Logan get in here right now chief what’s
going on Logan it’s been found I found it Logan it’s all here it’s all here in
the map welcome you have to see this you have to see this right now uh Jake what
are you talking about look it’s all here the lost box sport I finally found it
first I didn’t understand it but then I had to
look deeper Ida search between the lines that hidden clues how I know it’s
location know where we can find the lost box sport I need to do more research
more schematics I need to figure out exactly where it is things we could find
in there the lost box for it Jake you’re sounding a little crazy Logan do I
really look crazy to you no no it’s all here Logan I was able to find this map I
purchased it off when we died for 40 tables but he just tells me that this is
all accurate information and it adds up to my research
okay Jake slow down you bought this map off of a guy sorry but I highly doubt
this thing is real oh okay it’s real and if you’re not gonna help me find it I’m
gonna go on my own adventure and I’m going to prove to you that the lost box
board is real the legend says that an ancient pirate sailed the seven seas and
landed on an abandoned Island with all he had cardboard using his cardboard he
created himself a box fort fortress in which he could defend the island and
that’s where I’ll find it here in The Lost Amazonian rain and Emmas in the
Amazon rainforest I need to find you to book a flight to the Amazon look Logan Jake I’m just gonna go play for a night
okay okay you know what fine I’m gonna prove me wrong I’m gonna find the Lost
sport show you how right I am I’m going on in the bench oh all right after a lot
of traveling I think I’ve made it to I believe to be the lost box for it now if
my mapping skills are correct which they should be we are in the entrance
the only problem now is figuring out how we’re gonna open this place appears to
me and that there is an opening here some sort but leaves have completely
overgrown this place just doesn’t seem to be a door what we need to do this is
where we are the X to get to the treasure we have to go through here
there’s got to be something to do with this I just don’t know what it is maybe
there’s something in my pack that can help us this compass came with the map
it was said to one’s be the Pirates compass who created the lost box board
and if the myths are true this should point us in the direction of the
treasure which is directly this way Morgan the doors open the compass hi
check this out the wall the wall has a trapdoor in it it’s supposed to be the
entrance we got my map and flashlight we have to head through here now I have to
be careful lost box words are said to be riddled with traps and ways to keep
other people out but if we stay confident and stick to my map we should
be able to make it through here many have tried but no one ever succeeded
before us let’s go find some treasure doesn’t exactly make any marks to this
oh my oh that’s a lot of spiderwebs well I don’t like spiders I don’t like
spiders I don’t like spiders at all okay oh I don’t like this well one of
those spider webs there’s definitely spiders Leslie go why
is it the dark okay okay okay there’s a lot of spider webs on us these are not
normal spider webs I’m gonna get us out Mia’s get us outta here hold on I just
can’t panic just don’t panic we’ll be okay I checked the compass it’s still pointing us this way looks
like the treasure is in this direction I might be able to push through here into
the cavern if the treasure is in fact this way it’s through there hopefully
there’s no box for spiders we’re good to go that’s not going
through ah it’s a bit of a tight fit use abandon box force normally are known for
these secluded caverns they’re meant to keep invaders have from stealing box
treasure they’re also known for their traps so we have to be very careful
looks like I see the exit down here you push my back first it’s a big drop this
is not a place for someone scared of small spaces well we’ve made it okay now
if I map and compass correct which they should be the treasure and what do we
have here abandoned box force are known for their traps
so taking whatever is in this box could be very deadly it’s a box within a box whatever that is
it might hold the key to where we have to go next
cuz as far as I can tell all right a bit of a dead end doesn’t seem to be any
latches on here that show that it could be a trap
it’s fairly safe to touch you guys nothing like an ancient box used to be
some spawn of an ancient wooden box that’s using store just open this box
it’s like whoever built this box Ford wanted us to have this looks like it’s a
music box well this could come in handy I don’t know what this is for but
everything in here has a purpose and if you ever build this one is to have this
you need to keep it we must keep going it seemed like when I took the box you’d
open this door so our treasure must be this way how
many games in the next room and as I do the door behind us shut closed looks
like we’re all going back out that way but I think we’re one step closer to our
treasure oh look some darts just came out of that
wall wait a second there’s a pressure plate here looks like this pressure
