The one commodity that is most valuable on this earth is time time to love time to live from the moment the human body is born it begins dying I don’t think you you quite caught that let me say it again from the moment the human body is born It begins dying Some happen faster some happen slower Some of us help them have to go faster and some of them prevent it from happening sooner than later Coach high coming to you live on the field of life How many seconds how many minutes do we waste every day doing things that are? nowhere near the Goals and aspirations and passions that we have inside How many times you go through the course of a day and realize? Did I do anything I set out to do today? write down those goals each and every day No matter. There’s two goals a day if you can accomplish those Then you’re doing more than just making it through the day you are living and achieving your dreams You know as inspirational speakers we don’t want to just talk to you we want to live that as well I’ve done that in my life as well find time to better yourself read explore research Live life do things you’ve never thought of doing before that’s what it’s all about When you’re born, that’s their date that they put on the left side of the tombstone When you die they put another date on the right side of the tombstone But that – in the middle is The most important thing on that tombstone that is a line that throughout that entire time frame You were able to impact and touch other’s lives You were able to leave your mark on this earth. You were able to build a legacy That nobody could change You were able to have it to where people remembered who you are no matter what? When you’re living for that – in the middle you’re gonna remember your why? Even your why why are you here not? Not – why why did you do something? You’re why you’re your reason for getting up in the morning your reason for pushing yourself past the brink of exertion and giving up Your reason for moving on and getting things done in life that – in the middle That’s the thing that pushes you Just this stop for a second write down your why? What what are you doing this for in life? If your why doesn’t make you cry? That’s not your wife Again, if your why doesn’t make you cry then that’s not your why? Your why should be something so big that it moves your family tree? Your why should be something so big that it changes the whole outlook on how things are with you and your home your family your religion your purpose Think about your passion think about your opportunities, and that’s how you find your purpose OPP When ed y meets up with your passion your opportunity your purpose Then you’ll find out The most important day in your life is the day you remember? Why you were born? I Will explain to you how you can live an easy life you know Accomplishing goals and be successful going out in the world and that’s tough The only way to live an easy life is to basically give up on all your dreams and aspirations And just sit around doing nothing shit that is easy. It’s not worth accomplishing Therefore a life that is easy. It’s not even worth living Nothing in this world is worth having or doing unless it means Effort pain and difficulty don’t you listen to me using to be good you are going to die all? you All your friends your family everyone You know everyone you care about it’s gonna die if you love life Not waste time because time is what life is made of So if you respect and appreciate the time that you’ve been given One you aren’t there doing what you want to do Where you need to be telling yourself is it’s been acceptable to be singing around the procrastinating And I no longer want to be a loser. I no longer want to be average I know what it is that I want and I’m gonna work hard And I’m gonna get it when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful Something you love sleep more than you love success, and I’m here to tell you today if you’re going to be successful You’ve got to be willing to give up sleep You got to be willing to work off for three hours of sleep two hours If you really want to be successful some days, you will have to stay up three days in the road We don’t need to if you don’t really want to How badly a you wanting success Rather than actually working toward your dreams a lot of you’re just thinking about it. I have high hopes for everybody watching this I Want to remember your name? It is not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed It is the things we do not Because I assure you I’ve done a lot of really stupid things none of them bother me all the mistakes And all the dopey things And all the times I was embarrassed they don’t matter Find your passion and in my experience No matter what you do at work. What you do in official settings That passion will be grounded in people and it will be Grounded in the relationships you have with people And what they think of you? when your tongue comes In the teeth of these stupefying odds it is you and I in our ordinariness that are here But one thing I can tell you I Think every single day of my life is I trying to find somebody else to change their lights I waited till 39 to get married because I had to wait that long To find someone where her happiness is more important than mine And if nothing else I hope that all of you can find that kind of passion and that kind of love in your life Thank you a Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step It’s from an old Chinese proverb most people have heard it Or have come across it at some point and the meaning is pretty Straightforward right it advocates having the courage to take that step towards a goal And that’s huge they’re making that decision to move forward