Shepherd’s pie, easy casserole style
recipe. What a great way to feed a crowd. Rustic, humble, elegant and quite frankly, out-of-this-world delicious. I have a
large pot over medium heat, I’m melting a couple tablespoons of butter and all I’m going to do is add my onions. Sprinkle that with some salt to drop the moisture
and help them caramelize a little bit and let this pot do all of the heavy
lifting for me. These are nice and golden and you can see they’re starting to
brown around the edges. At that point, I push them to the side, add my mushrooms. I have it on high heat so that I can evaporate moisture as it comes out of
the mushrooms, but more importantly I’m just gonna cook them until they’re just
tender, I’m not looking to necessarily caramelize those mushrooms. Thyme. Carrots. Paprika, just a tablespoon. Once that is cooked, take that out of your pot and all I’m going to do is add a couple more tablespoons of butter. I’m gonna add a few tablespoons of flour. When you cook a roux like this you’re
gonna be able to use it as a thickener, and it’s not going to clump up because
it’s cooking. In goes our vegetable mixture. Kind of stops that Roux from burning
and cooking and I push this to the sides and I’m gonna put a couple pounds of ground lamb in there. Now that’s gonna start to cook and give off its fat, break
apart in there and I’ve got this on a medium high setting. Now all of that cold
lamb has dropped the temperature. All of the juices and the fat from that lamb
are gonna cook in there and get thickened in that roux. Takes a couple
minutes for the thermal momentum of the pan to get back up but once that happens we’re gonna add two cups of really rich chicken stock. So you can see as we’re
starting to simmer, that sauce is starting to thicken and we want to add about 1/2
cup of stout. A little goes a long way. And we let that come to a simmer. So now
we have this nice, tight gravy around this beautiful lamb ragù. Now you have to taste it at this point for seasoning. You’re not gonna get another chance to do so, because it’s gonna be under this beautiful layer of mashed potatoes. In go
your peas. All right, into a roasting pan like this, up to about an inch of the top. One of the things that I love to do, melt some butter and rice your potatoes directly in to your butter and hot cream. Look at how smooth and elegant those
potatoes are. One of the things that I have found that’s really easy,
scoop your mashed potatoes! And now, with a long slicing knife, very carefully. And I
like putting those little ribbons in there because they’ll get a little browned and crispy as well. This beautiful pie goes into a 350 degree oven. This is one of
those dishes that quite frankly is just never gonna look as good as it does
right now. You have a very, very, very humble, traditional, rustic dish. That my friends, is a great shepherd’s pie.