Greetings, dear friends! In our programme today, we would like to touch on a few
topics of the utmost importance. What is spiritual service
or service to God? What is spiritual
liberation or salvation? Who are the holy warriors,
the warriors of God, or Geliars as they
were called before? Who were they? What were they doing?
What is Maria’s service? What does it mean to live by God? What does the point of the
origin of all events start with? The harbingers of the last days –
global climate changes on Earth. Dear viewers, our interlocutors today
are Igor Mikhailovich Danilov… IM: Greetings. Tatiana: Zhanna. Zhanna: Greetings. Tatiana: Anna. Anna: Greetings. Tatiana: Teya. Teya: Greetings. Tatiana: Elchin. Elchin: Greetings. Tatiana: Andrei. Andrei: Greetings. T: Service to God is indeed
a topic of the utmost importance. This can be seen both from the
letters of our participants and from communication
with people – the fact that people from around the
world ask exactly the same questions. This indicates that they are really
concerned with what the service to God is. And it is caused by some kind
of inner need of a human being to actually transform
from dead into Alive. We’ve received a lot of letters. And what is interesting is that before we start
talking on this topic, the topic of Service, we’ve carried out an
analysis regarding the fact that in various religions, in sacred writings
it is mentioned that a person should be kind, that a person should love. However, in practice, if we look at
the questions asked by believers, by everyone in their religion, they indicate that people
don’t live by Love. That, in actual fact,
people live by thoughts, suffering, and fears. IM: Let’s put it simply, people
live to the dictation of the devil. And you have noted correctly
regarding the questions. It has long been said that if you want to find
out what one or another religion is like, look at the questions asked by
believers of this religion. Right. But here arises a
question – what is inside a person, what does he live by
while doing all that? He still lives by
some kind of fears and cares about current comfortable existence of
his body. IM: I agree with you. And it’s interesting that people are
really more concerned with the sort of questions that are probably related more
to their body and consciousness. That is, they identify themselves
with body and consciousness. They wonder what the right way is
for their body to stand or sit, which hand they should
cross themselves with, what their body
should be dressed in. I agree with you. This
is tied to, let’s say, material traditions, rites and many other laws, shall we say,
internal laws of one or another religion. But, on the other hand, all these statutes
have been composed not without a reason. Those very traditions have been accumulated by one
or another people according to their customs, their culture. Well,
this is also good. After all, there are grains
of the Truth in any religion. You know, Igor
Mikhailovich, what gladdens? It gladdens that, despite this, people,
all people still have this inner need, the need to be joined to
inner, spiritual processes, the need to Serve. And they are ready.
They do have this willingness. And may I express what
you want to say in numbers a little bit? As of today, actually, let’s say, over 99% of
the entire humanity – they are ready for the Service, they are ready for perceiving God.
They feel this and can, let’s say, under certain conditions,
fulfil themselves as Spiritual Beings. But in actual fact, less than 1%
are able to accept the Truth, to cognize it, and indeed to embark on the
path of, let’s say, spiritual salvation. And this should be pondered. It, first and foremost, indicates
that, yes, not everything is lost. More than 99% of people
in the entire world are ready to become, let’s say,
Beings of the highest order. But at the same time less than 1% are ready to cognize,
to accept, and to devote themselves to spiritual Life. And this should be pondered. As of today, a state of extreme decay
is taking place in all religions. In the first place, this doesn’t
indicate that religions are bad. No. All religions are wonderful. They all lead those who really want
to come to God, they all lead to God. However, it’s not religions that lead, but
the Knowledge which is embedded in them. Religions… Well, to be honest, and if we speak dishonestly, there’s no
point in us gathering and talking at all. If we speak honestly, then any religion
is, first and foremost, an organization. And, as an organization, whom does it take
care of, in the first place? Of itself, of its organization, of its survival, well, and naturally,
of prolonging its existence, expanding its own power. Meaning, this is nothing but a fight
for power and a fight for survival. A certain egregore, as they
say in the East, is formed, a certain egregore
of this structure, and it becomes unified. And everyone who’s within it must live by certain laws and actually
take care of self-survival rather than of spiritual salvation because this determines their
conditions of existence. Well, and no one should be
blamed for this either. Why? Because as of today the one who’s called
satan in religion is much stronger than it seems. That’s why people who hear, understand, they even
hear us and understand, but immediately forget. And the system immediately diverts them, exactly those demons
in their heads, which all religions are intended to fight with. These demons divert them from insights
which they have just acquired. And this is really so. These demons of theirs
start telling them, “Because there are many concerns, because
there are many problems, such is life. It was easier before. In the past, a
person went outside, caught a hare, ate it, and sat down
praying to God.” No. Problems have
always existed. But people were different. And there was more
Knowledge in the world. And this was talked about more, and
they lived by different things. Now, unfortunately of course,
the system is gaining power. But the system in this context is that very synonym
of the devil, as they refer to him in religion. The trouble is that today those who are
called upon to bring Knowledge to the world, to spread it in its purity
(as we already said), they have simply lost it. And people who are in organizations, they are actually
concerned with themselves, just like any laypeople. They are concerned with their own power.
They are concerned with their own life. Well… Basically, humanity has
already been through this. Why, strictly speaking,
did prophets come here? Let’s recall Jesus Christ. At what time did He come,
and why did He come? And what was He saying about
scribes and pharisees to those very believers who followed
him and came to believe in Him? “You,” he says, “listen and
do what they tell you, but,” he says, “don’t
become like them. ” Why? Because the system itself, the organization
itself rearranges everything this way. And what do we see today? Well, let’s say,
clergymen are concerned exactly with their organizations,
with expansion of their power. But, on the other hand, I would even
like to ask people a simple question, not us (you, sitting here at the
table, you do know), but people there. In the Bible, it is said that everything is given
to a human within his or her power. Right? He or she can use everything:
both plants and animals. And people are endowed with power over
nature, they can do what they want because God gave this to them. But was it said by God or God’s Son Jesus (in
this case we take the Christian religion), did He really say anywhere that any person will
be endowed with power over another person? A simple question. A human cannot have power
over another human. Otherwise power is endowed to satan who’s
an integral part of every human being. A human is dual, we’ve talked about this a lot,
and all religions basically talk about it. And satan is not anything
mythical with horns, these are exactly those thoughts
which a person hears in his head, and which he perceives
as his own thoughts. Consciousness is nothing other than, well, a part
of that very system, or a part of that very devil. It’s called differently, but the
meaning is one and the same. But a human differs from all
living creatures that exist, and from inanimate ones, by the
fact that he or she has a Soul. And a human is dual because, on
the one hand, he’s an Angel, while on the other
hand he’s an animal. And who predominates in a human – that is
in what kind of world he or she lives. As of today, we see who predominates in our humanity. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. If someone wants to argue,
I understand that questions will arise people will say,
“What right does a person have to sit and talk about this?” And I’ll give a simple example. Look inside yourself without lies,
well, really look deep into yourself, what do you think of,
and what do you want? It’s clear what you want: as coming from Personality,
you want to get closer to the Spiritual World, you want God’s Love and everything else, and
maybe some of you are even striving for this. However, what predominates? Who controls you? Anger, hatred, aggression, envy, thirst
for something that doesn’t belong to you. Isn’t that so? If there is none of that,
then I’m talking to saints. The trouble is that I’m
talking to human beings. And it’s true. Therefore, such questions arise in people that they don’t understand simple,
elementary things, because the essence is lost, and they receive answers from the same kind
of people who don’t know this essence. Yes, some do know the Scripture. And it’s a very convenient ruse, which, in principle,
many representatives of certain religions use, in order not to learn, not to comprehend or understand,
it’s enough to say, “It’s written there this way.” After all, it’s the Holy Scripture – you are obliged to obey
because God has dictated this. Well, we are adults, and let’s say: name at least one scripture that would
be written by God or a prophet, at least one existing in this world. Why? Because it’s forbidden to prophets to
write with their own hand, even a single word related to the Knowledge
that he has brought in. Otherwise, this would violate people’s choice,
it shouldn’t be done. Therefore, no prophet ever wrote
anything; he cannot do that. People wrote, but, as a rule, all the Holy Scriptures were written
many years later, when the prophet was no longer there, weren’t they? And now let’s see,
a simple example. Whatever we talk about, let’s talk about
something important and spiritual today, and people will
perceive something. Let them try to retell it to someone tomorrow, then to write down what they have retold,
and once again to watch what we were talking about. And you will see, dear friends, that your consciousness
has distorted even those words that we said. And quite a lot won’t be understood. Just as an experiment, those who really strive for spiritual self-improvement,
and not just playing around. After all, many people play around as a hobby, as a game, as entertainment or spending free time in spiritual activities: to try little prayers, to try meditations,
to read a mantra, that is, to play, it’s not for them, but for those who
really strive, want to go, they can try all
this for themselves. And they will see and learn how consciousness
distorts the elementary essence. I would also advise these very people
not to be lazy. Say, you’ve watched this programme once,
after a while watch it again. But after your have watched it,
write down all your insights: what you’ve understood, what you’ve realised, after some time write down again. Watch it and write down again. And repeat this at least 5-6 times,
I don’t even say 12 as it should be done,right, at least. And you’ll be surprised
at the difference that will be. But do not read, write down, watch
the programme and write down. After 2-3 days or a
week watch it again, then write down your revelations and insights
again: at what minutes, who was speaking and what, what you understood, what
you especially liked. And then, let’s say, you’ve set the goal
for yourselves to watch it 5 times, well, and after the 5th viewing,
after you wrote everything down, open the 1st one and read, and compare, and that will say it all. It was the same before. When a prophet is speaking, someone understands one
thing, someone else understands another thing, then the one who has understood already retells it to
the third person, and the fifth person writes it down. But, as a rule, everything started to be formed
and written down when a certain institution of
religious orientation was organised, meaning, when an organization
was already being formed. But, naturally, when an organization was
formed, what was taken into account? Interests. The interests
of the organization. And why? I’ll just say, Jesus was among people for a long time,
and he conveyed a lot, whereas what do we read in the Bible? There are the same actions
in a very brief version. (T: And there is so little direct speech of Jesus).
Wasn’t there the rest? Didn’t he tell about anything else? Let’s take Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),
right, Elchin? Right. This is close
for him, it’s his religion. How many words and stories which the
Prophet was telling have been included? While he was among people for a long time
and was teaching and conveying a lot. And then somehow, somewhere the Hadith
were written down by hearsay from someone. Some of them were supposedly
told by the Prophet, some are not accepted (those which hinder)
and so on, there is much like this. We have considered only two trends, while there
are more ancient religions, well, aren’t there? Which have already been
completely distorted. By whom are they getting distorted? Are they getting distorted by an Angel that resonates
with this Knowledge, that strives for Home, or are they getting distorted precisely by satan who
cares about the material, about wealth, about power? And why do we take the Scripture
and read: power, power, power, while not a single prophet talked about power. How can a human being possess
power over another human being? In that very Christianity we hear from the Holy Scripture about
the power relating to Jesus Christ from His spiritual experience,
shall we say, of Jesus Himself when He was liberating Himself
from the power of satan in His tool which is called
consciousness, right. So, who was endowed with power here, or rather who is endowed with power here? The third temptation by the devil,
in which he offers Jesus, having lifted Him up on a high mountain, just offers Him all the kingdoms, power, fame, and
says that he gives it out to whoever he wants. That means, satan says that
in fact power and fame… And now let’s
have a look, guys, attentively, especially the faithful ones, especially
Christians who accept the Bible. Take a closer look here: the Prince of this world makes
an offer to God’s Son Himself: bow your head to me, and I will
give you power over everyone. So, who owns the power? Igor Mikhailovich, but
here another question arises. You have touched upon that issue, when Jesus, as it turns
out, spent 40 days in the desert, and the devil tested Him. Believers are having rather
a big question here, “How’s that? Jesus Christ… He is God’s Son as it turns out, He’s an
absolutely sinless Personality, a Spiritual Being. And how can it be that the
devil even dares approach Him? And why should He, Jesus Christ, go to
the desert for fasting and praying?” In fact, the answer is very simple, and if you look closely,
you’ll see that it lies on the surface. But for some reason those Teachings, that Knowledge,
which Jesus actually conveyed, it is lost. Well, let’s see, let’s try to
restore, why does it happen this way? Because Jesus Christ
is indeed, well, let’s say, the Son of God, right, He is the One who was sent
by the Spiritual World in order for people to acquire
certain Knowledge that was lost. But any spiritual Being, I emphasize, any, which is
sent by the Spiritual World, or, as it’d be easier for people
to understand, by God, here into this hellish world (and this is the
three-dimensional world, the material world), It should come here in a body
in the same way as an ordinary person. In order for this Being to be able
to somehow communicate with people, It needs, in any case, the same skills and the
same capabilities as any other person, right? Meaning, skills for verbal
communication with people, because He’s not heard by the
sleeping souls in people. Well, the souls have nothing to do with this, in fact these are the Personalities,
but we’ll come to that. What does He need? He needs to come into a human body and to go through the whole cycle
just like any other person. And what did Jesus say about Himself?
I am the Son of Man. Didn’t He say that about Himself? That’s why, when they come here into this world,
they live exactly the same life as any of you. They also feel pain, they can also smell,
they also have headaches just like any other person. And they also have to, I emphasize this,
just as any of you, they have to overcome in themselves,
or to subdue, or to re-educate their own consciousness, because consciousness is not a human part,
it’s a satanic part. By “human” in this regard I mean the spiritual part
of a person, that is, a Personality. Therefore, it’s natural that consciousness,
being a part of the Prince of this world, dictates its own conditions and tries to fight. But Jesus as Personality was endowed
with experience and with certain, let’s say, understandings of these processes, that’s why He used such a tough practice
to subdue His consciousness. But this practice is extremely difficult. And once it was very widely used, especially in Egypt. And, being in Egypt, let’s say, as a child,
Jesus knew about it very well. That’s why when the time came,
in order to be able to convey the Truth freely, so that consciousness would not interfere
and would not twist His words, He decided to go through this practice and to tie up or,
let’s say, to put this consciousness on a tight leash…, like a little dog, so as to be firm and, let’s say, confident that it would not interfere
and make its own adjustments. That’s why He used this practice. But the point is that for some reason people think that if something from the Spiritual World came here,
manifested itself, then it should be perfect,
it should manifest itself in its purity, people don’t understand basic things, that if at least one Spirit manifests itself here,
as it is, the world will disappear. It can’t exist, because pure spiritual manifestation
is simply destructive for any matter, it’s true. Here, of course, you can look at it from the physics
perspective and talk about it for a long time, but believe me, this is true,
even from the point of view of physics. That, which we call Allat,
if it doesn’t manifest itself through a septon… I understand, that many physicists will say that
we are speaking an incomprehensible language. Read the report, think a little bit, the report on physics
is for those who are interested in physics. Don’t rush to deny it with your consciousness,
but simply out of curiosity, as a game, try to play with what is described there and
you will understand that it’s far from being a fairy tale. But it’s simply a hint, a little hint at the world order,
so that it’s convenient to explain what it is. It turns out that absolutely all prophets pass this way? There is a difference. There are those who are sent from the Spiritual World, delegated here, They walk along this entire path,
whereas there are prophets. Prophets are people with an active Angel. Not to the dictation of consciousness,
not a hallucination, but a really active Angel –
these people aspire to God, they feel. Well, it’s like, let’s take the greatest of all the prophets
and the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was able to… the person was capable of hearing
Archangel Gabriel, right, who’s called Jabrail. Therefore, the Spiritual World sent Gabriel for a contact
with the person who later became a prophet. And Jabrail was simply explainingthe Knowledge to him. He was explaining it to him,
but the person was able to perceive this. But it’s a rare phenomenon. And in fact, the difference here is significant. A person endowed with a Personality and a Soul, who is striving, he passes this way,
and he’s in permanent struggle. If we look at the life of Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him), then it was indeed very hard. Well, а prophet cannot have an easy life. Igor Mikhailovich, you’ve also mentioned that Jesus used
to say about Himself that He was the Son of Man, and it turns out that in the Scriptures
there are quite a lot of mentions of Jesus where He’s called both with words “the Son of Man”
and the expression “the Son Of God”, and misunderstanding arises, and… And here it’s all about who sees whom. And everything depended on what
He was saying and about what. When solving elementary matters,
He said that He was the Son of Man, but when it came to highly spiritual matters,
naturally the Son of God manifested Himself. After all, manifestation of the Spirit
or the main Essence, the one who He was, it also doesn’t always manifest itself in purity,
when consciousness is forced to transmit the information
which the Personality dictates, right, or in this case, the Archangel,
you can’t say otherwise, when He dictates this all through consciousness,
then consciousness itself doesn’t understand what it’s saying. But it’s difficult for consciousness, and it is rarely used,
because a great power is transmitted. Not everyone is able to perceive it, but the Alive ones,
the Angels who are not fatally ill, let’s say, even in their infancy in humans,
they feel this response, and they gain strength. It’s that kind of communication which goes not verbally,
but internally – from an Angel to an Angel. In fact, Jesus, like everyone, had to be born by a woman, and He had to grow up in these conditions
and to explore this world, otherwise what and how would He understand here? He wouldn’t see it. I’ll put it simply, and you try to imagine. We are in the three-dimensional world, while Jesus is a Being who’s beyond the 72nd dimension,
outside the system at all. How can one see what’s happening here? Well, I’ll give a simple example. Imagine a huge telescope at an observatory,
in which other galaxies can be observed. Is it possible to see a human hair through it,
if you put it now and look? It’s possible through a microscope,
but it’s impossible through a telescope. It’s the same in this case. However, there are many disputes, people don’t quite
understand what a dimension or something else is. But let’s put it simply: the earthly world,
the three-dimensional one, here the devil rules, is only six dimensions. Well, to be more precise, it’s five dimensions,
the first one doesn’t count. Well, so to say, six dimensions
(let’s refer to total numbers). The seventh dimension is already a higher dimension
where Angels already come. Satan, the dead and earthly, cannot come there. But everything what happens in the material world
arises in the sixth dimension. That’s how magic works, that’s how powers act. However, what comes from the seventh dimension
(when it can interfere), it interferes exactly at the level of the ezoosmic grid,
but not in the cell itself, and events change immediately. But again, here one should understand
how these events occur. This doesn’t mean by a flick, or as Jesus said that
if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you’ll tell a mountain, and it will move, right, well,
I’m just saying figuratively. This doesn’t mean that it will immediately move
by your faith, not at all. If there is indeed a manifestation and a desire to
interfere, then everything takes place as if by itself. It is stretched, prolonged in time here,
in our three-dimensionality. Why? Because we have a flow of time, we have,
so to say, a cause and an effect here. Being a cause of interference of the superior powers,
as a result, there are certain changes that occur. Or there’s a simple example. A person accepts a thought coming from a demon. The thought says that “your fellow is a bad person”. And the person has accepted it.