towards something you want But it’s what happens immediately following that first step that I’m interested in What happens when the journeys begun? And it’s you and your goal and all of a sudden you realize how long that road ahead really is now this is a turning point for a lot of people and Those who can succeed are able to take their daunting intimidating goal or journey and See it for what it really is Just a bunch of small manageable tasks strung together You know when you look at why people quit a Lot of the time it’s because they were overwhelmed by their goals and ambitions Let’s say you have you know this wonderful plan in your head to climb a mountain You’re thinking about that feeling of being on top looking down with pride every time you think about it your heart starts racing So you pack your stuff you make your way down on the base of the mountain, and then you look up Different ballgame, right Now the entire mountain is in front of you, and you realize that that’s no small feat that is when people walk away When they aren’t able to see it challenges the some of tiny steps, they see it as a crazy impossible task It’s like saying you want to be the next Tom Brady or Kobe Bryant. It’s a tall mountain to climb Like trying to hit a target from a mile away But if you can identify And map out what you need to conquer in order to become a better basketball player or football player and begin taking those small steps Improving everyday that makes dreams real, that’s what gives goals life The ability to see your objective not as a marathon but as a series of little 400 meters stretches stepping stones You know what your objective is today tomorrow The end of the week and the end of the year you’re completing them day by day these little victories That’s what gives your dream life. It’s what gives you momentum. You feel good about the process and By the way when things blow up in your face Which happens every so often on this little place. We call Earth You’ll have that foundation in that sense of accomplishment to stay focused because your approach is tangible and it’s realistic This applies with everything Losing a job a breakup failing a test These things are monumental if you allow them to be you know they can turn into that unclimbed bull mountain Or They can roadmap a new path for you, and if you define what you want you define success And begin stepping towards it one hour one day at a time You’ll get where you want to be quicker than you thought? What changes our whole life is action Why don’t we take action fear what we gotta do to get ourselves to do it? We got to make sure that we push ourselves through it by making a decision the point in which change happens is a decision Every change in your life that you want will come from something simple a decision people will just make the change decide If I persist if I continue to try if I continue to charge forward I will succeed I Will persist until I succeed I Was not delivered unto this world in defeat not as failure course in my veins I am NOT a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd I am a lion, and I refused to talk to walk to sleep with the Sheep Don’t be a follower be a student take advice but not orders take information But don’t let somebody you know order your life. Not to do what someone else says Take what someone else says process it think about it ponder it It makes you wonder makes you think that it’s valuable Then when you go take action make sure that the action is not what somebody tells you make sure the action is the product of your owners include But I’m exactly where I want to be because I realize I got to commit my very being to this thing And until you get there you’ll never be successful in life once you get there. I guarantee you the world is yours Stay out of the clutches of mediocrity invent yourself and then reinvent yourself Change your tone and shapes are often bets they can never categorize you Reinvigorate yourself and accept. What is be self taught and Reinvent your life because you must it is your life, and it’s history and the present belongs only to you And positive vibes don’t wait on only weird Not weaker You have the power to allow others to be told you feel not Everybody that comes in and out your life is put in place to these Replaced with most bubbly we wouldn’t know how to gauge Damon courage don’t be late And to fly through no pain Everybody is put in place in your life for Jesus not to fail You know I Never want to be that nine-to-five person that just lives my entire life working a nine-to-five and just be happy with a modest lifestyle You know being secure a lot of people that’s all they want they just want a secure lifestyle You know own a house. You know and be able to retire and that makes them happy you know And I just believe that we should always be always be pushing you know to achieve more It’s become more You know and submit a job the same job for 30 years is Not something I would ever choose to do in the society. You know we we are tied To go to college and get a job, that’s what we’re taught If you become a doctor or a lawyer you’re successful you know but Most of time you still have a boss you still have someone you know Tony what to do And you still have the schedule you have to stick to you know so it’s not much different than working at McDonald’s I mean, it’s just you’re making more money, but you’re still in the same Situation and you know working at McDonald’s is not something. I was used to do or same scenario a little more money You know to me. Is that enjoy your doing and you know to have the lifestyle freedom? You know it’s the most impressive thing a lot of people don’t understand it You got to work hard or whatever you do whether you’re working for someone else are working for yourself And if you want to put that in you know you’re gonna end up being successful You can’t be satisfied. That’s what keeps us going you know when you become content then life’s over And in the mentality is what’s gonna make things happen You know is having that mentality to never give up keep pushing forward and trying to accomplish your goals, and hopefully you have more goals Constantly trying to move on to bigger and better things and trying to improve ourselves in every area you Really have to believe what you’re doing is working. You know It’s very
