… Where’s Dad? He’s in Newcastle.
He’s in Newcastle. I have to say,
it’s a really brilliant text. His text is just,
“It’s cold up here, “I will only need a grape.” LAUGHTER OK. Kenny Shep, who is that?
Kenny Shepherd. His dad used
to own Newcastle United. Kenny Shepherd has texted,
“What the hell? Ha! “I’ve had to read
that text back three times, LOL.” And then he’s just gone,
“I’m in London most of next week.” LAUGHTER Kenny’s up for it. OK. I don’t… I hope this
is the one I think it is, Piers? Yeah. Piers Morgan. Classic. He’s just so happy. He’s so happy.
He is so happy to receive this text! Most people in the phone
will be relieved to find out it was a joke,
but Piers will be so disappointed. LAUGHTER He’s gone with
four crying emojis and, “Of course,
I thought you’d never ask.” John Shave, who’s that? The producer of me new single. He just texted back a picture
of a man with a massive banana. Right. Shah? Who’s Shah? Naughty Boy.
Oh, oh, the producer? Sorry, I thought you were talking to
me, then. That made me feel all weird. Naughty boy, I thought, “Have I
overstepped the mark, Cheryl?” He’s funny. He’s just gone,
“Yes, babe, you read my mind. “Honestly, I’ve been thinking
of being a piece of art “for the longest.
The universe is working overtime.” I don’t know what that means. “Yes, let me know details,
I’ve got another one this week “dressed as a human dolphin,
so the timing is perfect. “Thank you for thinking
of the naughty one.” Punching emoji. I love him! He is so fun! Louis?
Is that Louis Walsh? Yeah. His text is,
“OK, but we did pics before, “remember, when we did X Factor? “Simon Cowell likes
to pose nude, as you know.” We’ll leave that. And he’s put… He’s put nine aubergines. Spice Girl Geri. Yeah. I just want to say
Geri’s played this game. It wasn’t too dissimilar a text. We sent a text in Geri’s phone, asking everyone for her to
massage everybody, hasn’t even crossed her mind. “Hi, darling, lovely to
hear from you, that is so cool “you’re getting creative. “I like painting, too,
but I’m pretty rubbish. “Be great to see you. I’m not sure,
I could just lay on my tummy. “I don’t mind you drawing my bottom. “You could come to me,
will definitely turn the heating up, “I hate being cold. “Bring Bear,
he can play with Monty.” There you go. Oh, goodness,
I don’t know who this is, VB? Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham. It’s one word and a
question mark. “Pardon?” LAUGHTER All right, well, I think
that was an amazing Send To All. The fantastic, ladies
and gentlemen, Cheryl was here! Go on, Cheryl!
Brilliant, thank you so, so much.