This week is the 4th week in Easter, Good
Shepherd Sunday. Jesus is often compared to a shepherd, someone
who takes care of sheep. There are lots of really old pieces of art
that show Jesus as our shepherd. The reading starts with Jesus saying, “my
sheep hear my voice.” Jesus’s voice calls to us and we hear his
words in the readings at Mass every Sunday. We hear his voice through the voice of the
Pope. We hear his voice inside of us, in our consciences. He shows us what is right and wrong, helping
us make good decisions because we want to please God. We hear Jesus’s voice through people who
love us. There are lots of distracting voices of people
trying to tell us what to do, but we need to listen to Jesus’s voice, like sheep who
know the voice of their shepherd. Next, Jesus says, “I give them eternal life.” We follow Jesus’s voice because we want
him to lead us to Heaven. And when he says, “no one can take [the
sheep] out of the Father’s hand.” he means that no one can stop us from following
his voice. We follow as long as we chose to listen, even
if people are mean to us because of it. Whenever we make a decision, we listen for
his voice, and we chose to do his will. His will isn’t always fun because it means
putting others before ourselves. Jesus put us before himself when he died on
the cross. But he is with us in the hardest times, in
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