Important to believe you have to believe to achieve if you’re doing something you’re not forcing confidently you’re going you’re gonna fail You know someone who is doing something? Maybe not a Harper said correctly, but they truly believe in their mind that they’re doing the best They could possibly do and they believe what they’re doing is the best possible scenario I think they’re gonna have a lot more success as someone that is do it in a hard percent, right But aren’t positive in what they’re doing you know the mind is the most powerful tool we have In order to be a winner you have to lose you know that’s that’s that’s how you learn. You know one day I’m a is telling me you better get out there, and you’ll start busting your ass You know going forward and never stop. Don’t miss a day. You know one day missus. They can’t get back Always always look at the positive. You know the glass is always half full if You think positive and you look at the positive? You know you’re you’re only going to continue to get better And it’s being positive in every area is The secret you know it’s the secret to life if you’re negative about anything you’re gonna fail. No matter what it is You’re not happy you want to be better, but that’s what you want in every extra life You want to better yourself in every way possible? You know it all works hand in hand a lot of people really help somebody else to helping yourself, but it feels good You know and it just what comes around goes around The most important thing is life and license to not give a shit what other people think you know that’s the most important thing and To have that kind of an attitude of mentality is rare You know people are always concerned about what other people think oh no matter who they are it really Doesn’t matter what? You know it really doesn’t matter if you can have that kind of mentality if there’s so much further And he’s so much happier in life People don’t like to think they like to ask now They don’t like to think and they don’t have enough confidence in their Decisions that they make on their own when they get advice from someone else that gives them more confidence to believe that that’s gonna work We should always be trying you know to be better at every aspect in life I mean, you know are you a good husband? Are you a good wife? Are you a good, son? You know? Are you good you know? You know whatever it could be you know there’s a million things in life that we are we I think we should constantly be trying to be better in every area I Kind of like to just you know relax, you know enjoy life, and that’s kind of what I do um and Being able to to not stress and do what I want to do when I want to do it is just a great feeling Whatever it takes to get you to try harder read more set your goals and go for it Here’s the next attitude disease over caution Some people never will have much. They’re too cautious Now you can also be too reckless, but you can also be too cautious. This is called the timid approach to life And my caution was always the risk risk used to drive me right up the wall I Used to say what if this happens? It’s called the language of the poor What if this? Happens and on top of that if this was to happen look at the fix. I be and I better not try I Could always aced myself out Then I’ll tell you what changed my whole life when I finally discovered it’s all risky The minute you were born it got risky if you think trying is risky wait till they hand you the bill for not trying If you think investing is risky wait till you get the tab for not investing see it’s all risky get married is risky having children Is risky going into business is risky investing your money is risky. It’s all risky I’ll tell you how risky life is you’re not going to get out alive That’s risky The Englishman says well if that’s the way it’s gonna work out. Let’s give it a go, right That’s what it’s for give it a go Somebody says yeah, but I’m looking for safety and security fine, then huddle in a corner we’ll cover you with a sheet bring you three meals a day and We’ll protect you feed you look after you care for you We won’t let anything happen to you, and you’ll probably live to be 100 The guy said well, yeah, I’d live to be 100, but what a way to live right? What a way to live safe and secure don’t ask for security ask for adventure Better to live 30 years full of adventure than 100 years safe in the corner And see it’s not important how long you live what’s important is how you live? Here’s the next attitude disease we’re almost through with this motley list in fact. We’re almost through hang on The next one is pessimism Pessimism the deadly disease of always looking on the bad side the problem side the difficult side checking all the reasons why it can’t be done the poor pessimist leads an ugly life He doesn’t try to figure out what’s right? He tries to figure out? What’s wrong? He doesn’t look for virtue. He looks for faults and when he finds him. He’s delighted how This is the poor guy looks through the window doesn’t see the sunset he sees the specks on the wind And this is the poor guy