plate activates a trap Dart this pressure pad is connected to it well
that was a close one okay we almost just walked into a very
large trap and we would have gotten one of these in us I think our best bet is
to avoid this pressure plate and move on I saw something behind here this wall
it’s a hollow wall there’s something behind this wall hold on something here
it’s gonna be some way to open this oh they’re treasure chests this can’t be it
sure wouldn’t be this close I don’t know if this is a trap or not but I don’t
think we’re left with any other options I’ve got to open it diamonds congratulations for making it
this far you have found one of my first treasures enough to live your life and
well if you are reading this you have the opportunity to turn around and go
back from where you came but if you seek a larger treasure and secrets of the box
you will continue beside HD Davis it appears the pirate who made this
abandoned box fort is giving us two options either take the treasure a life’s fortune or we continue and we
find not only more treasure but secrets of the box fort I think we have to take
our chances I think we have to continue but wait there’s more but if you decide
to seek the ultimate treasure place the world and let it fly like a feather
place the world and let it fly like a feather must be talking about this how
do I make it fly as light as a feather the weird object by the door lit up look
what does it want me to do feeling a strange force when I push this here very
strange force seems of magic at work oh it’s floating the world is floating his
leg is the better the door it’s open and it looks like we’ve just discovered our
next room we gotta keep moving it’s a bit of a tight squeeze as is the
tradition it seems with this place Oh what is that some sort of statue well
that is something I’ve never seen before and it looks like there’s another closed
door it’s a sword here it’s moving that she’s moving the statue is moving
what’s he doing what’s it doing oh do i do what do I do
so the statue okay thank you do this who’s this your statue swing and then it
swings its other arm that’s like a puzzle please have to
crack the puzzle swing flush swing flush all right I think I have this swing
slush I think we just defeated a statue oh and the door opened
hello looks like that was supposed to happen perfect
grab my satchel and let’s keep moving how it looks like if my maps correct the
treasure should be just down this hallway but oh great another chop all
right so we have swinging axes great well looks like another thing I have to
jump through I should be able to jump through it if I time it wrong I’m gonna
be sliced like sliced bread okay here we go – oh okay all right now would appear
that the treasure is just down there but it looks like in order to get into it
there’s a secret wall I’m not exactly sure how we’re gonna get through this
wall but if we’re gonna get this treasure we have to try but the final
room might be the hardest of them all here we are feeling any secret watches
be something I’m missing the treasure is 100% behind that door a music box we
haven’t had to use for it yet must have something to do with this music box
alright here goes nothing it’s worked the final treasure rooms
opened with the music box now we can go in the treasure must just be in here
there’s no time to waste we gotta go quite a large chamber they have here
right there that’s it the final treasure the box orb see what it says congratulations on
finding my final treasure but our story has just begun the orb you see in front
of you known as the box crystal is a very powerful device that in the hands
of a great box fort builder can bring much success take it and with you start
your journey I have many more lost box ports for you to discover and even more
great treasure for you to obtain if you wish to become a true box for master you
will follow my journey in the footsteps of myself it looks like this orb holds
and far more power than I could have imagined with this orb we can start our
quest to become the true box for master and with it the greatest wealth any box
for creator has ever had but I know it can’t be this easy a
master box port builder who created this lost box fort with the traps that he set
up there’s no way he would just give it to us like this there’s there’s no way
something in here we don’t know I guess we’re just gonna have to take it and see
here goes nothing three two one wasn’t so bad
oh it’s heavy looks like we did it we’ve got the box for Don we’ve done it
I found the lost treasure and with it we can start our greatest boxboard quest
ever I have to show Logan oh it’s close that was very very close
look Boulder almost worked me out well I knew it couldn’t be that easy and it
definitely was not I’ve got the crystal to see the look on Logan’s face when I
show him this well I think it shows that we accomplished our mission we’ve gone a
far and long way but we found the lost box for it and found many riches but
most importantly something that’s gonna start our new quest and start us on a
journey of lost box boards to truly become the greatest box fort builder of
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