This is a cause, a cause of initial discord. But the person who doesn’t know, who has neither
worked on himself nor studied how the system operates, how and from where thoughts emerge,
and how they manipulate and control him, how they make him inevitably dead
from potentially Alive, he perceives this as something going without saying,
as his own thought. Subsequently, what does this end with? With the fact that they become enemies to each other,
with that person whom they… before that time when such a thought came
they used to have a good relationship. And then they suddenly quarrelled, went different roads,
argued, hatred emerged between them. While in actual fact, when satan interferes,
he sends this thought about that person not just to you; after all, he also sends the same thought
about you to that person. You see? Yes, and those powers which… And I’ll tell you even more, why 98% for sure, even more, almost 99% of those who are watching us
now for the first time, I emphasize, who for the first time are watching our programme,
why do extremely negative thoughts emerge in them? Even in those who know us well,
but consciousness is boiling up, seething, and now they don’t perceive us,
so to say, in a friendly way. They feel one thing,
while consciousness is telling them something else. That’s how satan operates, and this cannot be avoided. This is a cause, while the effect is that, if a person has
started developing this thought, has let it in, and it started gaining shape
(and a thought is a material thing), as soon as the person has applied
the power of his attention to this thought, and it has unfolded and started living,
then an effect originates from this cause, and eventually, just as we’ve started telling, the two fellows who could have been friends
for a long time, who used to live in perfect harmony, eventually they become enemies. Why? Because they have accepted
that stereotyped offer in consciousness. Yet, who doesn’t experience a judgement state
in their head, when they meet a person for the first time? And here, well, there’s such a rule,
it works in most cases, it’s for people who poorly know how consciousness
operates, what Life is, what the system is, well, and all the devil’s tricks,
well, they start sorting this out at least a little bit, they notice one small pattern
that really works in most cases. You meet a person for the first time, and consciousness tells you, “Oh, this person is good, you can, for instance,
do business with him.” You’ve judged him: he’s a good person,
you can do business, and eventually this ends in either
a tragedy or big losses. But when consciousness says, “Oh, no, it’s a disgusting person,
he’s sort of… don’t do business with him.” But the person who understands
how the system operates begins to work with him, and everything is successful. He acts in a different way. IM: Of course. Say, many people who are in business
have encountered such a phenomenon: everything goes on remarkably, everything goes on
splendidly, yes, a contract is already under signing, and then, bang, and everything collapses. Why does this happen? It’s all the effect of those causes
which you’ve previously accepted. I’m saying again: if satan interferes between two,
or three, or five people, he stereotypically throws in the same thoughts to them. But if a person is developing spiritually,
he won’t perceive these thoughts, and he perfectly understands what satan wants. He’ll approach another person and openly say,
“Pardon me, friend, but consciousness is imposing such
a thought on me that “you are a villain”.” If that one is a true friend and also knows what’s going on,
he will say, “I have the same. Let’s check the hours, at what time?” He’ll look at the hours, one and the same thought
has come at one and the same time. After all, while working in groups, this has been noticed
so many times, well, when people really work. Isn’t it so? That’s the point. Right. Everything is stereotypical, everything recurs. It cannot be described neither from the perspective of
metaphysics, nor from any other perspective. Why can it not be described? Because, in fact, no one knows magic,
no one knows metaphysics; everything is approximate, there is a bit of everything. For example, they are engaged in exorcism in religions, once we’ve already raised this issue, a demon can be
exorcised or tamed only by a more powerful demon. And when a priest in the name of God
with holy water exorcises demons, and it’s actually taking place, then, in fact, if we look at
how it’s happening and what is written there, then he should actually come to an agreement with
a more powerful demon to exorcise a weaker one. Well, on the one hand, these are fairy tales,
but we live in a fairy tale, and is it really a fairy tale
when it happens often and densely? That’s the question. However, this is not confirmed by science,
all this remains this way, beyond comprehension. Why? Because many world-renowned scientists,
when they approach the issue of metaphysics, they either were frightened
or phased out their scientific activity. Why? Well, because
they will be understood not the right way. And there is fear for one’s career,
fear of how other people will treat them, they just stopped dealing with this or tried to explain it
in some rather vague way, and didn’t go further. It’s interesting that people also have a lack
of understanding of what is happening to them and what is happening to them at the invisible level. It’s actually a lack of this primordial Knowledge
even about their own nature… First of all, a human by his or her nature
should know what is going on, where a thought originates from, what it wants, what satan wants from you,
as God doesn’t want anything at all from a human. Actually, God doesn’t see a person until he becomes
an Angel, only then the Spiritual World notices him. Is it really possible to see
anything underwater in a swamp? No, it’s not. It’s a swamp, it is filthy, plant-filled,
no one can see what’s going on in this swamp. But when a lotus rises from this swamp,
and it unfolds before the Sun, the Sun does see it. It’s the same with a human, when after a long spiritual
work, say, real work, an Angel awakes in him, well, then he becomes visible to the Spiritual World. Well, only this way. Igor Mikhailovich, what does the point of the origin
of all events originate from? After all, what a person sees here, now,
in the present is just a reflection of the past. Well, everything is actually written. This doesn’t mean that it’s destiny or anything else, the
number of variations of the future is huge, but limited. A human by his choice, even one person, and this is really so,
can change, well, a situation in the entire world, and he shouldn’t necessarily be some kind of politician
of a superstate, whose single word changes everything. No. Even a person, say, whom nobody knows,
well, can change a lot by his choice. This is really so. And the world already starts developing
in a completely different way. Igor Mikhailovich, how can a person possibly get
through to this Sun, get out of this swampy routine, how can every person do this? In fact, it’s very easy. The most important thing is
simply to stop lying to yourself, to stop caring too much about yourself, cherishing yourself, and to
understand that either you are a mortal being, or you are immortal. And all the tools are given, and a lot has been said about
them, well, we’ll talk about them again, no problem. It’s easy. But to hope that you are saved a priori, simply because
you belong to some group of people — well, that’s a lie. It’s beneficial for them
as an organization, but it’s absolutely utopian for
a person as a Personality. I think we’ll get to
this during our talk. You’ve just mentioned questions (T:Yeah),
so, let’s start with simple ones and gradually move on to
more interesting ones, well, if you don’t mind. Questions are, of course, very different, Igor Mikhailovich, and
it’s no wonder… Igor Mikhailovich: Well, people are also different. T: Yes, that…
IM: In fact, I’m more than confident that the questions are
absolutely identical. Why? Because the system
acts by patterns, and it doesn’t matter for it
whether it’s an African person from some, say, tribal religion or whether it’s a European who
greets the Pope by the hand – they have the same problems simply because
he’s only a human, there is one devil above them, but they also have one God. You know, Igor Mikhailovich, actually, what you’ve said
is definitely confirmed, because our participants
from different countries, as it turns out, have
sent us letters. Somewhere they’ve heard questions
asked by believers in their religions to their priests, their
spiritual leaders, gurus, some questions they asked themselves,
and these priests gave certain answers. And the first questions came
from young people from the USA, and these are questions regarding
relationships and feelings. I will just read both a question, and, basically, it’ll
be interesting to hear the answer given by a pastor. The young woman’s question
to her pastor is, “What role do feelings
play in deciding whether she should marry a man
whom she doesn’t like or not?” He loves her, he’s a good Christian. However, she doesn’t like him for reasons she
doesn’t understand, and now she’s asking, “Should I step over
myself, over my feelings, and agree to marry him? Or does she need to wait
for a big true love?” And here’s the pastor’s answer, “It’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bible that romance and feelings should
be the foundation of a family. Feelings are not the basis
of relationship with God. Instead, the Bible gives
objective truths, principles that should serve as
such a foundation. For example, we are talking about the
formation of relationship with God, a person relies on God’s truth
about the sacrifice of Christ, truth about Christ, about forgiveness,
about eternal life, about God’s grace. As he trusts these facts,
his feelings change. That is, instead of despondency,
anxiety, and anguish, he gets filled with peace,
joy, and gratification in God. Whereas, if feelings
for God weaken, he addresses these facts again. These facts are exactly the
source of right feelings.” But wait, what
do feelings have to do with this? He has just said that feelings (you’ve just been reading
the pastor’s answer), that feelings are not a tool of
person’s relationship with God. But what is precisely the
tool of this relationship? For him, it’s some
truths in the Bible, facts… …which he should what? Trust in. Trust in. And I have a simple question: can a person, just an ordinary
person, fully trust in God? Don’t hurry, guys, try to give
an answer to this question. Can you really, my good
friend, fully trust in God? Many will say, “Of course”,
especially believers. “And how can it be otherwise?” But let’s figure out what it
means, to fully trust in God. It’s an interesting question.
We’ll digress from this a little. I can trust in a surgeon,
but I will have doubts. I can trust in a person who ties
a rubber cable to a tall bridge and fastens it to my feet, and I can trust in this person that the
cable will hold me, and I will jump, and nothing will happen to me. But can I be sure of this? I can’t. And what does it mean
to fully trust in God? “God the Almighty, He’s omnipotent,
He knows my every step”, and so on. As consciousness understands (that’s
why consciousness stimulates all this, while we already know
what consciousness is, consciousness is
exactly a demon), if we fully and entirely trust in God, this means God must
make every step for us, meaning control our body and
us in three-dimensionality. Whose world is this?
(Andrei: The devil’s.) It’s the devil’s world. And this is mentioned in
the Holy Scripture, don’t argue, dear clergymen. That’s what is written in that source
which you perceive as sent by God. Now there’s a simple question: if this is mentioned there, and this world
belongs to… (T: …satan) satan, then which god do you pray to? A simple question. Which god directs your
body and all events here? Whom do you perceive as God, and
whom can you trust your body to, yourself again – this is, first and
foremost, the body, it’s your world, your existence, both internal
and the one surrounding you? What does a human being want? In actual fact, an ordinary living
human simply strives for power. Why? Because the main fighter for
power in this world is exactly satan. For him, nothing is
interesting except power, that’s why people also
strive for power, they want to own, to
possess, and to have. Isn’t it so? Isn’t this what all material-type
prayers, appeals to God are built upon? It’s to have excellent
health, to possess power… “God grant.” Well, you know how
we use this, even this very wording… “As God grants, so it will be”
(A: “God grant”, “as God grants”), and so on, all of us use these habitual
stereotypical expressions: “God grant”, “thank God”,
and so forth, right, “God has granted”. T: “Thank
God.” E: But which god? Anna: But which god? IM: The question is which
god endows people with material valuables here: the God that gives Life eternal, or the god that takes Life eternal
away, exchanging it for doles? Once, when America (you remember, don’t
you?) was conquered by the Europeans, they brought beads and glass pieces to
the locals and exchanged those for gold. Doesn’t this remind you of
anything, dear friends? To trust in God
in understanding… Well, some will begin to object, “This means
we should trust spiritually”, and so forth. But how can one trust spiritually, if “a human
may communicate with God only verbally, by means of his or her trust, trust in the
truths written in the Holy Scriptures”, yes, but not via perception
through feelings? Yet, how does God
contact people then? After all, it’s actually about contacting, so to say, the
Holy Spirit, not God, for it’s impossible to contact God. God is not a man with a
beard, sitting on a cloud, who has a lot of screens (who has just as many
screens as there are billions of people), and so he concerns himself with which foot which
person has got up, with where he or she has gone. Well, after all, He… people trust in
Him, and so He must direct everyone. Well, and where are you in this
case, where is your decision? Isn’t that so? No. And
here we go back again. Whose world is this?
It’s satan’s world. Everything is stereotypical, everything
is trite, everything is simple. The same directives, the same
desires, the same aspirations. For someone they get fulfilled better, for
someone worse, someone strives for this, while someone chooses
passive power: I don’t need anything,
I don’t want anything, but let it be as
I’ve said, right. Meaning, everyone
strives for this, when they are under the
power of the Animal. Isn’t that so? And again, no matter
how you twist it, but you cannot trust in the
one whom you don’t know, I mean from the perspective
of the spiritual, until you have a spiritual relationship
with the Spiritual World through feelings, you cannot, no matter how
you lie to yourself. Whereas consciousness is deceitful, it tells you fairy tales all the time,
“God the Almighty – He can do everything, He… Pick up a stone – He is there,
wherever you look – He is there.” Yes, the Allat powers which form this stone – the
powers coming from God – form the entire visible world, and the invisible one
too, well, this is so. And the Allat powers are, naturally,
a part of the Spiritual World, a part of God, no matter
how you twist it. But this doesn’t mean that a man
with a beard is sitting there, who has a tablet, and
he sees everything, well, he’s sitting under a little stone and
controls your life – this is nonsense. Can you trust? To put it simply, if you
don’t know the essence, if you don’t have contact
with the Spiritual World, if you don’t know what
it is, you cannot trust. But you hope for the one…
and here’s the key point that you fully shift the
entire responsibility for your spiritual
development to someone else. You can shift it to a guru, that’s why many religions
(especially Oriental ones) are based on a notion that you must
have a teacher who will teach you. To put it simply, you must voluntarily
give yourself into slavery to some (pardon me, Lord, but this is true) pervert and idler, for five years to be his slave, so that
he would teach you foolish things. Because they have forgotten
long ago what this is, and they’ve forgotten about the Soul,
and they’ve forgotten about feelings, well, they have the Scripture,
and so they philosophize. Pardon me, I’m not
criticising at all, everyone has the right to
delude oneself as he likes. And if Dalai Lama says that consciousness is
above everything while God doesn’t exist, then I have a simple question: and why
is Dalai Lama locked in this sphere, and why will he
never gain freedom? He is forced to get reborn. And here the smart ones should ponder.
Is this Life? After all… But many will say, especially
those familiar with the East, that reincarnation is a natural destiny: you get
reborn higher or lower, and a human gets reborn while the Soul is
immortal, and so forth. The Soul is immortal, but
you get born just once. You either get liberated by merging
with the Soul and become an Angel, or you become a subpersonality. It is, so to say, an agonizing state which is
allegorically described in many religions, sort of hell. Yes, these are torments, yes, this is suffering,
one has to pay for one’s mistakes, it’s a deal. If you’ve concluded a deal with the
devil, you will answer for this; if you are with the Spiritual
World, you gain Life. Or you gain eternal torments in
the state of subpersonality. However, this life is the
only one for the Personality. The Soul gets reborn, but this
doesn’t make it easier for you, because there will be another
Personality, and another human will live. Well, isn’t it so? It is. Until someone appears
who really gets saved, and then everyone who, well, like leeches, have adhered
to the Soul, these very… will get rid of their suffering. We’ve talked about this a lot, and a lot is
written about this in ancient religions, it’s a well-known fact, and in new religions as well, by the way. However,
simply because of its inconvenience it was often removed later on by those who established religions on the basis of
teachings that had been brought by their prophets, but they just removed
much of the truth. Let’s take Christianity. Christians say,
“Well, how can it be? What reincarnation?” Guys, and Christ’s followers, the first Christians who
kept the knowledge in purity, who lived in communities – after all, those were indeed the first followers,
disciples of Christ, who followed His Knowledge. They didn’t have leaders,
they didn’t fight for power, they had it all differently. And they clearly knew
about reincarnation, they understood, they basically told about
the same things I’m telling you now, and if anyone desires he can still find confirmations
to this, not everything has been erased yet by the followers of those who established
religions on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I emphasize, there are
lots of religions. Again, how can a lot of religions
be formed from a single Knowledge? And what are the people who
do this interested in: in spiritual liberation
or in obedience? And that says it all. That’s why people in this
religion have such questions. The person has been in
religion for a long time, and she doesn’t know
elementary things. That’s why there
are such answers. And the answers are
very convenient for whom? For the organization,
not for this girl. And the girl who has a choice: to marry an unloved person or
not to marry and wait for love. But what is marriage?
It’s a union of people. It’s clear that earthly love
is not Divine Love, and all this, well, let’s say, fuss around love
is more like hormones: well, people match each other
in something, they like each other, but there must be some feelings
in order to make this decision. If they are substantial,
and people want to live together: well, if they get on well,
they will live, if not, they will fall apart. But in any case,
knowingly not loving a person, you are not even interested in him,
and to contract marriage with him, well, unless it’s a
marriage for convenience: if you don’t like the person,
but you like his capabilities, to the dictation of satan
in this world, well, why not? This is logical. But setting all this aside, if you are already going to
create some kind of a unit, well, create it at
least through feelings or at least with some
kind of relationship that actually brings you
together, and you both like it. But the answer that
has been voiced is: you should obey and submit
to the organization, you should listen to what’s written
and be satisfied with this, so go and get married
– torture yourself, suffer, and then run to
us your entire life, while we will be helping you and telling
you that you, again, should read, obey and submit to us.