right who rushes up take such leave of his senses This guy rushes up, and he says I’ve got 5 good reasons. Why it won’t work He’s so dumb. He doesn’t know all you needs weren’t he’s got 5 – the pessimist the glass is always half-empty – the optimist the glass is half-full Why would the same measure affect people to different ways answer it all depends on how you look at it Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are not the way they are The way we think they are affects us most There’s a subject we don’t have time to get into tonight called better thinking habits One of the major things Shope taught me when I met him. He said poor thinking habits keeps most people poor and not poor working habits most people work hard, but they don’t think hard and Shope taught me that the mind is like a factory a Mental Factory and whatever you think about all day long pours ingredients into this mental Factory And that’s what builds the economic social financial fabric of your life He quoted me a Bible phrase that says as you think so you become How awesome? When he talked about poor thinking habits he had me I used to start the day reading the morning newspaper I Mean you can believe that or not I’d get a cup of coffee and read the paper I’d load up on Wars and riots and murders and stabbings and killings and bank robberies and muggings and car wrecks and tragedies I’d even read the back pages I seem to like that stuff for some weird reason I’ve laid upon all that and then I start the day you can imagine the kind of days I used to have You walk around on your financial knees They call you economic peewee The guy says I want to be a great leader Wonderful the first thing we do is following to his house when we get there we walk in and check his library number one Somebody says well, why check his library? the reason is because What a man reads pours massive Ingredients into his mental factory and the fabric of his life is built from those ingredients You would not believe what some people have got in their house to read You would not believe one of the best-dressed reports I know for a lot of it is trash Can you imagine dumping a bale of trash into this mental factory every day and coming out with a rich dynamic? Positive life it can’t be done You might as well try making a cake with cement The kids back in Danbury, Connecticut high school They’re asking me questions one day. I’m talking to the kids kids got good questions these days One of them said to me mr. Owen how do you build the good life? I? said It’s simple It’s not easy But it’s simple Here’s how you build anything select the right ingredients keep out the wrong ingredients and it starts with thought Everything starts with thought so you must be wise and Careful what you think about because that starts everything? You gotta be wise and careful I asked the kids what? Would happen if somebody dropped sugar in my coffee They said will you’d be okay I? Said what if somebody dropped strychnine in my coffee? They said well, you’d be dead I said correct lesson 1 life is both sugar and strychnine You gotta be careful I Said what if my worst enemy drops in the sugar they said will you be okay? I said what if my best friend even by accident drops in the strychnine? They said well, you’d be dead I said correct lesson 2 watch your car You got to be careful see it doesn’t matter who hands you the bad stuff It doesn’t matter where you get the bad stuff. It’ll still do its damage on your bank account Wherever you get it Mr.. Shelf gave me one of the greatest phrases when I first met him when he said gym Every day stand guard at the door of your mind How important stand guard at the door of your mind And you decide what goes into your mental factory Don’t let anybody just dump anything they want to in your mental factory because you’ve got to live with the results Ok here’s the last disease and we’re through with this list in fact. We’re almost through Pangolin The last subject is very brief The last disease But this one is deadly Engage in this one indulge in it even slightly and you might as well forget the future because it’s gonna forget you Complaining Crying whining griping a Bible word called murmuring see that’ll ace your future Spend five minutes complaining, and you have wasted five and you may have begun what’s known as economic cancer of the boom? Surely, they will soon haul you off into a financial desert and there let you choke on the dust of your own regret? I? Hope I said that well, so you won’t forget, it’s a deadly disease If you don’t think it’s bad ask the children of Israel of Old Testament fame Typical of us all their story just happened to get in the book story says children of Israel were slaves God performed a series of dazzling miracles and got him out and Now they’re heading for the promised land remember the story Heading for the Promised Land Tragedy of the story they never got their Reason From day one they started to complain They griped about the water. They griped about the weather They whined and cried and griped about the food they griped about the leadership They’ve whined and cried because it was too far too cold too. Hot too difficult too miserable I mean they widened wined and cried for years Finally God said I’ve had it trip canceled Or something like that The story says they died in the desert never got to the promised Li Which I think means two things Indulge in this long enough you get your future canceled, and I guess it also means even God Himself can only take so much Okay Just be on the lookout of the things that can destroy all the good you start the war is on in This evening tomorrow mentally personally socially economically you got to make sure you’re winning the war