We volunteered to clean the garden to in the back part of it There was about a hundred years worth the carbage and one thing in another that had just been thrown back there over the years So we hauled it over there something like 20 big truckloads of trash And It was hot that September Blistering hot and when I had gotten a little thin To get some air stirring and the fan died Well, I added on the rest of my miseries that was almost too much you know you remember the story of Jonah and his girl and I Could sympathize with him at that point? Anyway, I had totaled everybody else. I said loved disciplines. You ashamed some water in each of lunches and And I’ll try to fix the fins. So I just say them To the garden to Okay You know where the little champ that lives around the corner I was sitting right flat on the ground in front of that Chapel and you know There’s a set of steps that come up to aside that moves out to the main sidewalk He was setting down there working on this theater Didn’t even bother to unplug it And the voice said to me Is that god bless you And what you’re doing here He was at the top of the stairs And he walked right back that little short sidewalk to the right at that big pantry and headed for the front gate well this doctor of all that people was the only one in earshot and He was back under some shrubs and the shadiness brunch and he piped up. This is wrong Do you suppose we’ve been talking with an angel? And I said at least Well, I worked With great enthusiasm Phyllis that day When we left the garden – I asked the ladies in their sand. Why don’t you think of that big tall? man dressed in the ancient Jewish garb They looked at me kind of funny And they say there’s been no wedding and they hear like that today And then one of them said well, mr. Wyatt, there’s never been anybody in here like that. So Somewhere Between where 800 right past that pantry before he got to the office he went on to the New Jerusalem New Folks for Christ himself to come down to encourage me about the excavation of the Ark of the Covenant Tells me that it’s very important to God You