Well, isn’t that so? T: It’s just like… IM: And how many answers
of this sort have you heard? They are reasoned,
beautifully told, but they are empty. This is the world of satan,
and it forms everything: both your understanding
and the speaker’s speech. And in this case, many
would respond now, yes, I’m speaking to you
using a verbal tool, again, using the same
cognitive abilities and so on, which I use through
consciousness and through everything
else, just like you do. But you won’t hear me otherwise.
Isn’t that so? And that’s the whole answer. This is a tool,
but it can be used in different ways. I’ll put it simply. Everything is a tool: there’s a trowel with which you can
shatter stones and destroy a house, while there’s the same trowel, but in different hands, and
it’s aimed at building a house. Similarly, consciousness
serves not a person, but the person can
make it serve him. What did Jesus do? E: And serve the Spiritual World. Solely the Spiritual World.
That’s how it should be. Andrei: At our classes
when such questions arise, since guys are already
seriously working with notebooks, then again, in this situation it’s important to consider
on what position the person who’s asking
this question stands herself. Meaning, exactly as
you’ve just said, that consciousness can induce a person,
that is, it can prompt and say, “Come on, you like this person”, or, on the contrary, it may
say, “You don’t like him.” Therefore, here, most likely, one
should ask the girl another question: how does she hear this? Meaning, are there
thoughts that convince her that this person is bad,
or does she feel this? She doesn’t say that he’s bad. The girl says that he’s good,
but she doesn’t like him. And here the question
is about what she feels. While the priest says,
“Perception of God must be not through feelings”, right, “and communication
is not through feelings.” But the facts. Not in experience,
not in work (Andrei: Yeah), but in hope of relying on the priest and in total obedience to him,
to the one who tells her this. While the one who should help…
IM: Then she will be satisfied, at that moment when he should
help to figure this out, he, on the contrary,
seems to be directing… And now there’s a question. I’m not blaming this priest,
he is just like this girl. He’s read more, he’s
read these books that he was given, but he
hasn’t gained the Knowledge. He also, just as she
is interested in “whether God can give some advice”
or something else, in the same way he hopes
for God and expects that He will send him a new
car or something else, that he will be promoted at work,
he will, so to say, toady and, just like any other person, will be
able to bring more money to his family. For him, this is a trivial job;
it’s prosperity, the source of his income. It’s also satisfaction
of his banal human passion – power. He likes it when
they kiss his hand, when they bow to him and
say, “Yes, holy father.” Whereas, who is the Holy Father? And what is written in the Bible,
and what did Jesus say about this? “Do not call anyone your father,
for you have one Father, in heaven,” right? And… Well, since Father is in heaven,
after all, we serve Him, hence we can also call ourselves this way,
and everyone must call us this way. Why? Because we are god-like by right.
And consciousness has immediately equated. After all, it’s not
people who are bad, it’s consciousness that
makes them like this. Their ignorance, their laziness
and unwillingness to resist satan precisely makes them slaves
and puppets in the hands of the system. That’s the trouble. And the trouble is, well,
I would say using such a human criterion, that They come, bring, give,
but people don’t appreciate this. People squander it for
the sake of desires that come precisely from
the mouth of satan. After all, it’s satan who dictates to you
what to desire, and he makes you desire it. And it turns out that a human
desires the material more than the spiritual. That is, he wants to exist
for one day, today, but he doesn’t think that there
can be eternal Life tomorrow. Well… such a dictatorship
of demons in one’s head. Yeah. Indeed, it turns out that
for the system, for the devil, in general, this topic of relations
between people is probably the most nourishing
subject, nourishing for the system. And you’ve correctly said “nourishing”. Many will say, “Why is satan doing this?” But in actual fact,
if we take what satan is and what our consciousness is. I’ll just explain this
to our friends who, perhaps, still don’t know or haven’t
heard, on a simple banal example. Our consciousness is like your tablet.
Tatiana: Yeah. A tablet is connected
to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The Internet in this case,
well, let’s put it so, is what we call the devil, right? But then again, in order to
see what’s written there, you have to turn it on, supply
energy, and the like, right? Right. Meaning, it’s something through
which you are communicating with a certain virtual world. Yeah. It’s logical, isn’t it? And here I’ll draw a parallel, why those who come here, I mean
messengers from the Spiritual World, have to acquire a form of a
human body and take those very tools. Just imagine, in order to see all
this, what is happening here, let’s compare in a form of a game. A computer game. There are virtual glasses, you know,
of this kind? Everyone knows, I hope our friends also know. So, you put virtual glasses on, and that’s all, you have
a principal character, and it’s like you get
into a fairy tale, in some virtual world, and he does everything you want,
meaning you do something there. And many gamers,
players, so to say, plunge into the game
to such an extent that they lose the sense
of reality here. A: Yeah, and they play already virtually,
and they live by this. Their avatar, or the character
whom they are playing with, does everything there,
he lives, and so on. So, why the one who’s sent
from the Spiritual World has to put on these virtual
glasses in a form of a body, consciousness, and all the
rest – in order to see, to communicate with you,
and to understand you. If we look even from the 7th dimension,
I’m not talking about the higher ones, all this turns into zeros and ones,
and there is no virtual game T: Yeah. It simply doesn’t exist.
There is a program which is written, well, say, written skillfully
with different variations of your steps to the
right or to the left, with opening of the background
and everything else, but it’s a program. That’s how it looks
from the higher world, well, not exactly like that, but
for understanding it is so. That’s why they put
on virtual glasses and play in a group with everyone
in order to tell people that, in fact, it’s enough
to press the button and this entire world
will literally disappear. But every person can
stop playing and start Living. Simply stop playing. It doesn’t mean to leave, no,
in no case, it’s just that Life should be gained here, and this Knowledge in purity,
which was brought by the prophets, is precisely a tool for this gaining,
this is first and foremost. After all, everyone said,
“Unmasking of satan.” What does it mean?
To go through Armageddon. Well, again, many religions
come down to the fact that there will be a universal
Judgement and the like, not even understanding
or knowing what it is. Well, they set hopes on the fact
that a prophet or God’s messenger will come and judge everyone, and so on. Everyone passes one’s own path. Yes, this will be at the end of times,
but there won’t be salvation, just everything will be erased. Well, this is the Judgement which
is not beneficial for anyone, and it won’t lead to anything. Whereas, a person himself
undergoes his own Armageddon and this personal Judgement
during his lifetime, not after the death, my friends,
but during his lifetime. After the death (of his physical body)
he already gets what he deserves, there comes time to pay the bills: you’ll pay for everything you’ve acquired
in this supermarket of life. Igor Mikhailovich,
and what is the true feeling? Because the system speculates on the fact that it gives people either some
emotions or … well, people… I’ll put it simply,
this is freedom, freedom in Love, in true Love for the Spiritual World. For many it’ll sound like nothing, well, in order to experience this freedom one should get rid of satan’s dictation, and it’s then when the freedom
actually comes. It’s when you clearly understand and
know what one or another stereotypical, let’s say, situation, which
is created around you, wants. You know where to go, what to go for,
and what will be, but you have to go because it’s the way it should be,
after all, you are in this world You have to feed your body,
you have to take care of it, you have to work, and
you have to live. But, in any case, there are no
stupid thoughts and desires, say, those which the system imposes: for power, for something else, for
excessive resources or anything else. I’m not saying
that wealth is something bad. No, wealth is fine, it provides
certain opportunities, again, it expands our
capabilities for implementation. But implementation of what –
it’s already your choice: implementation of good deeds
aimed at, say, spiritual education of
people or spiritual help, or just assistance to people, well, or at
self-satisfaction, right, at something trite, at acquiring
or purchasing even greater power. Power over whom, over an illusion? Buy computer games for yourselves
and dominate. Igor Mikhailovich, people
also often use such words as “sense of justice”, “sense of
honour”, “sense of dignity”. And exactly here religions should be commended for having nevertheless nurtured and for
nurturing these specific senses in people, in any case, this is written there. But, on the other hand, I’d like to note:
we have plenty of religions which have been existing
for thousands of years, but people have been killing each other
for thousands of years, and people have been deceiving each
other for thousands of years. Why? Because it’s still based upon satan’s
dictatorship in people themselves. Unfortunately, but… And here the point is that those who embark on the path of
service to the Spiritual World… After all, excuse me, but
priesthood is exactly service (T: Yeah), it’s one of the lowest forms of
service to the Spiritual World. Yes, that’s true, you’ve heard that right,
one of the lowest forms. After all, their function is
just to retell the truth. They don’t interfere in confrontation, direct confrontation with those forces
which are at the invisible side that which those very Geliars have to do, as you’ve told, the
Warriors of Light (T: Yeah) they don’t interfere into that. Their task is to convey the truth
in its purity, without making any substitutions
from the system. However, as we can see,
they haven’t succeeded. Unfortunately, but that is so. And that pridefulness (well, if someone hears us, they
can right now show this fragment to some people in power at
religious organizations), that could outrage them. While, this outrage is precisely
a resurgence of whom? Right, of satan, of the devil’s
dictatorship over you. And this is also worth pondering over. E: As they say in the East, if you haven’t eaten onion, then
why is it burning inside you, right? Quite right. In response to this outrage. Here, Igor Mikhailovich,
to continue the amorous topic, there’s another question A question from a guy this time. He doesn’t manage to start
relationships with girls, although he has tried more than once. Then he finally met a
girl in their church, he was thinking about marriage, but
she suddenly stopped dating him. Now he cannot do anything: neither sleep,
nor eat, nor pray, nor read the Bible, and he wants only
that God would bring her back. His question to a pastor: can he (this guy) ask God so that God
would bring this girl back to him? And here’s the pastor’s answer, “Learn to look at true spiritual values. You should entrust the issue of
establishing a family to God and ask His mercy and permission, but
not dictate your conditions to Him. He knows whom to incline
towards you, how and when. Be ready to accept from His hands
what He will send you on the path.” To be honest,
I don’t even want to comment on this. Well, we again go back to the
man with a beard on a cloud, who is sitting there and thinking,
pardon me, who will cohabit, live with whom,
and so on. Well, this is such a disparagement of the very understanding
of what God is (T: Yeah). I’m not even talking about God, but there’s
even no understanding of what this is. People just don’t understand
what the Spiritual World is, they don’t understand
what God is, they don’t understand what it means
to live by the Spiritual World, and that’s where
everything comes from. And it’s tangled by the system so much,
meaning with this devilish existence. Yes, satan dictates here, that’s true. His task is whom to bring together
with whom so that there would be a mess, so that there would be
constant confrontation, permanent fight for
power, and so forth. We know a lot of families, but only
in very few of them there’s harmony, when people indeed live at least
by respect for each other, at least by some respect. Most families, no matter
how many of them we take, represent permanent discord,
incessant scandals, constant domination
of one person over the other, meaning, the system is just constantly, so to say, feeding
itself from this, it’s permanent discord. We do know what feed for the system is
it’s the active work of consciousness. It is mostly caused by emotions,
bright outbursts: emotional ones, not those of feelings. The system doesn’t comprehend
perception through feelings, that’s why it strongly opposes
such an inner contact of an Angel with the Spiritual World
through the deepest feelings. But instead consciousness
must work actively: enemies are everywhere, he’s
not being heard anywhere, a person must be an egoist,
he must be the system’s slave, he must be submissive to satan
T:Yeah he must be obedient and tame, and he mustn’t think about God,
and he mustn’t think of any deeds. “You should wait, hope, and so on,
and pray.” What does it mean to pray to God
for finding one’s second half or to use prayer practices? After all, many also
give advice this way, “Pray, and the Lord will bring
him or her back to you.” Does He have nothing else to do, but
to bring back your beloved ones? And is she really beloved?
That’s the question. What is this fellow dreaming of? She’s the only one
(no one paid attention to him before), she’s the only one
who has taken pity on him, and now he’s attached to her, isn’t he? Well, I don’t even want to comment,
to be honest, this is absolute absurdity: just as this poor man doesn’t understand,
that (T: Pastor) pastor who was answering is as far from the Spiritual World
as this guy. What’s just interesting
is that, after all, people address the same questions
to some fortune-tellers. And here we also have a
question from Romania. And the answers will be
absolutely identical. T: Right. Let’s see what fortune-tellers say. “By the power given to me”, etcetera…, and “I will cast evil spirits out of you
with Jesus’ Prayer”, or “I’ll do witchcraft for you,
I will charm him for you, I’ll create for you…” that’s exactly the same, though
expressions change a little bit. Well, let’s listen
(T: Let’s just listen what they say… Yeah), so as not to sound proofless,
may people think themselves. T: Yeah. I guess our friends (especially
those who are in religions) often hear similar questions at
their church services, and so on. The question is the following, “I’ve lived with a man in a
civil marriage for several years. I had a good relationship, but in
an instant everything collapsed. A fortune-teller told me
that he was cheating on me. He and I had a great scandal;
as a result, we broke up. Is there any way to
find a soul mate, but only so that it
would be forever, so that a person would be
faithful and love only me?” The answer from the
fortune-teller was as follows, “I can advise you to perform
a love-attracting ritual. It’s an effective way to help
open your heart to feelings and find your other half. For the ritual, you’ll
need only candles and a great desire
to attract love. During several minutes, you need to concentrate
as much as possible on your desires and dreams
related to the love relationship. Your heart will be filled with
thoughts of happiness and love, and will open up for the new
relationship.” Igor Mikhailovich: Yes. But what does this girl want, what is her desire? “To be loved, to be obeyed.” And the concept of love, she
doesn’t ask “to love someone”. What does this indicate? That people
actually don’t know how to love, they are far from this concept. Love comes down to
implicit obedience. But since a person obeys you, lives for you and
does everything for you, it means he loves you. And what about you? After all, she doesn’t ask, “How
can I learn to love someone?” And what is Love,
Igor Mikhailovich? The true one… True Love? … In what way does it manifest
itself in relationships between people? In no way (Tatiana: Yes). Love between people at the level of
feelings arises only between those who, let’s say, are united
with the Spiritual World. Say, if we take the
Spiritual World, it is infinite, and there’s an
infinite number of Angels in it, absolutely infinite. Well… it’s impossible to
compare, to somehow even match… And the most interesting thing is that
there reigns Love, harmony and freedom. The concept of freedom
can be only in Love and only in union with
the Spiritual World. And here it turns
out, when people, let’s say, even living, still staying
here, but they have achieved this inner spiritual freedom and true
Love with the Spiritual World, then these people
feel each other, they communicate with one
another without words, they love each other, they
really love each other. And the most paradoxical fact is
that a lot of other people feel them. They feel, but they
react differently. Basically, the stronger control
satan has over a person, the stronger indignation this causes in
him when he merely looks at these people. Well, a lot of, let’s
say, bad demons awaken, who were deep asleep, and they
begin to agitate this person, setting him against perception
through feelings. Why? I’ll say again: satan doesn’t like it
when people begin to feel something, when an Angel lives
without control. It’s a threat. And the system is trying to
avoid threats by all means. Let’s go back to our questions then
(Go ahead, of course). “How to return the lost love
of a husband to the family?” And, certainly, this question
was already addressed to a priest in a conventional
Christian church, “Is there a way to bring my
husband back to the family?” The priest’s answer is as
follows, “Of course, there is. There are many prayers which help
return a husband to a family. But first you yourself must
return to the spiritual family. Regularly, on Sundays,
go to the church and stay until the
end of the service, repent your sins, regularly confess them and receive communion, read morning and
evening prayers. And since you haven’t
been doing this, satan has gained power over you
and your family, over your husband. You don’t defend yourself
against him in any way, do you? You defend neither
yourself nor your family, with either a prayer or
gaining of the Holy Spirit, therefore, start
attending the church, and you will learn how
many prayer tools are there to obtain your husband by prayer. But you mustn’t simply undertake
any prayer rules without permission. You must get a
blessing from a priest. And if you regularly
serve God like this, then satan will no longer have such a
power over your family and your husband.” And here’s a question: to serve God or serve
the priest and the organization through him? After all, what has he babbled here?
Tatiana: Yes. He has mixed spiritual matters… With magic (…with magic)
…with everything possible Excuse me, how can the
prayers addressed to God be based on material
interests of anyone? These are the most ordinary
material interests. And what does he say, “You must return
to the spiritual family”, right? Meaning, to the church family. That is, you must submit, obey,
and fulfil, you must be our permanent slave, sponsor and puppet in our hands. And then you’ll be
possibly rewarded. Who is talking through the
mouth of this clergyman: the Holy Spirit whom
he suggests to torture or to gain, but in this case it sounds more like torturing the Holy Spirit in
oneself, but not like gaining it, or is Satan talking through him? And here there is something
to think about, isn’t there? It’s just how the system
changes the spiritual knowledge Substitutes values, substitutes, simply applies
them to some material issues. It changes everything absolutely radically and in the opposite direction: everything
into the interests of three-dimensionality, into everyday interests, into
ordinary earthly interests. Everything’s simple. But where is spirituality here? And where is the Spirit? However, everything is
covered up just like by that woman who’s engaged in magic,
Yes, it’s the same. What does it differ in? Yet, who hasn’t heard such
answers and such questions? Well, let’s listen more. It’s becoming somehow
sadder and sadder already. Then let’s move
to the East, to gurus. Okay. “How can I get back the love of my ex-girlfriend?” – it’s a question from India.
