Brother, how are you? Fine, sir. God wants to use you. Amen. But it was very bad in the past – you had bad friends. Yes. When I say bad friends, I mean internet scammers. Yes. You just need to be delivered. It is true you have accepted God but nodoby has actually delivered you. Yes, Man of God. And those spirits are tormenting you. Yes. You are being tortured because your past is torturing you. Yes. Prophecy Time I will pray with you. Amen. And after praying with you, I am seeing you at the embassy. I have my passport here. – To go to the embassy?
– Yes. Clap for Jesus Christ! Thank You, Jesus! Even my case from the Appeal Court in London is here. I won the appeal; they refuse to call me. I said after the deliverance, I am seeing you at the embassy obtaining a visa. He has the document in the bag. What a God we serve. What a God we serve!
What a Son we worship! What future hope! That is God for you. If what you are saying is according to God’s Spirit, you will be precise and true. Your words will not be wasted. You will not continue to say stories but be precise. So, brother, after your deliverance, wait for me. Like I have said, I am seeing you — Thank you, Man of God. This is the third time you have been to the embassy and they have been rejecting you. Yes, Man of God. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Thank You, Lord. You are free. Set Free In Jesus’ Name TESTIMONY TIME Praise the Lord, Church! My name is Joseph Imarhiagbe. This is my lovely wife, Celine Imarhiagbe. We are from the UK. Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Nigerians Living In The UK Before I start, let me just give a song to my Jesus. I never knew He would answer me this way Answer me this way Thank You Jesus Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Nigerians Living In The UK I was facing challenges in the UK to have my residence over there. All proved abortive – I couldn’t. My wife and I tried so many ways. We spent so much money but nothing happened. Eventually, I was removed from the UK. Rather, I was deported from the United Kingdom. If you get deported from the United Kingdom, you have to wait a particular number of years before you can apply again. I was moving with friends – bad friends. Internet scamming friends. We were thinking of getting rich quickly. Trying to make ends meet but nothing came out of it. I was in the UK, trying to settle down but I couldn’t get my residence permit. Eventually, my visa ran out and I was deported to Nigeria. Then, we were watching Emmanuel TV on YouTube. A friend of mine in France – my wife’s friend – said, “You have to go to The SCOAN! Your blessing is there!” I said, “Ok”. I came to Nigeria. Thank God! On the 19th of April, God Almighty, God of the Prophet, God of Prophet T.B. Joshua located me! And he said, “God wants to use you and you have so many bad friends”. Actually, there are so many bad friends. I was moving with different friends – these internet scamming friends. But thank God! And he gave another prophecy that he is seeing me going to the embassy, collecting my visa. Immediately he mentioned that word, that fear left me. That fear – “how am I going to get this visa?” – left me immediately. Praise the Lord! I went to the embassy and applied. I was given an European family member permit to travel back to the UK after the prophecy. Just two weeks after the prophecy! Shall we put our hands together for Jesus! When you hear the mightiness and goodness of God in the lives of the people, you shall give Him a bigger hands of applause! This is just a miracle! And nobody else could have justly done this than our Lord and Saviour! If you know that, put your hands together louder for Jesus! Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony Immediately the man of God prophesied to me, the fear left. And I was having this spirit of boldness to go to the embassy and apply for a visa. How long would you have had to stay before you could ever apply for another visa to the UK? 10 years! But after you received those words of prophecy from the man of God, immediately you got to The SCOAN, tell us how long it took you to get your visa. It was just two weeks. Two weeks compared to ten years – isn’t that a miracle! Put your hands together once again for Jesus! Louder for Jesus! Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony After I got the visa, I went to the UK. At Heathrow airport, I was stopped by the UK border agency that I was not the person on my passport. I said, “Wow. How can you say so?” I brought everything out. He said, “No, you are not the person”. I was arrested at Heathrow airport. I brought out my Morning Water. I was ministering the Morning Water in my pocket, calling the name of Jesus. I said, “Father, you have used your servant to prophesy about my life, for me to get this visa. Father, I don’t want to go back to Nigeria again. Father, help me out!” I was spraying the Morning Water on my pocket. Just ten minutes later, the same person came in and said, “Mr Joseph, please, we are sorry. On behalf of the UK border agency, have your visa”. It was stamped and I went straight to meet my wife. I was so happy. Thank You, Jesus. Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony This is the prophecy the man of God gave that I had been rejected three times. This is one and two. This is another stamp. After the prophecy was given, can you now show us the confirmation of that word of prophecy. After the prophecy, I was given my residence permit. This is my residence permit in the UK. Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony As we know that seeing only what God says will produce and increase our faith. We have seen the proof of the words of prophecy given by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, to this brother and we have seen the proof on his passport, that is the permit that he was given in the UK. Can you show us other documents to proof what God has done in your life, immediately you received those words of prophecy. Thank you. As you can see here – here is the certificate of application after the man of God had prophesied upon my life. This certificate of application came with the residence document. Here was the case, the appeal in the United Kingdom that I won. It stated that the Secretary of State did not have the right to remove me from the United Kingdom. Here is also the same document to confirm my stay in the UK. I thank God – this is our family car. God has blessed us with this and we return all the glory to God. Hallelujah. Shall we once again put our hands together for Jesus! Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony So can you tell us – how has your life been since you received the residence permit in the UK, compared to your life before? As you can see me now, I am shining in the Lord. Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony If you can play the video back, I was dark. Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony But Jesus has taken control. Thank You, Lord. Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony So we can see on the screen of our television as the brother rightly said, before he received that prophecy that transformed his life, we can see him looking – you can know that something is amiss, that something is definitely wrong with the posture we are seeing. But look at the picture you are seeing on the right-hand side – you can know that God Almighty has done something miraculous in his life. He said, immediately he received that prophecy, his whole life was totally transformed. The life of his wife was totally transformed. He is now living fine. He now has a job of his own. We can see the car God Almighty has blessed them with, and they have a good life now to the glory of God. Let us once again put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Celine Imarhiagbe. The man standing by my side is my husband. My husband has said it all. We really thank God for our lives, what God has done for us. We praise God, in Jesus’ name. Mrs Celine Imarhiagbe & Husband
Prophecy Testimony My word of advice: Don’t run to friends, run to Jesus! Hallelujah. That was short, brief but straight to the point. That whatever situation we may be passing through in life, we must trust in God that only Him can see you through. We give glory to God Almighty for what He has done in your life and the life of your family. You should know that all this is for the salvation of your soul. Make sure you hold on to God’s word. Make His word the standard for your life and as you know His Word, it will continue to set you on that good road to the good life. Hallelujah. Once again, let us put our hands together for Jesus Christ. Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe & Wife
Prophecy Testimony