– Hi, It’s Radim from Rocadog. I was asked to make a video
about Bohemian Shepherd and that’s what this
video will be all about. Bohemian Shepherd or Chodsky
Pes is not a very popular breed in the world, and it’s not
recognized by any major kennel club, but it’s still
a very interesting dog breed. (gentle music) Let’s start with the
history of this breed. Czech name for Bohemian
Shepherd is Chodsky Pes, which means that he was bred
and used by Chods people. These people had permission
to own large dogs which was not common back in the days in 14th, 15th centuries
inside Bohemia Kingdom. We don’t know much when the
Bohemian Shepherd was created but we know that he already
existed in 14th century. Bohemian Shepherd was used to
protect southwestern border of Bohemia Kingdom as
well as family guard dog. We don’t know what are
ancestors of Bohemian Shepherd. A lot of people saying that
it must be German Shepherd, just because they look very similar and German Shepherd is so
popular dog breed nowadays. But it is definitely not true. Bohemian Shepherd is way
older than German Shepherd and is way older than Dutch
and Belgian Shepherd also. Bohemian Shepherd was
popular in Czech lands until two world wars when he almost extincted. After that there was strict
Communist regime which didn’t have dog breeding as high priority. The modern breeding of
Bohemian Shepherds started in the second half of 1980s
when the Communist Regime relaxed a little bit and
the breed was revived. Today he’s kind of popular
inside of Czech Republic. It’s not like you will see him everywhere. It’s probably a few hundreds
of them inside Czech Republic nowadays, but the number is growing. Outside the Czech borders,
it’s almost unknown dog breed. Although I heard that there
are some breeders in the USA. You already saw some
pictures of Bohemian Shepherd in this video so definitely
note this, that he looks a little bit like long-coated
version of German Shepherd. Bohemian Shepherd is medium
sized dog, average size of 50 cm and weigh around 20 kg. You can see it’s because of this long fur, but this is pretty muscular dog. Bohemian Shepherd has long
tail, naturally erect ears, and tight legs, with powerful jaw. Bohemian Shepherd is double
coated dog with short undercoat and long, thick outercoat. The coat can be straight or slightly wavy. Both options are okay,
but Bohemian Shepherd can only have one color variety, which is black and tan. Black color should be
dominant and should cover most of the dog’s body. Now let’s talk a little
about his temperament and personality. The Bohemian Shepherd is very
intelligent, fast learner, which is energetic and outgoing. Normally he’s not aggressive
against other dogs. This is very confident
breed with stable behavior. This is also very friendly
dog, but mostly he’s friendly towards his people and kind
of alert towards strangers, but because of this, he’s great watchdog. He’s also very adaptable, so
he can live indoor and outdoor. You should spend a lot of
time with Bohemian Shepherd because this is people-oriented
dog that don’t like to be alone for a long time. As I said this is fast-learner
and it’s eager to please dog also, which means he’s great
choice for novice dog trainers. Because if you have intelligent
dog, which is also eager to please, then you have
easily trainable dog. That with Bohemian Shepherd definitely is. He enjoys working, training,
and he picks up new commands very quickly. Bohemian Shepherds were bred
to work and they have high stamina and endurance. Because of that they
need a lot of exercise. Bohemian Shepherds have a
lot of energy which needs to be dealt with, otherwise they might become destructive. As you would probably expect
because of his long fur, owners must groom Bohemian
Shepherds regularly, ideally two or three times
a week and they are also heavy shedders. So be prepared for a lot of vacuuming if you will have him inside. They shed all year around. As with all dogs, regular
ear checking, tooth brushing, and claw clipping is advised. That’s it, tell me in
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