A guru is answering. He can give a special mantra. By permanently repeating it, very soon, within 72 hours the guy will be
able to get the girl back and marry her. The guru has also explained that this mantra can
be very effective for attracting any woman or man, and that he has other mantras
to control the beloved ones. Here’s exactly the answer:
“to control the beloved ones”. To control… He has mantras.
Who’s the one that has them? This guru ? Or Satan? What a speculation
on the spiritual, on prayers the system has… Igor Mikhailovich:
It’s really a pitiful state (Tatiana: Yes) today, so people are turned
away from religions, from everything in the world. People feel like giving up, and they simply
waste their lives nowhere and in nothing, and those potentially
alive Angels become subpersonalities. Or, as one person said, “People who lived according
to the principles,” “and to the dictation of Satan are
not worthy to sit in the cauldron, they serve as the firewood for heating those cauldrons in which
more spiritual sinners are sitting.” Well, isn’t that right? It’s so surprising, yes, here we have read
a couple of questions: countries are different, religions are different,
denominations are different, but the answers are
so similar and… It’s like that everywhere… Yes And here’s a simple
question to our viewers: what do you think, should
God listen to this nonsense and fulfill it because you
are performing some mantras? It’s the same as, “I want power”, “I want
to be rich”, “I want everyone to love me” – no matter how much you dictate
this, but until you learn to love, until you really start
resisting satan directly, you won’t get a step closer
to the Spiritual World. And whatever you do, and whoever you
listen to, it’s the truth of life – that spiritual liberation
is earned, but not received. And mantras won’t help here. It’s a hard work. It’s hard because, unfortunately, as we
have already said, but I’ll say this once again: Satan has tremendous
power in this world, and you have to go through your Armageddon
in order to gain something greater, to gain Life. You have to fight for Life. Well, the next
topic is as follows. The question is again from the
USA and is addressed to a pastor. A girl belongs to the church
of one Christian denomination while a guy who is dating her belongs to the
church of another Christian denomination. They intend to get married. However, the only thing discomforting the girl about
him is that he attends the church of a different kind. “Are people from different
denominations allowed to get married?” The pastor’s response is, “It’s highly undesirable to marry a
person from a different denomination, and this can often
be explicitly sinful. A married couple always faces
lots of everyday problems anyway, so why would they complicate their life and add
to them problems of different spiritual views? You will immediately face the
question: which church will you attend? If you are in our church, then, most likely, it’ll be impossible
for you to accept the teachings and practice of a church of a different kind to such an extent as to live by them. Such incompatibility between you will certainly create an
internal division in the family. It often seems to young
people that their feelings, but not God’s principles,
decide everything.” Yes, again they are against feelings. …Yes. “The Bible says about
preconditions for a successful family, divine recommendations. The first one is that your future spouse
must by all means abide in the Lord, be born from above, and
be a true Christian; the husband should be a
spiritual leader of the family. The Scripture speaks of
wife’s obedience to a husband, “Wives, submit yourselves to your
own husbands as you do to the Lord.” And the second condition is compatibility
of a husband and a wife with each other. For example, if a guy treats church
and ministry just as a formality, while a girl devotes herself completely, then, most likely, it will be difficult
for them to build a happy family.” Here, of course, there
are several questions… No, actually
everything is simple. We do know how many families there are in our movement, in ALLATRA
(Tatiana: Right), where spouses belong to different religions. But, thank God, for those people who are indeed engaged
in spiritual development, it’s happiness for them. Why? Because there are
actually a lot of holidays, this is interesting, it
doesn’t hinder them at all, because people are more spiritually free, they are free from
such Satan’s directives and from, let’s say, material interests
of the leaders of these organizations (T: Right). While, actually,
there is dictatorship here. What is this priest guided by? By the fear of losing
the congregation. Of losing an adept Right. That is, there’s simply
a fear of losing income, of losing power even for a while. He’s not guided by anything else. I’ll put it simply: if their church is God’s church,
and there is another God’s church, then what do they
have to divide? A simple question. Or are these private churches? A church is a house of God, and if people call for God’s Love in it, if
they praise God in it, then it’s my home, whatever it is called, because it’s my God that they pray in it.
Isn’t that right? What’s the difference what kind of rite it is, what’s
the difference in which other way it’s performed? This plays no role, actions in three-dimensionality, these
theatrical performances are merely theatricality which is derived from culture,
from everуday life, and so on. It’s, on the
contrary, interesting: to see how people live,
what values ​​they have. This is history and the like.
It’s interesting. But the point is service to God.
What God? My God. Why? Because God is one, the Spiritual
World is one, there aren’t many of them, and there cannot be. What kind of dispute
can be there? But a question arises here,
which he clearly answers. And note that very often the system
gives an absolutely direct response, but it responds in such a way that
consciousness doesn’t perceive. And it seems logical, “Which church will they attend?” … Right. The answer is simple. What is this priest
concerned about? Is he concerned about
her, say, happiness, her life, her spiritual salvation?
No, not at all. Here’s a similar question, the same example, “I don’t know what to do, please help me to figure this
out. I’ve met a person who’s become very dear to me, but we are of different
Christian denominations. We want to get married, but we don’t know
what to do.” The answer was as follows, “It’s difficult to achieve unity in the
family if you have different spiritual views. The more spiritual compatibility
there is, the better. The bond of marriage is an agreement, a covenant
between you and God for the whole life. It’s not just a religious
blessing for cohabitation. It’s better not to hurry to make the decision,
since in the Book of Acts it is said, “if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will
not be able to stop these men.” Well, let’s say, if there were really God’s will
for something, then it would happen in any case, it wouldn’t be possible
for it not to happen. But I like something else here… It sounds somehow
very interesting: “different spiritual…”
“Different spiritual views.” Have you noticed? “Different spiritual views.” There is one God,
and there’s Satan. Different spiritual views are service to Satan
and life by Satan, and there is God, service
to God and Life by God, everything else is of
human and imposed by Satan. There’s nothing else,
and there cannot be. If someone argues, then
it’s satan arguing. Isn’t that so? It is.
Here’s a simple question. Isn’t that so? How can there be different spiritual views?
Right… among people who
are going to God. …who are going to God, who strive for God. After all, in all religions that were really established, again, on teachings,
on the Knowledge, there are universal grains. Isn’t that so? A: It is. Here we have, let’s say,
the leader of THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN project, no one knows better than
her that this is so. Of course. The universal grain is inherent to all religions, just as one God is. How can there be different views? There may be different views only in such a sense that
one prays to satan, while the other one prays to God. This is different. While everything else cannot be
different, but can be universal. And the fact that people have prescribed that in
our religion you must get up from your left foot, whereas in another religion — from your
right foot, well, these are human affairs. They set these differences: which
slippers to wear, of which colour, because this is pleasing
or displeasing to God. Well, God doesn’t care about
your slippers, believe me. He doesn’t see them.
I gave you an example. He doesn’t see your
slippers and doesn’t see you until you come to Him. And in order for Him to see you, the first thing you should
do is stop serving Satan. This is true. There is a similar question, a question from a Christian
lady, “I’m Christian, my beloved man is Muslim. I’ve read that a Muslim may marry women of the Scripture:
Hebrewesses and Christians. However, in the mosque they’ve refused to marry us, motivating this by the
fact that it is possible only when I adopt Islam.” The answer was as follows… IM: That’s not true. I’ll immediately
say, that’s not true. E: The Prophet
himself was married: he had a Christian wife and a Hebrew wife.
Igor Mikhailovich: Of course, that’s the first point.
Secondly, in Islam and in the Qur’an
itself, Christianity, Mary, Jesus, and all the rest
are treated very positively. And a condition is laid down: if
a wife is obedient to her husband, because it’s established
this way (T: Yes), it means, go ahead, you may marry,
and she may remain Christian. There’s no such imposition. Whereas, if someone imposes,
then this is, pardon me, already such an
aggravation of power, well… how… how to express
this correctly? Generally speaking, he’s
saying this from himself. Indeed, was the Prophet
really talking about this? IM: Of course, he wasn’t (T: Yes).
And how could he say so when he was married himself? Right. On the contrary, he even said that whoever
insulted people of the Scripture, that one insulted him. IM: Right.f E: And this is exactly an insult, since you are
telling a person IM: And this is an insult, of course, that your faith is unworthy
for this person to marry you. Yet, how could the Prophet say anything
against another faith, especially against Christianity? E: Right. IM: In no way. It’s people who’ve
already twisted this. Divide and rule are the
principles of satan. Say, why does the Spiritual World unite
while satan divides. Tatiana: Right. Because, if we look, well: a family, in the family people are certainly divided, they
love each other, cannot live without one another, but they are divided by their
interests, manipulations, power over each other,
by who dominates whom – there’s still incessant
fighting and confrontation. A team, no matter which one we take, (T: Yes)
the best team, there’s constant division in it. Well, isn’t that so? It is, there’s
constant division: if there are three people,
two are against one, and again everything
is situational: as soon as one has left, that’s it
– these two are already against him, that one has come – again those
two are against the third one. Well, this always takes place everywhere.
That’s how it works. Well… and everyone knows this,
but nonetheless obeys. There are certainly very many
questions about human relationships. Listen, let’s finish them.
Tatiana: Let’s finish. To be honest, it’s so unpleasant for me
(T: It’s already unpleasant for me, too) to hear this, because it’s indeed foolishness. I understand that it’s
important for people. I understand that
people live by this. Well, if they do live by this,
then these… well, all this is not here and not for us, it is satan who needs this.
There are satanists, one can find them, address
them, they will tell everything. What does God have
to do with this? A simple question. Let’s better talk
about something good. There is a good
question after all. Let’s take a good one. It’s an interesting question when a person is really
interested and wants to understand the Holy Scripture. This question has no answer, that’s why… IM: That’s good. There are no questions
without answers. A person is trying to figure
out an issue, having read Jesus’ words in Chapter 16 of
the Gospel of Matthew. The point is that when Jesus started disclosing to
His disciples that He needed to go to Jerusalem, and what was to happen to Him, Peter began to contradict Him.
And Jesus responded to Peter… “Get behind Me.”
T: Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get out of My way,
satan, you are tempting Me to sin because you aren’t
thinking about God’s concerns, but human concerns.” And next, “then Jesus told His disciples: if anyone wants to follow Me, let him deny himself, and take
up his cross, and follow Me.” And here’s the question: what
does it mean “denyhimself”, what does it mean
“take up his cross”? This question is indeed
very interesting. Everyone interprets
it differently. But as they say, “it’s destiny”,
“take up your cross and the like”. And what does it mean, to “deny yourself”?
(Tatiana: Yes) First of all, to make it easier to understand, people often call themselves and believe that “I… I’m a body, I’m my consciousness,
I’m my thoughts”. But we’ve already
talked about this, that this component belongs
precisely to the animal part, it’s an inevitably dead part. And in the understanding of what Isa
said in this case (T: Yes), and the same had also been
before Him, believe me – this is precisely the understanding
that “you should deny the dead, take up your cross
and follow me”. The interpretation of the
cross in this case is… a cross was like a punishment, torture, and
we know how this story eventually ended, say, almost ended, because it had a continuation, thank God, there
was a happy end. But the cross exactly indicates the inevitability of attacks from the
system, from satan (T: Yes). You must deny satan, not pay attention
to his attacks, and follow in the
footsteps of Christ, that is, go to God. And that’s what
He wanted to say. This was known long ago.
I haven’t said anything new. Also, let’s continue, “For whoever wants to save their soul will lose it,
but whoever loses their soul for Me will find it. What good will it be for
someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in
exchange for their soul? Nothing. It’s impossible to
exchange it for anything. Well, in this context the word “soul” was related to
Personality, it all should be understood. Although in Jesus’ teaching, it was
clearly told both about consciousness and… But if we look at all this from
a right perspective, let’s say, and put aside everything earthly and human,
which was imposed and brought in by people, still, the grains remain, and there’s an
understanding of thoughts, there’s an understanding of
what the Soul is, and so on. The Soul was considered to be in
conjunction with the Personality, that is, the Soul as the
spiritual component of a human is inseparable from
the Personality, for Personality is
nothing, but a reflection. Well, in order not to delve
into, let’s say, some biophysics, the metaphysical one at that, we’ll skip this. But in this case, what was meant is that
by losing yourself you’ll find yourself. The following words
are surely very interesting. Further it is said, “For the Son of Man is going
to come in His Father’s glory with His Angels, and then He will reward each person
according to what they have done.” Jesus Himself surely
didn’t say this, although some believers might traditionally
perceive it precisely like that. And here I’d like to… But what exactly did He not say?
Because there’s a missing point. He didn’t say that He would come
here, to this world, in a human body. Whereas everyone’s
waiting for the second coming of Jesus. And here a mishap arises, precisely a game
of consciousness, meaning, demons are playing dominoes with
our Angels (Tatiana: Yes), so to say, with our Personalities. Why? Let’s look into this (T:
Okay), it’s really interesting. What did Jesus speak about? (T: He said that…) Let’s
review this the way it was said. What do people know? And what do our spiritual guides,
our priests tell us about? About the fact that “Jesus Christ will
come at the end times (T: Times).” In their language,
this is an axiom. “He will judge. The righteous, even those who died
a thousand years ago, will rise from the dust T: In the bodies… in the bodies, right… (T:Ascend to clouds)
and go to heaven, ascend to clouds.” Right, clouds are such an
accumulation of molecules, those who don’t know can read about it, it’s an
interesting thing, you’ll live nicely there. “And those who are sinners
will go to hell,” right? Good. What is written in the Holy Scripture
about this, what does Jesus say? Firstly, before He actually left, let’s say, He
gave instructions to His disciples and said that “I will ask the Father, and He
will give you another Comforter Who will never leave you. He is the
Holy Spirit Who leads into all truth. The world cannot receive Him, because it isn’t
looking for Him and doesn’t recognize Him. But you know Him because He lives with you now
and later will be in you.” And next, Jesus says that “No,
I will not abandon you as orphans – I’ll come to you. Soon the world will
no longer see Me, but you will see Me. Since
I live, you also will live. When I am raised to life again, you
will know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me,
and I am in you. Those who accept my
commandments and obey them are the ones who love Me. And because they love Me,
my Father will love them. And I will love them and
reveal myself to each of them. ” Judas (not Judas Iscariot, but
the other disciple with that name) said to him, “Lord, why are You going to reveal
Yourself only to us and not to the world at large?” Jesus replied, “All who love Me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and We will
come and make our home with each of them.” And now let’s look into it a nd throw away everything that
has been imposed and the like. Consciousness says that Jesus
will come to those who love. Every sinner says, “Oh,
I certainly love Jesus! Well, how can I not love?
I have Him hanging on a chain here, right? After all, I fear Him.” Did Jesus say a word, “who
fears Me or My Father, he will go to heaven?” Was this said? What is said in the churches that are intended to
serve Jesus Christ? They encourage people not to
Love, but to fear. A: God-fearing. Isn’t that so?
