Yes, I’ve got a few patterns that help me
follow Christ. I’d say the main one being regular worship. Having a structured prayer
pattern, I think, is incredibly important, especially as we still – and that we always
are learning about our faith and exploring our faith. And often singing some sort of worship song or listening to some sort of piece of music
is part of my daily routine as well. I’m really bad, I think, at being disciplined
in my daily prayer. I think a lot of other Christians I know are much better at that,
and indeed people of other faiths as well. I begin each day with a period of meditation,
mostly in silence. And that’s a space to let go and to give space for God to talk to me.
And I end each day by saying the Daily Office, by saying Compline. And so I can bring to
God all the things which have happened in that day. Late last thing at night, I use this app on
my phone. It’s an Examen app, which is a version of the Ignatian Examen. Which helps
you look back at the day and see where God was in it, and the things that went well and
things that went really badly. And I find that really helpful. My wife and I, we pray every morning. We pray,
if we can, before a small icon in our bedroom – and we sing a song. Usually one of the chants
from Taize. When I’m driving, listening to worship songs,
and I tend to do lots of praying when I can. It’s not structured and it’s not the same
prayer, it’s more just me talking to God as a conversation.