We initiated this whole idea of getting on television
in Russia because I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. We began to pursue it, the doors opened up,
and now we’re covering all of Russia, which happens to be the largest country in the world. It’s almost twice as big as the United States. There’s eleven different time zones across
Russia. Just in Russia alone, there’s over 140 million
people that live there, and there’s tons of Russian speakers outside of Russia. We take Answers with Bayless Conley in the
English language, and make it completely in Russian language. So we are responsible for translation, for
dubbing, for graphics in Russian language. We started with just one TV station a year
ago, and as of today it’s already three stations. One of them is focused on Baltic states, second
is focused on Ukraine, and of course CNL is all over the world. A lot of Russians may be religious, but that
wouldn’t be any different than people that are religious and go to their traditional
church here in the US. They haven’t had a personal encounter with
Jesus yet, and they need that. We want to see Russia saved with the Gospel. So that’s why we’re doing this. Pastor B, his message is always structured. It’s point one, point two, point three. For me, it was really easy to understand him. And I think a lot of Russian-speaking people
really appreciate and they really will be clearly understanding his message. As of today, already over fifty programs were
dubbed into Russian language, five reading plans were released and located on the YouVersion
app. YouTube channel was launched, and we have
thousands and thousands of views already as of today. And first e-book was released. Within first month, over 400 downloads took
place, and we’re not talking about math here, we talk about people behind these numbers,
and lives that were touched. We’re just here for a little while, and then
we’re in eternity. I had one of my closest friends go to heaven
just a few days ago, and it just is a reminder of the brevity of life. It’s here, and it’s gone, and only what we
do for Christ lasts. God’s opened us a door in Russia, and we’ve
already got connections there. We’ve got something to give away. It’s just, the News is too good to keep to
ourselves, and so now we’ve got this great opportunity to take it to Russia as well,
a whole new region of the world. Join me in prayer, and pray for my people. Pray alongside with me for my people to be
saved, and hear the Gospel in their own language. I just wanted to thank you for your prayers. We are so grateful for them, as well as your
financial support. Together, we are reaching the Russian-speaking
world in Jesus’ name.