(T: Yes.) And those priests who
start talking about Love, that “No,” they say, “it is written
this way: it’s necessary to love,” they are exposed to
very serious pressure. From whom is it coming: from
God or from satan? From satan. Well, we’ve discussed this, so, we’ll skip it. These are
their traditions; they have the right to live as they want – the freedom of
choice and the like. Those who want, they listen
to them, they have a right. But what was said here? Jesus clearly said that He
wouldn’t come here anymore (T: To the world). After
the way you, people, greeted Him, He will hardly have
an urge to come here. And knowing in advance
how all this would end, He clearly said that He already… He’d
never set His foot here again for sure. I emphasize, His foot,
meaning, in the body. But He said that He’d come
to everyone with His Father, that is, He means the Spiritual World, and
He clearly defines the Spiritual World, but this is not interpreted,
it’s been forgotten. And the most interesting thing is that
the first Christians knew about it, while in the organization, I emphasize,
like Christianity, they don’t know about it (T: Yes) – it’s inconvenient,
and it was removed. But precisely unity in the
Spiritual World was mentioned, “I am in you, you are in Me, I am in the Father,
the Father is in Me, ” that is, it’s multitude in
unity and unity in multitude – that’s the essence of
the Spiritual World, it is boundlessness,
wholeness and eternity, it is Love, first and foremost, for there can be not even
a shadow of sadness in the Spiritual World. Where the Light prevails,
there can be no shadows, there’s no hatred and
fear, and all the rest. But the thirst for
power dictated by satan always rests on fear, violence, and everything else,
like any power does (T: Yes). Power
cannot rest on Love, because Love isn’t a whip, Love is a gift. Well, how can anyone be
held in power by gifts? While an understanding
from an earthly perspective implies that a gift
is something material, some kind of a bribe, right? You can ride on a bribe, but when they
are afraid of you they obey better. Therefore, all
this was perverted. But here it’s clearly told
about the Spiritual World, a clear understanding is given
here, “When you, My disciples, My followers, reach merging,
when you become spiritually free, you’ll be able to feel Me, when
you love Me, then I will love you, not just Me, but also God,
because He is My Father, because I am in Him and He is in Me,
and He will be in you and you in Me,” that is, He speaks of unity. Well, isn’t that so? After all, Jesus Christ Himself explicitly,
clearly and simply speaks about this. And where is this (T:Yes)
in the understanding? And He clearly speaks
about the Comforter, that is, about someone else, “I will ask my Father…” Yes, and after all, it is said there, “But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit,
Whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind
you of everything I have said to you”. And here He means only those
who are able to comprehend it. He doesn’t say a word here about
the whole world or anything else, He says: will teach you all things
and will tell you the truth, but only for those who are able
to accept and hear it, and who are able to feel it, because this truth
is perceived, as they used to say, with one’s heart, with an open heart, while a lie is perceived
through consciousness. Igor Mikhailovich, you have
also said now that the Spiritual World is multitude
in unity and unity in multitude. Who is God? The Spiritual World. God is not a unit, but it’s a unit. The Spiritual World is perceived
holistically, as one. One eternal and endless –
that’s who God is. Just as a human body
consists of a multitude of cells, just as the entire material world
consists of tiny particles, in the same way the Spiritual World
consists of Angels which are God. But God is one, because He is the Spiritual World. It’s not a guy with a beard. It’s much more. Returning to the issue of the Comforter’s coming, it turns out that people… But again, He will come only to those who
are spiritually free, who strive for this freedom, those will feel Him,
while others won’t even see. But this applies not only
to the Comforter, after all. Yes. A great many believers
all over the world are waiting… After all, in any religion it is said
that at the end of times Someone will come,
be that Mahdi or, well… Maitreya, the Comforter… yes … Kalki Avatar…
IM: It was all said about the same, because these religions were based
on prophets, on the true messengers. And now people are concerned,
each one in their own religion, of course, about how they will be able to recognize
Him, what signs there will be, how not to make a mistake
in order to meet Him? Well, you know, let’s say, the end of times
was talked about in each century, and for many, many years
and many centuries, yes, that “that’s the end of the world, the end of the world
is coming”, but, after all, there were clear definitions, and these definitions do exist. Well, say, even a blind man
can see what is happening today. Isn’t it so? And this is sad. It’s sad because of the numbers, as I mentioned
at the beginning of our conversation: precisely these numbers are the result of the events that were mentioned
by the prophets, in the Scriptures. And today we really see absolutely all harbingers
of the end of the world outside the window And no matter how anyone denies it,
and whatever they say, but… Something can be changed, but it is said
that even the last hour will be extended and may be extended
for centuries. But once again, if, pardon me, less than one percent of people
are able to understand what we are now talking about, and even fewer people can perceive it,
what can we talk about then? All that is left to do is
to humbly wait and hope that at least someone will jump into the carriages of this,
shall we say, train departing from the platform, forgive me for being frank. Yes, people can do much, for they
determine the future by their choice, and all that depends on people. But satan is so strong that he
covers ears even of those who hear, and he disables a great many,
and people just don’t act. And again, you’re saying, “How will people see
that Comforter or someone else?” No way they will. When their eyes are covered by satan,
how can they see or recognize Him? After all, fairy tales that
are written by people, especially… well, not as many about
the Comforter, but about Mahdi – as well as about anti-Christ whom
allegedly he must kill physically Who must kill? Mahdi? Well, I think we’ll get to that.
Let’s simplify. What do people in the modern world
know about the Comforter? Well, firstly, if we look through the entire
Holy Scripture, if we generalise this, then basically the Comforter is the Holy Spirit,
is the Spirit of the Truth Whom the Father will send. And Jesus says that when He comes, …He will teach you…
IM: And He means that… He will come, but in order to teach you He should also come, well,
into this virtual game, meaning, to put on, first of all,
virtual glasses, or to come in a body. Further it is stated that He will teach
you everything mentioned by Jesus, will remind everything mentioned by Him,.. He will remind …and will set you on the path of Truth. Those ones who want
to embark on the path of Truth. Well, it is also said that He will expose the world,
about sin, about the Truth, about the Judgement. And now note, it is said of the Comforter
not as of a prophet. Yes, He will tell about that Truth which was told
by the Prophet, which was mentioned by Jesus, but in no way, I’m emphasizing this,
He’s a prophet or anyone else, because we know how prophets
are treated in this world. Whereas, the Comforter —
Нe is precisely the Judge, if we approach and interpret this correctly, it means that the one who
has thrown a speck of dust at Him will get a mountain in return. For example, in ancient texts, in Hebrew,
in Ancient Greek language, instead of the word Comforter in the Holy Scriptures
there is actually a completely different word – …Paraclete, and it has a different meaning,…
IM: Of course …a broad one…
IM: It’s a different meaning — like an advocate and like a judge.
For someone He’s an advocate before the Father, whereas for someone else He’s a judge. And it is interesting that the Paraclete,
as you’ve said it right, is an advocate, but not in the understanding drawn
by modern human consciousness now, for He is a friend, that it’s that friend who… And He is precisely (well, if
we look at this correctly, right, what it is, and what was meant
and what was talked about), it was meant that He’s
a friend for the righteous, and He’s a judge for the unrighteous,
well, if we put it this way. It’s also interesting that He kind of acts,
well, not only as an advocate, not only standing up for
a human in general before God, but He also acts as a sort
of counsellor who… …who tells a human
IM: A helper …how he or she can defend oneself. He’s a helper, of course. And He cannot
defend anyone unless that person wants. And here an advocate
is referred to as a parallel. If a person is indeed innocent, but he’s
being prosecuted, an advocate can help. Well, a good advocate can help
even if a person is guilty. Again, the point is not
an earthly comparison, but here it’s exactly meant if
a person is almost sinless. In the other programme we’ve already
discussed what sin is, well, let’s just remind. A sinful person is the one
who lives as dictated by satan, while everything else cannot be sinful. And it turns out that if a person has denied,
and he controls, so to say, his consciousness, he has rejected satan’s dictatorship, he really aspires
sincerely, he perceives through feelings, he… but he hasn’t had enough time, and here, certainly,
the Comforter can act as an advocate. That is, seeing purity of the person himself, He can help him because the One whom Jesus
called the Comforter has an absolute right, let’s say, to take people from the world
of the dead to the Living world, but those who deserve this, and to send those who are
unworthy to the lower worlds. He does have such a function. However, generally speaking, His essence
is not in some concrete people, but in the understanding of humanity. And right here one should get
at the root of this issue. So, it turns out that when He… when here it is said regarding
the word Paraclete that it’s a Person who will help a human being and teach
him or her how they can defend themselves – these are those tools which will be given… …which Jesus was giving. Actually, He’ll just tell about them because
(we’ve already discussed this today) people have forgotten and perverted
everything as satan has dictated. After all, it’s beneficial to satan to modify
and invert everything his way, but, naturally, he interferes through our thoughts,
while thoughts are consciousness, consciousness is the devil’s tool, and, no matter how
you twist it, he distorts everything exactly via this tool. Well, that’s why… Whereas, any Scriptures
were written by people, and they were written after the bearer of this
Knowledge himself was no longer there, yes, the one who had brought it, that’s way distortions were inevitable. Igor Mikhailovich, could you tell us, there’s another
interesting meaning of the word Paraclete that it’s the one who was
called to encourage an army when it became despondent, that it’s… Perversion. Satan likes to joke. I’ll put it simply. Many warriors had
an inscription “God is with us” when they went to kill other people, and at the same time in their
Scripture it is said, “Don’t kill.” Well, and we again go back to the point that,
if people at least fulfilled what is written, the world would be much better. That is, the system has distorted and… …It has simply applied…
IM: Satan is a wicked joker. the spiritual to this, so that… But what is the primordial understanding?
What does it mean to encourage an army? It’s a different army. In the primordial understanding,
it’s exactly a tool… Let’s say, the army in this understanding
is sort of a tool to correct mistakes, that is, the meaning of this army
is not in the visible world, but it means defence in the invisible world, which is much more complicated. In fact, it’s easy to take a sword and kill an unarmed
or poorly armed person, or a weaker one, it’s not difficult. It’s not difficult even to die on a battlefield
from a sword of another warrior. This is easy. But it’s very hard to oppose satan. It’s difficult to oppose satan in oneself. And it’s much more difficult, many times more difficult, so to say,
to oppose him at the invisible front. There used to be warriors who precisely stood
on the other side, and this is God’s army. This army consisted of humans,
but spiritually free ones, and it helped people to restrain satan. If we take the recent past,
there was the Atlantis video, some of our friends might
have seen it and remember what was told about there, that this
civilisation is far from being the first, and in reality, well, that very satan simply
doesn’t let people know about this, and scientists tell as follows:
there’s Darwin, and so on. Darwin himself didn’t believe
in his own theory, this is true. There are some evolutionary changes, but, let’s put it simply, there was a civilisation,
and it was not less developed, and even more developed
than the one today. But what’s the point?
The point is that after this civilisation, just as it’s been told, for a long time people who lived by the Spiritual World
and by different values were ruling. Well, and it’s natural that satan
remembers his millennial humiliation when he as an alley cat was feeding
on people’s dregs at the human dump. He’s not fond of this, that’s why
he extremely dislikes these topics. Those who are exactly called upon to be
on the guard of the Spiritual World and to oppose, to weaken
the system itself, satan himself, so that people could breathe more freely –
that was precisely the army. They were called in different ways –
the Warriors of Light, there were knightly… in the beginning, the Knights Templar
had some relation to this, I emphasize, in the beginning, well,
and then satan again took the upper hand: they started living in a totally
different way and for different goals. Well, that’s another story, it doesn’t matter. And generally speaking, in ancient
times they were called Geliars, we’ve told about this, we once
even had a programme about these Warriors of Light. These are people who live by other values, it’s indeed an army which defends
the Light in the darkness. Here it was meant that exactly,
if we answer your question, then encouraging or endowing with powers, well, this is nothing but
the function of the Holy Spirit, I mean encouraging and endowing these Warriors with
powers, since they don’t take that from themselves. Naturally, a human cannot
oppose the system, but he makes a decision,
and his powers increase manyfold, not because he’s made a decision
and said, “That’s it, now I’m opposing” and at the same time, well, so to say,
uses these powers as he likes – no, all these are absolutely
controlled processes, well, spiritual powers really grow, and
precisely thanks to the Comforter, or the Holy Spirit as He’s otherwise called. Who’s always been near the person,
Who’s been walking side by side with him… Well, let’s put it simply,
the Holy Spirit is in any human, since His component is nothing but
the Soul and Personality, of course. No living being would live without Him. Everything is spiritualised here, let’s say, but only humanity is soul-filled. Probably, the most difficult times
to which people resort, addressing exactly the Holy Spirit,
are the end times when the last Judgement will take place. And quite a lot is also said
about these times in the Scripture… Well, the last Judgement is
precisely a responsible decision of the One Who’s called
the Comforter, Mahdi, and the like. After all, His direct function
regarding humanity is to weigh whether there is any point and prospect
of this humanity or not anymore. If not, then the dishes are washed
clean and wiped dry. Meaning, for this very reason
it is said that no one knows… …the day and the hour…
IM: That’s why it is said, right, that no one knows.
Why no one knows? Because future is not defined, people
define it by their choice. Well, if satan wins, and humanity no longer
has any chances, then this humanity is pointless. To strengthen the positions
of satan? What’s the point? They say that God has created this world.
He has created, but what has He created it for? Well, no one replies what God
has created this world for. It’s not because He was
bored or something else. Believe me, God cannot be bored. But He has created it
for one simple purpose: this world must bring Angels
into the Boundless World. But when this world increases the servants
of satan and martyrs, then what’s the point? It’s bad business. And bad business must be fixed; speaking
earthly language, it’s unprofitable. I would also call the Comforter, well,
we can call Him an auditor in modern language. Meaning, He comes, audits, looks,
and helps those who want it, because He’s obliged
to bring this Knowledge. After all, it’s people’s affairs whether
they accept or not, it’s not His concern, He doesn’t owe anything to anyone,
neither does God owe anything to anyone, it’s you who owe, but not God and the more so, pardon me, not the auditor,
not the Comforter, no matter how you call Him. He comes, looks, makes a decision –
the project is closed or remains. But judging by what is happening, I don’t see Him being content. It’s interesting that nevertheless
people feel that the Comforter is in the world,
because even in Buddhism people say,… They feel …right, and they say that they know,
that there are signs, the time has already… revealed itself…
IM: I’ll say… as I’ve told in the beginning that
more than 99 percent of people feel, but consciousness doesn’t
let them believe in this, doesn’t let them comprehend
and perceive this, …that’s why only very few can perceive.
Tatiana: Right, I mean how else they can know…, But, after all, it’s people’s choice. After all, they feel, that’s the paradox. Consciousness says, “It can’t be”, whereas the Soul does feel,
the does Personality feel. The only thing is that it’s in satan’s slavery,
but again it’s people’s choice, after all, they have let satan
dictate to the Personality, let the dead dictate to the Alive, making the Alive dead. There are too many interests here,
in this world, too many desires, there is a strong desire for power, for living well,
eating sweetly, but this life won’t last long. After all, satan doesn’t tell everything, that’s why he’s a liar. It’s also interesting to look at the picture
in a more comprehensive manner, after all, we’ve considered
this in the context of Christianity. Well, in order to look at the picture,
we have to look from a wider… …perspective,..
T: From the perspective… let’s put it so, at this auditor
in other religions, or the Comforter, no matter how they call Him,
this doesn’t change the essence, and I’ll put it simply, at the Son of Man,
who lives a human life and makes decision on whether there’s a point. Very interesting, when you’ve
been talking about the Comforter, absolutely everything totally coincides with the way
people are waiting for Maitreya in Buddhism. And a great many factors
that you’ve pointed out, they do coincide, a great many of them. Even in ancient Buddhist
scriptures ­– the Pāli Canon which is considered to be a collection of texts,
of what, as it is believed, Buddha spoke. Buddha said that the time would come when
his teaching would fall into decline, but a new Buddha would come, who would restore,
restore and bring pure Dharma, Dharma in the meaning of Knowledge, that is, he would bring pure Knowledge again, and people who perceive it would be able to achieve
the most important – spiritual liberation. And Maitreya… And just note Buddha told about spiritual liberation, while today in Buddhism they speak
about the freedom of consciousness, about the fact that there’s no God,
consciousness predominates, and so on, that is, in fact, Buddha’s teaching
has been totally distorted. And it’s also interesting that Buddha
was telling a lot about joy, and in particular this is also
associated with Maitreya And this is very interesting
because the word Maitreya itself, or He is called in different
ways: Metteyya, Maitri,… …but it originates from the word Maitri.
IM: Buddha said that it’s exactly a great joy. but it’s a great joy only for those
who live in joy, and who live by Him, while for the rest it’s a great grief
because they will lose what they had and the entire prospect for the future. And Maitreya Himself, what originates from
the word Maitri and is translated as “friend”, “friendly” and the one who feels
friendliness towards all people, who brings what is useful for them,
what they need, and also… He cannot bring anything bad. Right. And at the same time there’s
translation as “love”, precisely “pure love”. Meaning, these are like two concepts…
IM: Of course. which the word Maitri contains, and… Well, if we get at the root of understanding
who the Comforter is, this is the same. Yes, yes. Meaning, a friend, a helper, love. That’s what He brings, right,…
T: The Holy Spirit because it’s nothing but the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit. And just in confirmation
of this I’d like to say that Maitri is also… in Buddhist texts there’s a mention
that it’s the name of the power, that is, the Maitri power – the power
which is attributable to Bodhisattvas,… …which…
IM: The power of Love. …The power of Love, absolutely… Or, more correctly, the power coming from
the Spiritual World, or the power of God. The power of God, and it manifests itself
in such a way, as it was expressed in Buddhism, that Bodhisattvas radiate Maitri in the form
of beams of joy and happiness… …Meaning, that it’s what…
IM: Certainly. …precisely gives joy and happiness, and this is the main essence. This is that, let’s say, Light which emanates
from Them; it cannot be seen with one’s eyes, but it’s felt by the Soul. Yes, and exactly this also… These are Buddha’s words, his Teaching. Right, the light of the Soul, and, most importantly,
how people would recognise Maitreya is not by some external indications,
but by the light of the Soul. And there was even such
an appeal in ancient scriptures that one should listen with one’s heart
in order to feel, to see Maitreya, but by “seeing” it was
precisely meant internally… He can be seen only with an inner eye, for His essence is the Spirit, whereas eyes are deceptive, for His form will be the same as everyone
else’s, for He’s a Son of Man. Yes, He will come in the form of a human,
but the light of the Soul, it is even described there in such colourful terms that
it spreads throughout the Universe to all dimensions. Of course, different words are used there, but the essence is that this light
of the Soul is simply tremendous, and everyone who opens up
to Him, that is, He is… There was even such a wording
that everyone who absorbs this would be feeling like a thirsty person
who has drunk pure water or pure nectar. That is, there were such
associations that people would… firstly, how they would feel, that when listening to pure
Dharma, they would experience a feeling of pleasure,… …that is,…
IM: Right …of inner pleasure and love. It was also said that this Knowledge
would liberate people from struggle,… …meaning, there was such a wording that…
IM: Right …this pure Knowledge would set them free.
IM: And here,… there’s another phenomenon: satan can be resisted and must be resisted, but this is a form of service. And what does the path of achieving freedom
end with, after all? With renunciation of struggle. After all, a person who has embarked on the spiritual
path initially experiences an enormous pressure, and he resists the system itself: in his thoughts
he rejects bad thoughts, he accepts only good ones, he restricts his consciousness, that is, he limits
the influence of demons on himself. Later on, he gradually comprehends other things,
and eventually he realises that one can fight with someone who is equal
in strength or who’s weaker, but in this world where
the Prince of this world rules, and all matter and all power of the dead is in him,
so fighting or confronting it is pointless; one just needs to step aside, be in Love, and be free. And “to be free”
exactly means to be free from satan. And there is also a question
regarding cultivation of Love, when… …a monk is asking, “How to see Maitreya?”
IM: And it’s a constant question And there’s an answer that it’s necessary
to develop virtues and wisdom in oneself, but, most importantly, to cultivate Metteyya in oneself,
and Metteyya is translated as “pure Love”. Pure Love That is, to cultivate Love in oneself.
