Aris? – Watch your step.
– Aris! Dear, I’m so sorry. – We’re sorry.
– You said you’ll be there! We were, son.
Your dad and I were there. But your brother passed out. We’re so sorry. Julius? Why is it always about Julius?! Am I not important to you?! Son, you know that’s not true! Aris, you know your brother
has a condition. Try to understand. I do, Dad! I understand! But it feels like you
only care about him! What about me? You only see my mistakes! That’s not true, son! For once, I did something
you can be proud of… …but it’s like you don’t care! Son, that’s not true.
You know we care about– I wish I was the one
who got sick instead. So you’ll care about me. So I won’t feel
neglected somehow. – Son, we love you!
– Aris, don’t stay that. Don’t say that, dear.
We love you. Your brother just needs
extra care. Aris… Aris. Go back inside. You might pass out here. You should keep this. So you won’t lose it. Ouch! Let me see. It’s just a small wound.
You’ll be fine. I told Mom and Dad that
I can skip surgery. So we can return to
our old life. I can manage anyway. But they said no. Of course, they won’t let
anything happen to you! You’re their favorite! Aris, that’s not true. They love us both. They’re not playing favorites. But you always get
what you want! You always get their
attention and praises! And when you get good grades
and awards in school, they’re so proud of you like you’re the answer to
all their problems! But as for me, I never once got a
compliment from them, even when I helped them
save money! Mom and Dad love you. Love? Aris! Please don’t get mad. We’re brothers. And you’re my only
best friend. Fine. I’m not mad anymore. After all, you did
my homework for me so I can get high grades. – You knew?
– Yeah! Who else would do it? But don’t think I’m stupid just because I don’t do
my homework. School just isn’t fun for me. I know. I’m good at some things, like studying. But there are other things
you’re better than me at, like sports. My weaknesses are
your strengths. And my strengths are
your weaknesses. Just imagine.
You and me, together. You mean, like a team? I bet we’ll be unbeatable. That’s why we shouldn’t fight. We’re stronger together. Team? Team.