That’s funny Salt. One is ice. Is it salt? Really? Salt? Hold this. Bruce: That is salt. Dieter: But what kind of salt! And whether if it is salt or something else, don’t try this at home. Okay. Okay. So, now I should blindfold him. I think, he is a little bit disturbed. Well, he has his eyes closed. And what else are we allowed to do with him? Aha, okay. Okay, you’re ready? Okay. Bananas please.
Bruce: Bananas. Okay. So, now touch his face. Okay. Okay. May you look instead of me? I can’t. Boah, that’s damned close. How screwy are those two? Therefore once again: under no circumstances try this at home. Kids, adults, nobody, please. Boah, those two are really nuts. Now he’s coming along with the hammer. And than he hits the coconut. Yes, but what .. if he hits on his hand .. or on something? Oh my God… Oh.. God. Totally disturbed those two. Is it done? Is he done? Yes. Well, the audience was delighted. I think, you sang it well, but in my opinion you just sang it. I was missing …. I need always emotions. I’m kind of didn’t respond. But that’s just my personal opinion. I have to give a no, unfortunately. That’s okay. You? Sylvie? I found it beautiful! Therefore I really stood up for you with all my heart and applauded and I would do it again. Thanks. Thanks. It’s really true, from top to toe I got goose bumps Who can say no to those eyes? Oh, thank you. Really true. Wow. Okay. Yes. You deserve it. For Sylvie we put real gold in there. Of course! Here you are. Everything’s for you. Father Guiseppe and Aunt Jolie Thank you. That’s fucking awesome. Thank you very much. Thank you very much Do you dare to touch this? Touch? No! Yeah, right. More attractive than the original one. Oh, come on.. Yo, Dieter, Dieter, Dieter, no offense. But I think, people don’t know what you meant with this song. Start over. We show now how we do it in 2017. Let’s go. I have style, I have money, I wear Louis Louis Louis. Your wife undresses for a Louis Louis Louis. She is rich, I like her Louis Louis Louis. And if this were the Junglebook, I would be King Louis Louis Louis. Shoes by Louis Louis Louis. Belt by Louis Louis Louis My stuff is all checkered Shoes by Louis Louis Louis. Belt by Louis Louis Louis And I have no manners Crazy. Uuuuh! I couldn’t even stand on just the board. Hello there. How is everybody doing today? I am ??? the snake Do you want to see a trick? Of course we want to see a trick. Get going. Okay For my trick I need an audience-volunteer Oh oh, he needs a volunteer. Shit! Excuse me, sir. Would you like to be my ‘swall-unteer’? Not necessarily. But fine, if it’s necessary. Yes Bruce, you want to. So it is written in your contract. Sh-wow! Sh-look into my eye. Deep into my eye. Look deep in the eyes? I’m sorry, I don’t normally do this I’m just soooo hungry Oh my God! It tastes so good! Oh no! It tastes so good! Help! Help, Dieter! Help! What does he do? Oh my God, Darling! Oh no! Bad one! Bad one! Bad one! Nothing like a good afternoon sh-nack Of course, nothing tastes better than the jury I’m still hungry I couldn’t breathe. THAT’S my Australia. In Australia we call Dr. Bob for such cases. Oh no! Hello, my name is Mary Bauers and I will impress you by showing you how many cupcakes I can eat. In fact she will try to eat 14 cupcakes as fast as possible. I’m a glutton. A glutton? Well, me too. So? Music please. Ooooh, please! I think it sucks. It looked like sort of a pig that in its pigpen somehow guzzles down its turnips. And I mean, that fits. This attractive pretty girl She’s beautiful. I have to say that. it isn’t aesthetic. No, no. Absolutely not. Eeeh, and it is no talent at all. I … – I can’t find a talent there. Somehow… But the cupcakes were tasty, I must honestly say Were they? But what’s with the gateaux? What’s about the gateaux? If she’ll eat all gateaux, we can talk about it. Okay. Come on Bruce, I hold it. Oooh. Okay. 15 seconds Mary, we make a competition between you and him We make a competition! There’s no competition. I’m win. Alright then. Seconds out for cake competition! One, two, three Bruce is taking the lead. But Mary also tucks in. Come on, dig in! Hey, that’s rigging! That doesn’t count! Come on, Bruce! Fight! Very good, Bruce! That’s the two-hands-technique. Yeah! And now? Exactly! Attention! Risk of slipping! Ladies and Gentlemen, if you came here just now, yes, this is actually happening. He’s lying on the floor, throw the gateau at him, man. What is the score anyway? I think 12000 calories to 10000 calories. But I don’t know for whom.