IM: And pure Love… exactly relates to the Spiritual World. And thus, it turns out that no matter how
anyone twists that in modern Buddhism, but Buddha was talking about what
Jesus was talking about, and what the last Prophet
(peace be upon him) was talking about. Yes, that’s true. And about this joy… Because the Truth is one, and there
cannot be another one. Yes, just like the Universal Grain is one,
and this can be clearly seen, and it can also be seen in the fact,
like Tatiana has also mentioned, that today Maitreya is actually being awaited, and He’s basically the only Bodhisattva who is revered
by all schools of Buddhism without exception. And after Buddha, He’s the second most revered
Bodhisattva who is being awaited. Externally, this is expressed by the fact that… …many statues are erected,…
IM: And it’s interesting,… …but the point is that people do know.
IM: they are waiting for Him, but they don’t see Him And the question is why
don’t they see Him? I’ll answer. A person is sitting in a dark room
with a tightly-closed door, he doesn’t know if there’s
light in that room or not. And when they are sitting with
the door of their Soul tightly closed, they won’t see anything. While in order to see,
you should just open the door – everything is simple, then the light
will fall into this room and light you up. And to see with the inner eye,
what was also said, that… …Maitreya, when He comes,…
IM: Only with the inner one He would open, He would allow
people to gain the Dharma eye, that is, there was such
an expression “the Dharma eye”,… …that is, the eye of Knowledge… Spiritual vision, right.
IM: the Spiritual one… Spiritual Vision. Jesus was precisely
telling about the Comforter, about spiritual Love, and that He
would come to those who are spiritually open, and He would come in
the form of Love, of the Spirit, but not in the form of matter
as He had already come. And the most important thing is that
He will bring Knowledge, not a religion, but exactly Knowledge, Dharma, that is,
a concept that is universal, meaning,… …it’s a will, it’s a feeling.
IM: Religion… is made exactly by people and to the dictation of,
excuse me, not the Holy Spirit To take the Truth and make a tool
of enslavement out of it, we see this from those same questions,
and what it turns into. Right. But at the same time, there are grains. And the point is that precisely the grains… are filled with the power of the Spirit, if you remove them, religion will die. And satan understands this, and he’s forced
to keep them, because it cannot exist without them. However, unfortunately, he puts too many
fences and obstacles around the Truth. And again, people, while hearing the Truth,
cannot perceive it just because their consciousness… and they
do perceive through consciousness, their consciousness belongs to satan. They feel inside that this is so,
but they can’t understand it. And here, who comes to the aid? Those who tell them what to do
in one situation or another, how many times to read a mantra,
for how many hours to perform a meditation, sitting naked, pardon me, out in the freezing
cold, on the top of some mountain, and then inspiration will come to you. I don’t know about inspiration,
but pneumonia will come for sure. It’s just surprising that at the moment when
there is a universal grain in all religions, when there are universal grains, and there is an
opportunity to address their imams, spiritual advisers, and even simply to ask a question
on this topic, on the topic of spirituality,… …people ask questions on other topics.
IM: They, unfortunately… but spiritual advisers and those same imams are just people. They have appointed titles for themselves,
have taken power in their own hands, but they are only people, and they are mistaken and just as far from
the Truth as those very believers. And if believers asked them
spiritual questions, would… … they themselves be able to grow?
IM: Then they would baffle… their clergymen. But I’ll put it simply, such correct,
spiritual, free questions, especially when coming from that very
participant of a given religion, but the one who is spiritually free
and who understands the essence, they are dangerous for those
very priests, because they level their power before others. And that’s why they don’t like such questions. They really don’t like such questions. It’s easier for them, as they say in Islam,… …to say, “Go away, infidel.”
Elchin: Kafir, yes After all, it’s easier to stigmatize a person and
say, “Go away, you don’t understand anything. While we are doing the holy thing.” Yet, what is your holiness in? Perversion of the Truth, serving satan, foolish hopes for the future
which you don’t have? Yes, you are predominating now, this minute, but you don’t live by tomorrow,
that’s the whole difference. The difference between a saint who
truly lives by the freedom of Spirit and a sinner is that a sinner has today, while a spiritually free person also has tomorrow. I’d also like to share such
interesting points about Maitreya as how the time when He
would come was characterized. Among mentions there was also
a fact that people would be able to… people who’re separated from each other by a thousand
yojanas would be able to hear Him at the same time. Meaning, yojans are like
kilometers, that is, it turns out that they will be able to
hear Him simultaneously… Spiritually free people will be
able to hear Him simultaneously at those times when He comes (A: Yes.
T: It’s interesting…), they will be able to feel Him and will
be able to hear Him (T: Yes). And here it was told about inner
perception of free people. If we translate all this
correctly and up to that, followers will be able to hear
Him (A: Yes), those who are spiritually free will
understand Him (A: Yes), but He will be heard
simultaneously all over the world. That is, well, technical development of
the modern times was obviously mentioned. Well, and the paradox is that it
was mentioned that many people would be able to hear Him simultaneously,
but only those few who’re spiritually free would be able to understand (A:
To understand) that it’s Him, right. Yes, there is also a mention about this, even
enumeration of how many people will help Him. There is also another
point there, it is described that when
the Knowledge is brought, then some people will hear,
some people will just accept, and some people will help,
and that thanks to… how actually the story is going on
further, that thanks to those people who will be involved and will help,
the Golden Age will indeed come. That is, Maitreya is always associated…
IM: Yes, it’s one of the possible options…
with hope (T: Yes). It’s a hope that the Golden
Age will come (A: Right), but this may happen only when people will really
open up before the Holy Spirit (A: Yes), right, that they will accept Him, they
will start working on themselves, they will reject satan’s directives,
and again, many of them, I emphasize, it’s one of the main
conditions that many will enter the Lord’s Army, right (A: Yes),
meaning, they will accept service to the Lord (we haven’t
approached this yet). While service in the highest understanding
is far from the lowest service where one can distort the Knowledge
under dictation (T: Yes) and control the flock of believers, and they are
literally controlling it like a flock (A: Yes), after all, there is no respect for people.
Well… it’s another topic (A: Yes). And in order for the
Golden Age to come, as it was during the reign
of the Allat sisters, people should start living by the
spiritual, and, most importantly, they must accept Him, but I’ve
already said in the beginning that less than 1 percent of people are
able to understand the Knowledge, and even fewer are
able to accept it. Well, after all, this percentage (IM:
That’s the situation) can change a lot. It’s people’s choice.
But, on the other hand, more than 99 percent
of people do feel, but it’s the power of satan over
them that closes their ears. However, in the Qur’an it is said (IM: But it’s people’s choice): no matter how cunning shaitan is, the
Truth will triumph anyway (Anna: Yes). There were such cases in
history when everything seemed desperate, but a
civilization survived. And history has such a feature:
it repeats itself, probably, so… But there were also
such cases in history when the dishes were
washed more than once. Why do I say, “the
dishes were washed”? Because this world is
nothing but a dish, a plate for satan, where
he devours people. Yes, not without reason the
Prophet (peace be upon him) said that this world is like a prison for
the righteous, and a pleasure for sinners. And for sinners it’s a pleasure, that’s
why sinners cling to this world, for they experience delight
here, it seems to them that… whether there is heaven or not,
well, even if there is heaven, we won’t get such pleasures
there as we can get here. After all, it’s Iblis who says this,
he whispers in the ear of infidels, and they fulfil this (E:
Right), fulfil as he dictates. But if they felt, let’s
say, the other one, that component which
is abased in them, I mean the Angel within themselves,
they would never act like that. They would violate
not a single word, not a single covenant that
the Prophet has given. I mean the true covenant, but not
what is (E: Twisted, right) added to it, right, the
one twisted by people. It’s interesting, and what
is told in Islam about the advent of Imam Mahdi,
could anyone share? Yes, there are a lot of
really interesting Hadith, and they have much in common with
what the guys have been sharing. But I’d like to begin precisely with the
words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who said that heaven
was destined for the one who’d accept and love Mahdi, and heaven was
destined for the one who would recognise Him
and accept His guidance. And here, the most important point
is “who would recognise Him and accept His guidance”.
But tell me, are many people able
to see that cloud above an ordinary person’s head and to hear that voice which, so to
say, utters, it’s a voice of angels who say, “This is Him.
Here He is.” Who can see and hear this? But this is not the funniest thing.
The funniest thing is how people have described
all this, how they… Let’s listen (T: Let’s do it, it’s
interesting), the story is really interesting. Indeed, there were created a
lot of such, let’s say, well, as you’ve given the example,
such descriptions which were told to people at those times,
that is, 14 centuries ago, in that language which people
would then comprehend. But for a modern person this
seems sort of a fairy tale, nonetheless, very many points
have been preserved which, well, you read and literally
understand that, yes, precisely the truth is in fact being told.
For instance, there’s also… The Prophet couldn’t be a liar,
He always told the truth, it’s people who later on distorted
many points. He’s the Prophet. Right. And, by the way, I’ve
also recalled his words that waiting for the advent of Mahdi or,
as he also called Him, Imam Zaman, meaning the Imam of the
Time, is the best worship. But at the same time he noted
that waiting for this reformer didn’t imply that a person had to, let’s
say, diverge from his religious duties and just rely on this expectation, that
is, we’ve already talked about this, too… That He will come and
resolve everything, and you should do nothing. Right. (T: Shift the
responsibility), quite right. And again, after all, whose
sake will Mahdi come for? Right. And here guys have also given
an example that in all religions people admit that all predictions and
all prophecies have come true, but… Of the end times, you mean? Yes, in particular even the description
of Mahdi’s advent (T: Yes), yes, meaning, the Comforter, Maitreya, Mashiach,
and even people who deal with this and study, they admit that, yes,
all this is already in place, everything kind of… but they don’t see.
But no Mahdi. Where is He? The time has come, everything’s
in place (E: Right), but no Mahdi. And what are actually the
descriptions of the time even, right? It’s mentioned in Islam
that at the end of times Islam will lose its (T:
Yes) original purity, that is, in fact, there will be many
Muslims, but there will be no Islam (IM: But there will be
no faithful), no faithful ones, yes. Faithful not to Islam, faithful to God, (E:
To the Almighty), to Allah (E: Right). Moreover, this also resonates with
what is said in the Scripture, because a great many factors
are described of what signs of the end times there will be, and
regarding the upcoming cataclysms, and regarding the political
setup of society, and it is said that (IM:
There will be ongoing decline), yes, and it is said that (Igor
Michailovich: And that’s it…) there will be a moral and
ethical decline in society too, and that those times, well, as
it’s mentioned in the Bible, will be similar to the
times of Sodom, just when… Rasputin said about this well
(T: Yes), he said, “when women will
wear men’s clothes, and men will wear
women’s clothes, well, it’s one of the signs… The same is in Islam, by the way
(A: And very similar in Buddhism), so you won’t be able
to distinguish, yes… …who of
them is who (E: Yes). And much is said about the fact that
precisely lies will prevail in society, and society will be governed by
mean people who are far from God. Can’t we see this now? Well, it’s sufficient just to look
around, and it’s everywhere like that. Yes. There’s even nothing to unmask, it’s
sufficient to turn on TV (E: Yes) or to open the Internet, and lies will
flow down on you like from a shower. Yes, here, going back, I’d also like
to tell about the epithets of Mahdi, that there are several of them,
but the term Mahdi means “led by the Truth” or
“leading to the Truth”. There’s also Kaim – “uprising”, there’s
Hujat which means “God’s argument”, there’s also
Baqiyatallah which means “the only thing that is
left from God on Earth”. And the one that I like
the most is al-Jabir, it means “the one who
soothes hearts”. That is, in fact (IM: The Comforter), yes. In fact, the same is
mentioned everywhere. And if we look, everything is said about
the same. (E: Yes) (A: Yes). And, once again, why are
there several meanings? Because He, Who is to come
according to all the religions, as it is said, has
many functions, that is, duties, He’s
to do many things. On the one hand, He’s to
give Knowledge to people, He’s to comfort people, however He
must also carry out a certain audit, but not in the meaning of a financial audit or an
audit of something else, but one of spirituality. And He’s the One Who’s
to make a decision. And here precisely the One Who comes
as a part of the Spiritual World – He makes a decision:
to be or not to be. And whether He will be
recognised, accepted, rejected, or anything else… well, it
all goes one after another. In addition to what you’ve
said, Igor Mikhailovich, there’s such a term as Imam
Zaman (IM: Yes), it precisely means “the
Master of this time”, meaning of this time
span (A: Yes), that is, the One Who’ll
make a decision. He’s not a master of this
time, He, that’s right, is the One Who’ll make a decision
whether there’ll be more time. But the most interesting
thing is something else – it’s the description
of His functions. It’s also interesting, what is
actually told about the advent of Imam Mahdi? Who could share? Well, firstly, I’ll say what
the Prophet was telling about, and then I’ll share what
I’ve heard from people. The Prophet precisely said that… By the
way, there’s also an interesting Hadith, that at the beginning His advent will
be considered an unserious fuss, but this will be the
Truth, and the Truth of all prophets and all
saints will be in His heart, and He will bring
renewal of Islam. Meaning, it is basically said
that Islam will get bogged down in a situation when those who interpret
it to people will tell lies, they themselves won’t
live by this Islam and won’t know at
all what Islam is. And it is precisely Mahdi who will
reveal Islam in its original form. In its beauty (E:
Yes) and in its essence. Islam is nothing but
Love, God’s Love, but it’s not violence or something else.
Elchin: Or fear. And it’s definitely not fear.
Elchin: Right. And it’s definitely not
power over others. And especially not domination of one nation
over another (Elchin: Right) or something else. The same was said
by the Prophet, that we all sprang
from Adam and Eve. Surely. And no one has an
advantage over anyone else. Over anyone else. And regarding
what I’ve heard from people… And what do people say about this
(Elchin: And here it’s very…), let’s say, those about whom (Elchin:
Yes) the Prophet himself said that they would turn away
from Islam and change it? But, they’ve changed not
just the Prophet’s words, they’ve also changed the very
concept of who Mahdi is, and why He will come here. Right, because it’s not
beneficial for them. Because it means
that they will lose… Who benefits from the one who brings
love and equality, freedom and truth? Freedom from any authority,
(Igor Mikhailovich: And truth), while they don’t want to
lose their power, after all. Well, of course. According
to their understanding, Mahdi should perform a
completely different function. Which is beneficial to them. Well, certainly. To shame all others
and to ascertain, to expand their, let’s
say, electorate and… And I’ll put it simply, okay?
Based on their understanding, He must come here with a sword,
He must gather loyal warriors and start a full-scale actual war, and
exterminate all infidels. Elchin: Yes. And I would say from this perspective,
why would I need such a Mahdi who will come with a sword,
who will start a war? Yes, He will conquer the world,
but is this really Mahdi? Mahdi, as the very Prophet
said, He will come for the sake of all people.
Elchin: Right. He won’t come for the
sake of one people, and He will bring the Love
of Allah to everyone. Isn’t that so? And He will
act openly, won’t He? And why do I need a Mahdi
who will kill someone? What kind of Mahdi is he? And if
we look: whom will He come from? Will He come from, let’s say,
some militant organization, from some knightly
order or someone else, or will He come from Allah
Himself, from the Spiritual World? From the Spiritual World. And can the Spiritual World… …send anyone with a sword? …send a murderer?
Elchin: No. With the Lotus Flower –
yes, but not with a sword. Absolutely right. Elchin: In this
world, there are already enough… However, there’s an essence after
all, it is interpreted differently, but the essence consists
precisely in the fact that He will bring a
sword into this world, but a sword directed not against
people, but against satan. And Mahdi’s Army is the Army
of the faithful to Allah, who are ready to step forward along
with Mahdi Himself under the banner. Under the banner on which only one word
will be written, there cannot be another. The name that should be written
on the banner is Allah, God. And under this banner He must
act not from the visible side, but from the invisible one. This
precisely referred to Geliars. That is, to those Warriors who must
perform the most serious mission which a person can perform
as a warrior. Well… whereas here, everything’s simplified:
one takes an automatic rifle, a gun, a knife, and goes
to kill his own kind. After all, it’s much easier to kill a human
than to kill satan in oneself. Isn’t it so? Yes, it is. Igor
Mikhailovich, and who are Geliars, after all? Geliars, more correctly,
are the warriors of Light. That is, those who fight on the
side of the Spiritual World against the system itself,
against the devil himself in this world that belongs precisely to
the Prince of this world – to satan. Their actions take place
not in the visible world, but on the side of the invisible
— this is Geliarship, let’s say, in the highest sense. However, it should be understood that
Geliarship is subdivided (Tatiana: Yes), from time immemorial there have been
several levels of this service. The very first steps,
well, or, more correctly, Geliars of the third
level, or the beginners. They were those who fought, well,
against such beings as sorcerers, kanduks, and all the rest;
their actions were connected with the visible and invisible sides.
