Ye, Ye, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah Hallelujah I am grateful for all that I have The greatest treasure of this world Was given to me
As an eternal heritage Greatest proof
Of such a deep love I have life and joy all the time All the time, yes I have friends, family
Many brothers Many, many brothers It was Jesus, my true friend
Jesus, our friend True
Did everything Did everything
To give me salvation Thank You, Lord! I’ll praise the Lord all the time His praise will continuously be On my lips
And also in my heart Jesus Christo
Will always be our song Ye, Ye, Yehovah Yehovah
Jesus Ye, Ye, Yehovah It`s Jesus Ye, Ye, Yehovah
Yehovah, Yehovah, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah Pregador Luo! Grateful I am
Because you loved me first Grateful I am
For the life you spent with me Grateful I am for my soul
I’ll be eternally grateful to you For your brave act
Hosanna, say the Angels in the sky Grateful I am, because one day
Sorrow will end By the end of the book is written
That love has won De la soul my gratitude comes Your bride waits anxiously
For the groom That comes like the Lion
To bring the new Oh my brothas, oh my people
Hang on and keep the post No more grief, tears will
Never more roll down your face The party has begun
And it has no time to end Your spirit burns
And makes the crowd shake Rejoice
Because He is here Ye, Ye, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah Jesus Ye, Ye, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah
Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah
Hold your brother’s hands! Ye, Ye, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah Jesus, Jesus Ye, Ye, Yehovah Ye, Ye, Yehovah Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Will always be Our song Hallelujah Give Him a round of applause!