The Savior knows you and loves you. If you wonder if that is true,
you need only contemplate that He has graven you upon the palms of His hands. Knowing that the Savior loves us,
we might then wonder, how can we best show our love for Him? As we strive to follow the Savior’s example,
we must first know and number His sheep. We have been assigned specific
individuals and families to tend so we are certain that all the
Lord’s flocks are accounted for and no one, no one is forgotten. Numbering, however, is not really about numbers; it’s about making certain each person
feels the love of the Savior through someone who serves for Him. As you pray, you will feel the love of Jesus Christ for those to whom you minister. Share that love with them. What better way is there to feed His sheep than to help them fill His love through you? A second way to develop the heart of a
Shepherd is to watch over His sheep. As members of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we can move, fix, repair, and rebuild
just about anything. We’re quick to meet a need with a
helping hand or a plate of cookies. But is there more? Do our sheep know we are watching over them
with love and we will take action to help? Our sheep may be hurting, lost,
or even willfully astray; as their shepherd, we can be among
the first to see their need. We can listen and love without judgment
and offer hope and help with the discerning guidance of the Holy Ghost. Third, we want our sheep to be
gathered into the fold of God. To do so, we must consider where
they are on the Covenant path and be willing to walk with them
on their journey of faith. Ours is a sacred privilege to come to know
their hearts and point them to their Savior. Whether our sheep are strong or weak,
rejoicing or in anguish, we can make certain that no one walks alone. We can love them wherever they are spiritually and offer support and encouragement
for the next step forward. As we pray and seek to understand their hearts, I testify that Heavenly Father will direct us
and His Spirit will go with us. We have the opportunity to be the
“angels around about them” as He goes before their face. The Lord invites us to feed His sheep.