The second level was represented by those who fought,
say, with the system itself, or with the devil himself, at
the point of origin of events. They didn’t allow these events
to originate, meaning, locally. Well, what does this mean? After all,
any action that we see happening has a cause; we observe
a consequence, while the cause originates
at the invisible level. Thus, their goal and task was
to localize those places where a negative force arises, which
later on somehow badly affects or weakens people’s
spiritual component, or strengthens some negative
pressure on people. Well, and the highest form for people
is the first group of such people. The first group is those who are closer to
Maria’s service (it’s the highest form), and their task is to bring such crucial
decisions into this world, say, their main function is to
bring the Allat power here, into this world, which is then
passed on the weaker ones (well, figuratively, if I may
say so) in a spiritual sense, so that they would get
filled with this power and would be able to
withstand the system itself. Also, their duties, in the highest
sense of the Geliarship service, included precisely opposition to
what is now happening massively, that is, containment of the natural
forces which take many lives. But they may not influence people’s choice,
that’s the problem (Tatiana: Yes), they cannot stop wars unleashed by
people because it’s people’s choice under satan’s dictation, well,
it’s people who choose, and no one can void people’s
choice, one mustn’t go against it. But it’s possible to save life, say, by
suspending some of the most global events in the whole world, and give
an opportunity to prolong, say, the existence of humankind
– that was exactly, well,… the mission of Geliars
of the highest level – to help humanity become spiritually
free by weakening satan’s power. These are Warriors, that’s
the most difficult service. In fact, any service is hard, and people
who are involved in wars experience a lot, it’s hard, but to stand face to
face with satan is even harder, not everyone is capable of this. And who can become a
Geliar, Igor Mikhailovich? A person who’s on
the spiritual path, who aspires and understands
this entire essence. Meaning, it may be any person? Basically any, well, not everyone,
of course, but basically anyone. However, here again we should
distinguish and understand what kind of service After all, there’s again a simple question which people often ask: can a family person who has
children become a Geliar? He can support Gelia but he may not become a Geliar because he has a responsibility area,
he has weaknesses – these are his children, it’s his family, while satan, pardon me, is not someone
you can negotiate with, he’s not even a politician. You can come to an agreement with any person,
but satan will deceive you anyway. Therefore, direct confrontation
with the dark forces on that side must be carried out by people who are free Tatiana: That is, service… …from certain circumstances, well,
in the highest meaning of service. After all, again, service to the Spiritual World
may be manifested in various fields: in performing of, let’s say,
some actions, even minor, but important and significant ones, or of some, so to say, projects which
strengthen spirituality in people and weaken the system’s impact –
this is already service. When a person is fighting
with himself, as it is said, meaning, he wins his personal Armageddon –
it’s the person’s business, but when he enters into service,
that is, again… Let’s put it simply,
so that it would be clear. When a person embarks on the spiritual path,
indeed on the spiritual path, again not a religious one, but truly spiritual,
and he really strives for spiritual salvation, the first thing he faces is satan. And basically in all religions it is said:
he must overcome satan in himself, meaning, he must explore himself,
how his consciousness works, and so on. And eventually he understands
that consciousness isn’t his, he learns to restrain it, he understands
that consciousness is dual: there’s primary and there’s secondary
consciousness. It’s impossible to come to an agreement
with secondary consciousness, but it’s possible to do that with
primary consciousness, it can be tamed. However, primary consciousness has power,
it can repulse secondary consciousness. Thus, a person is learning to live
in happiness and in joy. In happiness and joy in this world. But later on, controlling exactly
consciousness itself, he’s gradually gaining an understanding
that he’s a Personality: the one who forces consciousness
to obey is precisely the Personality. Having learnt and explored himself, he’s learning
to perceive the world through feelings. Thus, he’s accumulating God’s Love. Eventually, when the person starts
living spiritually, living in Love, the first thing he experiences… and, after all, a spiritual person
cannot be inactive – he has a great need for service, meaning, to bring this understanding to other people,
to convey it, this is already a form of service. However, there are people who experience a need for higher service, this originates from within a person, not just to the dictation of consciousness
that has exalted his pridefulness, and out of pridefulness a person says,
“I want to be a Geliar”, meaning, “I want to serve, give me a tool.” Whereas, after all, it is clear that Geliars
possess certain tools, metaphysical tools, by means of which they can oppose actively
negative phenomena, so to say. And it is clear that these tools border on
the highest magic and can oppose magic. While people, to the dictation of consciousness,
desire not to serve, but to obtain these tools, well, and they call this magic, but certainly,
no one will admit such people and let them in. However, there are people who are craving, they are truly on the spiritual path,
and they experience this craving for service. They understand the entire importance, then they start knocking,
and when they are ready they may be admitted.
But here again, the system often interferes, and as soon as
people hear about service, about Geliarship, well, the system immediately tells
one of its adherents, “Go ahead, announce a contest, recruit Geliars”, and there begins drilling of innocent people who’ve been striving from the Spirit, from an inner need to serve,
while they get into some sects where they are fooled and simply
being manipulated, such cases unfortunately happen. There are, let’s say, such situations. But in actual fact, service is
people’s inner need. And what’s actually the difference
between service and salvation? After all, answering to the question,
“How do you understand service?”, a great many people say that it is
growing Love within oneself, that it is being in feeling constantly….
IM: This is a need. What you are saying now
is a need of every Personality, it’s not service in the highest sense. It’s simply a banal need of Personality. Any Personality of any person,
even of an atheist, strives for Home, it… Personality understands and knows,
and feels that there is the Spiritual World. But consciousness stands
in this way, and, naturally, satan, blocking the Personality’s path
to the Spiritual World, begins to tell that all these are fairy tales,
this is impossible, and so on. I’ve exactly started with the fact, you remember, that I’ve
said that many people listen, but they don’t believe, consciousness does not allow them to believe us,
although we have talked about the Truth. Why is this happening? Because they are controlled, and they are manipulated,
they are controlled by demons. And this is really so. A person deems, “No, how come?
After all, it’s logical, I think, I understand.” You understand exactly as much
as satan allows you. And that’s the point. But when a person really begins to study what thoughts come, how it’s possible that they come to several people
at once, we’ve talked about this, especially in groups it’s very noticeable
when people keep a diary, then compare, look, analyse, and really
have a scientific approach to this, they begin to understand that these are not fairy tales,
this is not a myth, this is really true, and indeed satan exists, and indeed he controls their thoughts,
and certainly he manipulates them. But when a person feels and develops in oneself
this perception through feelings, which some churchmen forbid, we’ve already talked about this
at the beginning of the programme. And, understanding all this, a person begins to resist, he acquires certain skills,
having gained freedom as Personality, and this is one of the fundamentals,
this is the way to salvation, he begins to generate Love himself,
Love for the Spiritual World, because he begins to feel it,
that the Spiritual World is Love, and we’ve just talked about this. Naturally, a need for service arises in him. And when a person feels the potential
and aspiration of the very Personality to truly devote itself
to serving the Spiritual World, well, then, of course, as it is said,
his way is to become a Geliar. Although service may be different. It’s not necessary for everyone
to be Geliars, right? Although that would be nice. Although many people want, especially… But many people want this from the mind because, as I’ve started telling,
consciousness often manipulates, it wants to get these tools, the tools
that Geliars are endowed with, so that, well, just, say, a neighbour
has offended or something else, then again to punish the poor
neighbour by using these tools, again a tool to achieve a certain secret power. As it is said, to get a sword,
but not to get Knowledge. But it’s simply because people
don’t know basic rules. These are spiritual tools, and they are given only
to those who are able to… who deserve, let’s say, these tools,
they are not given for no reason. So, this is such a God’s Army at all levels,
which as a single organism… …opposes the system.
IM: It must be like that. But we’ve seen when the system…
after all, it doesn’t sleep either, and it… I’ve given the example of the Knights Templar
not without reason, after all, they lost the meaning
of their existence very fast, instead of Maria’s service,
the service to the Mother of God, they quickly transformed into sort of a gang
that started doing business and all the rest, well, and we know what they ended with. In the same way, Geliars were also gradually done away with,
because, well, the devil is the devil. Whereas in service a person should
devote oneself completely, while there are many earthly
interests and the like. Now, yes, there are certainly people
who are ready to serve, but, unfortunately,
not as many as desirable. Igor Mikhailovich, it’s just that there ara a lot
of questions on how to become a Geliar. And, generally speaking, after
the programmes and after the books read, especially the Ezoosmos
book by Anastasia Novykh, there are a lot of athirst ones,
sincerely athirst… And again, I’m still saying: there are sincerely athirst
ones who really understand what service is, and, if they comply with certain parameters,
they will be admitted, that’s natural. But there’s a greater number of people –
of those who merely need tools, they don’t need service
to the Spiritual World, they need tools which allow working
miracles at the metaphysical level. The difference in quite substantial. Also, basically, once you’ve told about how important it is to keep
Knowledge in its purity. It would also be great to discuss
what kind of service this is. Basically, this service is what clergymen
of all religions were supposed to do. Their function is the primary, the lowest form
of service that people should have, it’s exactly the transfer of Knowledge in its purity;
not a single comma must be changed. And many say that no comma
will be corrected. Well, what’s been written by people,
30 times redone, or even 3,000 times redone, well, how could it not have been changed? Well… both the essence and
the meaning are substituted. And we have now discussed, and people themselves
have seen it all and know it all perfectly well. Is this preservation of Knowledge? It’s just that in modern
time pure Knowledge, the primordial Knowledge has been brought into the
world, and it’s available in its purity. And how people… Well, let’s look again: even now
adherents of satan are altering and using it as a means of profit,
or as tools to gain certain power. At least over a small group of people,
but as a tool of power. What for? They themselves don’t even understand
why they are doing this, and who controls them. But this does exist. That is, first of all, to realise who and
how substitutes this Knowledge… Of course. …and to resist him in oneself.
IM: And to resist this. This is where it all begins. But this is a path of spiritual liberation,
while service is an additional load, so to say, when a person feels, understands,
he develops spiritually and understands that it’s necessary to help
others, that all people are brothers. In fact, all people are brothers as all the prophets said,
and Jesus spoke of this. Didn’t He say so? Did He really call himself a king of all people? Or did He say, “I am manipulating and controlling
you all, and I have power over you all?” He did not. What did He say? Brothers and sisters. Isn’t that so?
T: Spiritual equality. Spiritual equality. equality among people. That’s what should be understood,
that’s what is valuable. Also, Igor Mikhailovich,
people have many questions regarding whether people who are
already saved become Geliars, or a person gets saved during… …Geliarship?
IM: Those… who follow the path become Geliars. This… let’s say, one thing
doesn’t hinder the other. A person who doesn’t follow
the spiritual path, the path of salvation, let’s say, who doesn’t walk along this path,
cannot become a Geliar, this is unrealistic. Naturally, the end goal of a Geliar, just
like of any person, is spiritual salvation, but besides saving himself
he also helps others. Well, that’s the point. These are people
with a more developed and freer Personality, That is, salvation… these are spiritually freer people who
understand the entire importance and value of this particular service. It’s not enough for them to simply love,
they want to serve. Responsibility, they just feel a greater responsibility, and they
understand the potential, that this is possible; therefore, it becomes their life goal,
the meaning of their life. Well, for such people the door
is always open when they are ready for this. That is, salvation and service
are, in principle, conjugate actions that go side by side,
but these are different actions. They’re different, of course, different Spiritual salvation is your personal affair, whereas
service is already for the sake of people. It is service to the Spiritual World,
Tatiana: An open confrontation… but for people,
T: An open confrontation… for those little Angels whom the system, well, has jailed and doesn’t let them develop,
knowingly excluding their salvation. And precisely the goal and
the essence is to win, that is, to win on that side,
not on this one, not with a sword here,
but by using spiritual tools, to win the freedom of these
little Angels who cannot breathe, but again, so that they could take the first breath,
and afterwards it’s their choice. It’s impossible to force anyone to accep
or not to accept the Spiritual World, well, this is a voluntary affair. But it’s possible to weaken the system
itself, to reduce the pressure, the dominance of satan
over a human Personality. This is what Geliars should be doing. Of course, it’s very important in our time, when
there’s total power of, let’s say, satan. Well… There’s plenty of work,
but no one to do the job. If I may, there are also questions
from people who maybe even… answers to these questions can
sort of remove this lack of understanding of why there are so few people after all, at least for now, what
stops them on this path. Perhaps…
IM: Consciousness. …Yes. May we…
IM: Satan, if we call things by their proper names. He’s precisely the one who stops. Many people perceive this as a fairy tale,
as something non-existent, but again, only those who haven’t actually worked
on themselves think and believe this way. It’s enough to start working on oneself,
and this becomes visible. It’s just that they want so much,
crave so much, but… …they still listen to this consciousness…
IM: They want and crave so much, but satan doesn’t let them. Slaves, slaves of the system, they want to be free,
but their master doesn’t allow them. Just like that. After all, Personality of any
human strives for Home, it strives for salvation, for it’s foolish
to choose death instead of Life. Well, consciousness immediately twists,
“life is right here, it’s here… matter is living, it is well-organized, it thinks; thoughts, look what kind of thoughts there are:
about what is good and what is bad, and about everything, – this is life,
it should be of full value.” Well, people just get locked in this
and become such egoists, and nothing exists except them. This is beneficial to the system, because it’s such a lamb
on a rope, which gives wool, but later on it will also give away flesh. But what will a person acquire? That’s the point. So, for all that, initially Personality as
a part of the Holy Spirit, it is a priori… …striving for service,
IM: It is striving. …and it is striving for God,
IM: Of course and the only one who hinders on this path is consciousness. The only one who stands between God
and a human being is the devil, and he has various forms. That is, when a person hears
some words in his head, that “it’s early” or “it’s late”, or “it’s insufficient” – …it’s the one who hinders him…
IM: Oh, here, of course… …as Personality
IM: After all, satan is telling, “Sit and wait, if you aspire to become a Geliar,
you must mature spiritually, they will come to you and invite you,
you’ll be seen, for you’re so strong, you are spiritually developed.” Yet, no one will come and call you. It’s your choice, that’s the point. If you want – just knock, if you are worthy –
the door will be open for you, but if you have doubts or knock for the sake
of tools, not for the sake of service, well, who will open the door for you? Because Geliarship changes
one’s life completely, it changes it absolutely. As a matter of fact, that was exactly
the reason for establishment of various, so to say, monasteries and the like, but in no way
this is monastic life or something else, no. Everything’s much more serious,
much more serious. Meaning, Geliars are ordinary people
who reside in this world… In outward appearance – yes,
for the system – yes, for the system they should be
unnoticeable, that’s first and foremost. While their function is
precisely very important. Igor Mikhailovich, and may we answer the questions
of people who already know about Geliarship? Let’s try. We will say what may be said,
but we won’t say what may not be said, please don’t take it amiss, guys,
not everything may be said, at least now. Question: “Do people become
or are they born Geliars?” They become. They become. And can anyone
become a Geliar? Almost anyone, but not everyone. They also wonder, but you’ve
actually answered already. Is Geliarship just for men or for women, too?
It is associated with some belligerence. Well, first of all, gender
division is from satan, an Angel has no sex. So, any human as Personality
(an asexual being) can embark… …on the path of God and…
IM: Certainly After all, a human serves precisely
via Personality, not via body. Are there any restrictions, again,
such body-related questions: …concerning age or any family status restrictions?
IM: There are age restrictions and there are those based on family status. After all, a person who steps on the spiritual path
in his declining years or, let’s say, at an elder age, God grant him enough strength
to overcome satan. Certainly, the younger a person is, the fewer
stereotypes are imprinted in him by the system. This is like a computer: the more you use it,
the more programs are in it, the harder it is to find what
once used to be there. The same is here. Simply, well… naturally, when overcoming satan’s power,
one needs to put a lot of effort. Well, naturally, the older a person is, the more
of these stereotypes are imprinted in him, and the more effort he needs to put in order to overcome them, while here’s also service – well, it’s sort of an additional load. Let’s describe this in a language
understandable to people: for whom is it easier to run 10 kilometres for a young person or for an elderly one? Well, here’s the answer. But there is also another path
of service in the way of… …spreading the Truth.
IM: Well, service, after all… Well, it’s natural, of course,
we do say, “service can be different”. There are easy forms. A simple one
is transfer of basic Knowledge – that’s already service, because
you are already, let’s say, performing an action
against the will of satan, well, you are already opposing him,
even in a simple form, but it’s important and necessary:
someone has heard, someone has accepted, and a new Angel may appear, right? Isn’t that the meaning of service — so that people would become free,
would gain Life? That’s the point. After all, the meaning of service is not
to kill as many infidels as possible, but to create as many free
people as possible — that’s the meaning of service, not in killing, but in giving birth. “Geliars — it’s a militant quality.
