Shalom! My name is Ariel Cohen Alloro I am a Chassidic Ortodox Jew from Jerusalem and I wrote a book about Yeshua. It seems to be a paradox but really, there is a vision in Judaism that Christianity will come back to Israel and there will be peace between them. So, this gives me the legitimacy to act on a rectification about this subject. When we want to present Christianity to Judaism the basic problem is that Christianity is Light and very little Vessel Judaism is the opposite: A lot of Vessel and a small Light. Right? So, what we did in this book, basically is: we have built vessels, clothing for the naked truth, in a way it can be accepted respectfully by Judaism. One of the things we want, we plan for very soon, is to issue an act of “Pideon HaBen” (Redemption of the First-born) to bring Yeshua back to the Nation of Israel. After this we want to organize a Retrial for Yeshua with all the greatest Rabbis and we really hope that we will go through all this very soon. with God’s help. Thank you.