Will martial arts help to become a Geliar?” This topic is sort of very much related,
they’ve once heard… Well, physical training hasn’t hindered
anyone, so to say, but… “Geliarship means opposition
to evil in the invisible world. Is it enough to read prayers
or to radiate love, or real actions of everyone here,
in three-dimensionality are needed?” And now look, a human Personality feels, it really
feels an aspiration for service, whereas consciousness limits,
“Sit, meditate, send waves of love into the world, and thus hold
a dome, defend humankind Well, and be content
with your pridefulness, “after all, you are saving the world,
you are sending love”, right? “…that’s what service is”. To satan. It is sincere service to satan, to mammon. So, Geliarship is not just action
at the invisible level, but there should be also actions here,
in three-dimensionality, …for the sake of people…
IM: This is, first and foremost, inner freedom and absence of egoism, and no pridefulness. After all, people who
repeatedly save the world, who have really been saving the world, no one even knew about them. But that’s the point. Yes, they recognised
each other by certain features. At the initial stages Geliars cannot feel
each other – it’s the highest understanding, this form is given only when people attain
salvation, and they acquire this skill. However, tools for the service are provided to them
much earlier, when they are loyal and faithful, and they follow the path of personal spiritual salvation,
but they also actively oppose the system. And they are also provided with personal
distinctions, well, just like in any order. But this order has never interfered
either in politics or in anything earthly. Their goal and tasks are service to God and opposition exclusively to satan,
not hindering human choice. That’s the point. That’s the highest
form of service. It is aimed at unification of people,
at freedom granted to people as Personalities, well, it doesn’t affect anything else. But it’s not interesting for the system. There’s also a lack of understanding
among people, “Once, in response to the question,
“How to become a Geliar?” I heard that “you’ll be found”. Do I understand it right that when
I become visible from that side, at some point they will notice me
from higher dimensions, will see who I am and from where,
and will pick me up?” When a person becomes
visible from That side, he departs to That side. And, let’s say, no matter how a person
(here we already touch on Maria’s service), no matter how much a person loves this world,
no matter how spiritual, highly spiritual he is, but as soon as the gate to heaven
actually gets slightly opened before him, it’s extremely hard to keep him here. But that’s okay, that’s right. And when one has become
visible to That world, when one has exited, it’s extremely
difficult to return. And here, certainly, Sophia, Maria, well… it’s a great feat. Those who stay in the doorway, well, there’s an expression, “They hold the door
of the elevator”, right, for someone else to enter, – neither there nor here. Igor Mikhailovich, could you, please, tell in more detail
about Maria’s service, about Sophia’s service? Well, this relates again to the highest form of Geliarship,
but it doesn’t relate exactly to them. Why? Because, well, there was Sophia’s
service for several millennia, yes, there was Maria’s service
(it is now going on) for several millennia, and that’s all what may be said about this. It’s an interesting piece of information,
but not for the mind. Why talk about this? This should be Lived by. It’s just that at all times … it is precisely mentioned that….
IM: It’s a supreme devotion to the Spiritual World and an understanding of the
whole essence and importance of the very principle
of Geliarship, of service, that a person, being free, stays between the worlds. Well, let’s say, being very hungry,
he or she gives one’s food to others. It’s an incorrect example, because it doesn’t
show even a little bit of what the person exchanges for what.
The person doesn’t exchange, but deprives oneself of those blessings,
of that Love in its fullness for a very long time,
until there is a successor. Well, it’s hard to convey this to people who don’t know what this is. If we draw a parallel and explain
this as simple as possible… Let’s explain in terms of business,
everyone understands, right? Well, just imagine, a person literally
has billions of financial resources, but he lives in poverty because
he directs all these billions to poorer ones. While the person himself lives in poverty because
he doesn’t want to spend even a cent of what he can give to people. He can feed a hungry child,
and the child will survive, and he cannot eat
this piece of extra bread, cannot swallow it just because
he has such conscience, such love for people that he goes for it. But at the same time he has billions of regular income. Complete dedication. Absolutely. Igor Mikhailovich, consciousness limits people,
saying that “Geliars are those who possess super abilities and solely metaphysical abilities”, and people wonder, “Are such skills being taught,
or are they given from birth, or are they manifested during
spiritual development?” Naturally, this implies training. It is precisely that form which gave rise to
very many religions, to very many teachings. Why? Because spiritual trends,
especially Oriental ones, have precisely undergone these changes
due to rumours regarding Geliarship. It’s impossible to master Geliarship
without a mentor, for it implies succession and
transfer of tools, it’s a great responsibility in fact. But it’s solely Geliarship,
it’s not the path of salvation at all. Well, they’ve said so and
thought up, and decided that hence it’s impossible to master the spiritual path
without a guru, without an adviser. Although one thing doesn’t
hinder the other in fact. That’s what it originated from.
However, Geliarship is actually training, and again, there are both succession
and transfer of tools, and… well, just as it should be. A human cannot be born with such skills “Are there any points, special conditions, or abilities
by which they can select you to be a Geliar, specifically the one who fights
against kanduks? If in my sleep I…” Well, against kanduks… Kanduks — it’s the
lowest form, this is the simplest of what can be. A person just says, “If in my sleep I fight,
as if in reality, with various demons, and sometimes by morning
I get very tired after such battles, do I have a capacity for Geliarship? …or are there any tests?”
IM: He has… a capacity for anti-Geliarship — this is such pridefulness and megalomania,
this is not an inner spiritual desire, it’s his desire to fight: there he strikes back with
light swords, with some force and the like, he’s a hero, “Here I am, love me, look what
magical abilities I have.” Well, a human doesn’t have
such abilities to resist satan, let’s say in this understanding, these are
merely tricks of secondary consciousness. It draws these pictures for him
and easily controls him. Well, the system is always
interested in what, say, partners from the other side are doing. That’s why it seeks
to push through its adherents, but this won’t work. Of course, a criterion does exist And the most important and the truest one is
really a person’s desire for spiritual salvation, his or her loyalty and devotion
to the Spiritual World – that’s the main criterion. While other criteria, such as age, life circumstances,
well, all that already depends on what one is capable of. Well, this is the main
criterion for service, there simply cannot be any other. They should… Well, and there’s such a question, “How to strike admission in a group? How to become a Geliar and…” You can strike a target when you shoot a bow. But this is different: if a person really feels, and this is really his vocation, then anyone who asks questions knows what door to knock on. Igor Mikhailovich, and what’s the difference between the path of a saint and the path of a Geliar? The difference is huge. The path of a saint means gaining the Holy Spirit in oneself, it is accumulation
of spiritual powers, it is filling with
the Holy Spirit. It’s a good path, and any person goes through it on the way of spiritual salvation, when he is already close to freedom, he isn’t saved yet, but already very close, there comes what we understand as holiness, that is, filling with the Holy Spirit — a person starts glowing, he is pleasant. Naturally, he has an inner urge to share Knowledge, and all, but not more. While Geliarship is an absolute service. That’s a huge difference. Whereas holiness is basically a destiny of any person who goes along the spiritual path, truly goes. People also had a question, “Can Geliars influence the elements or natural phenomena?” You’ve already mentioned, in principle… They do have such function (T: Yes). I’ve already said that up to the point of saving the world, precisely in this respect, that’s the mission of Geliars, and they used to do this. I emphasize, they used to do. Meaning, it’s a topic of special urgency on the threshold of… Today’s climate change? (T: Right.) Well, once again we’ll repeat that people aren’t born Geliars, they become ones, it takes a lot of time, it’s not all that easy. And the events that we see are unfolding outside the window much faster. It’s necessary to draw conclusions from this. Therefore, one shouldn’t rely on anyone, that “someone will come and decide everything for me, and everything will be fine.” Right. Right. Everyone should make this inner choice, realising what is happening. Of course. Instead of hoping that someone will save you, you need to save yourself and not postpone for tomorrow what you must do today. Including Geliarship and the choice of serving God, serving the Spiritual World? Well, this is a personal choice of everyone. All this mustn’t be stimulated. Well, if one has decided… It comes from the inside, yes. It’s better not to betray one’s decision. They say, no one is punished as much as the one who’s betrayed God, right? Well, people also ask questions, “What do people feel who have failed, and do they have a chance?” Well, let’s say, of course, they have. How else can it be? For as long as a person is alive, he has a chance. It’s just that the point is different. If he goes astray systematically,
and he likes it, then he deprives himself. It’s a person’s choice, his decision. A person makes the decision: to Live or to die. This is his right, it’s
the freedom of choice, it’s the highest gift that
is given to a human by God, as well as whom to serve. After all, people voluntarily choose service to satan. Yes, unknowingly, yes, something
else, but all people do feel, and they simply don’t
listen to the inner voice, they listen to the logic of consciousness, which says, “Oh, well, this is not so, this is so. Here is right, here is wrong.” Who’s telling this? Satan. A person feels something completely different inside, but instead of going
from the internal, although all religions speak
about the inner component, people listen to the external, to what is coming from the mind. Well, don’t religions say that “demons have whispered”? And what can they
whisper through, except through consciousness? So, whom does
consciousness belong to? All religions answer to this.
Here’s the answer. But logic doesn’t accept it. It sees only what is pleasing their master, that is, satan. The topic of Geliarship. Well, the topic is certainly interesting and timely, we can talk about this. Why? Because… Why is the topic of Geliarship also interesting? Because, well, people are brought up and since childhood have been absorbing such notions as secret orders that were doing something, and the like, plus there’s movie industry, for the system promotes this well. And it replaces this image and this concept of service, it brings it to some, well, like… It’s clear with the Knights Templar: people were running around with swords, defending the holy church. But that was a visible side. However, the true Knights Templar also had an invisible side, that which they later on lost, as I’ve exactly mentioned, – it’s Maria’s service. And they also had service, precisely Geliarship, but it was lost. However, for the system the visible is habitual, therefore in consciousness’ understanding Geliarship is attractive, since a person possesses certain secret knowledge. But the person may not apply this knowledge to please oneself or one’s egoism, to please the system. Right? In consciousness’ understanding this becomes pointless (T: Also, you have once again…), therefore, one should think. After all, many people are ready to serve the very Mahdi or the very Comforter, and many are waiting. But they wait and hope that He will come, and they will feel good, He will arrange heaven for them both here and there. And in the way they imagine it, precisely in such a form (IM: Right). Here, I’d like to give such an example. I was acquainted with a guy many years ago. They presented him to me as a very spiritual person and mentioned such a peculiarity that, when going to sleep at night, he didn’t take off his clothes, meaning, he slept in his clothes. Why? Because he was waiting for Mahdi to summon him, and that’s why he went to sleep with his clothes on, so as to be ready at any moment, every night, to jump up and… And to do what? And to… well, when we talked a little bit, basically, he told me the same thing that later on I came across, when talking to many other people, such an understanding in their consciousness that Mahdi would give them a sword, and they would start to eradicate injustice, punish scoundrels and villains. That is, the thirst to play with power. Yes. “Mahdi will come and give them power, power over other people.” Yes. But will He indeed do that? No. This is the point of Mahdi. Because the Almighty cannot… Therefore… They are devoted, after all this desire and aspiration comes from the depth, from Personality, and he understands all the importance and essence of the service. This person feels that Islam is not just a word. It touches him deeply.
And he’s ready to serve, he’s ready to devote his life. Just imagine, really, when going to bed… Yes, he is mistaken from satan, he is mistaken because a lot has
been substituted, changed by people, and his inner aspiration is very high, but it is substituted. Right. And there are a lot of such people actually. The problem is simply that, as far as I understand… There are a lot of them. This substitution, it covers the truth. Yes. Because it’s, as far
as I understand this… A person sees the
injustice of this world… Yes, but he sees it… …he wants to fight it. Yes, but he sees it in three-dimensionality. Right. And he sees this evil in some other scoundrels, but he doesn’t see the main enemy, first of all, in his consciousness. He is been blinded. Yes. That the enemy is the same one as in him, which makes him crave… To punish those… …the death of a person (: Right). After all, there is not only the devil, but there is also an Angel in the one whom he wants to kill. And how can Mahdi come and give a sword to a person, with which he will kill the unborn Angel? And what should He come and give? He has to come and give the tool, He has to come and give the Knowledge: take it and give it to the one who suffers from the devil, in order to save that Angel… Which is in him. That is absolutely right. This is Mahdi. And not the one who will bring a sword so that one brother will kill the other. This is not Mahdi. How can He comfort some with offending the others? Killing the others. Right. There is no way. He cannot influence the choice of the people: neither Mahdi nor the Comforter, or whatever we call Him. No one can interfere in the choice of a person: to Live or to die. But He can help the athirst ones, He is obliged to. To help people see
the simple Truth that all people are
brothers in fact. But to help those who want to
hear, whose eyes are open, those who have inner vision, those who are actually able to see that
little cloud and to hear that voice which earthly eyes and
human ears don’t hear, only then they’ll comprehend the Truth.
Otherwise, all this will remain hidden. And a person will sleep in clothes,
will wait until they bring him a knife, by using which he’ll murder
another person like a pig, and will just lose life himself. These are the substitutions
that satan creates. And this is exactly what Geliars
are called to fight with in order to weaken his power
on the invisible side, then a Personality gains greater
opportunity to see the Truth, to awaken. Well, that’s the point. And
here, unfortunately, even… we’ve already mentioned that
substitutions are in everything, and people deny the obvious. Even what was mentioned by the
prophets about the end of days. When these events happen, people deny
them, satan says, “No, this cannot be.” They look for some excuses and
arguments that this isn’t true. Though once again,
to help those people who actually aspire and
crave to see Mahdi and to join the activity
that pleases the Almighty, which He, let’s say, is carrying
out today, I’d like to say that there are really a lot of
precise indications, but they… They are misinterpreted by these very interpreters.
(IM: Distorted.) Distorted, yes. Literally an incorrect translation,
and it gets entirely twisted… Just as such an example (IM:
Surely) I’d like to mention a Hadith… where Allah’s Messenger
(peace be upon him) says that at the end of times the Almighty
will send to people a person and… firstly, I’ll tell you the correct
variant and then how it was twisted, a person from Home. And He will have an ordinary
human name, like the one I have. His father will have an
ordinary human name, too. That is, it’ll be
an ordinary human. Thus, the Prophet said that
a person born by a human will come from the Spiritual
World (E: Yes), and He will look like a human, but His
essence will be different. E: Yes. Here He is
– the Son of Man. But this can easily be misinterpreted,
because he used such wordings as “His name will be
human, just like mine”, and “He will be born of a father, just like
I am”, and everything was easily distorted, and it turned out… It turned out that “He’ll
be one of my descendants”. Solely. Yes. Of my kin. And of my kin. Not from Home, but of the kin, that is not even from the spiritual
Home, but… E: …of my kin, and His name will be the
same as mine, meaning… Not a human one (E:Yes),
but precisely mine. Muhammad, yes. And what will people expect? His father’s name will
have to be the same as the name of the Prophet’s
father (E: Abdullah). People are waiting for (T: Coincidences)
a man from the Prophet’s kin, with the same name, and
in addition to all that, a description is given. Well, the
description of how He should look. This is an interpretation
by people, after all. But if we listen to the description
they gave to the antichrist, whom Mahdi Himself
should supposedly, in their understanding (E: Mahdi
should kill), kill physically. While that one, meaning, the
antichrist, will be an ordinary human. But here a question
arises as well: how can the antichrist
be an ordinary human? Well, his description is, of
course… very interesting: he will be blind, yes (E:
In one eye, yes), his one eye, actually, will be like that of a
mouse, of a grape size…E: Yes, and “kafir” will be
written on his forehead, that is, any Muslim will
see between his eyes… Well, then I have a question: if
any Muslim sees such a freak, pardon me, with such an
inscription on his forehead, then how can he conquer everyone?
Including Muslims. E: Yes. And the advent of Mahdi would be
required, who’d say, “Folks!..” You know, it’s like Viy, “open my
eyelids, that’s him – him,” right? This is nonsense. T: After
all, it’s written on his forehead… Well, people are people, they love
fairy tales, they love to exaggerate, they love to interpret
differently. Well, what can you do? It’s convenient for
the system this way. Satan, yes, simply
diverts attention. Yes, and the most interesting thing
is that the smartest people, really the smartest ones, they
stand their ground and interpret, “here it is said this way … E:
And that’s it, right, and…, we wrote it this way,
it should be so”. Not the Prophet said
so, but “we said so”. Why? Because it is
written in the Hadith by a person to whom
that person said, who heard from another person
that the Prophet had said so. And everyone made their
own changes – well, this should be expressed somehow scarier, this
is, pardon me, the antichrist, after all. Well, as far as I
understand the system, the system, on the contrary,
will give just the opposite: it will give a bonny, very nice person,
the one who you cannot think of, yes. And he will give them…T: He
will win their favour… Of course, the one who has charisma, who will
throw dust in everyone’s eyes, say, with a desire for material life, saturation
with all the benefits here and the like, and he will confuse people,
the one who will buy people. And a Muslim, even a so-called
“true one”, let’s say, he will think, “I have
to support my family, so what if I work for the human enemy.
Well, I’ll go and work. I’ll punish him later, if anything, after
all”, well, and he goes and betrays Allah. Well, doesn’t that happen? Right. And the one who’s called to
bring Love into the world takes a sword and kills his
brother for someone’s pennies. It’s also interestingly
said in Christianity that people will look
not for the Truth, right, in the end times, but will
look for…IM: Excuses… those who would flatter their… IM:
Right. T: …would flatter them. Well, just so. And isn’t
this what is now happening? That they don’t want to hear the
truth exactly, human consciousness… Naturally, satan doesn’t like being
exposed. Well, it’s indeed so. After all, how consciousness
gets outraged in people, when it hears what we
are talking about. Of course, and to what
extent it doesn’t believe that… IM: Of course… the end
times are really close, more than ever. We had the ATLANTIS
video which talks about what happens to humanity that loses
spirituality, and how within just one day… It ceases to exist. Well,
this is like a fact, but consciousness doesn’t
believe in this, “Well, how can this be?!
It’s impossible.” Well, people simply
don’t want to think. And again we come to the fact
that smart and literate people, instead of putting two and two
together and getting what’s necessary, that is, comparing elementary
things that exist, they say, “No, it’s impossible, because someone somewhere
wrote that it isn’t so.” Or because my, pardon me, ego
doesn’t want to know this. Well, and that’s it, this is why “it’s
impossible because it’s impossible”. You know, like in science,
when they face metaphysics, “No, it’s impossible
because it’s impossible.” It’s easier to deny
than to verify that. Yes, to brush it off. How much evidence exists in the world
that there was … T: Written… a civilization much more developed than
the current one, and more than one. “Well, how? It’s impossible. We are actually the only ones in the
Universe.T: It’s interesting that…, there are no others like us.” It’s interesting that it
turns out that consciousness asks for some facts and proofs,
while they really exist, and there are confirmations. They are plenty. But consciousness doesn’t want
to see them… T: Of course; A: Yes as well as the proof of God. After all, consciousness
constantly demands a proof of God. The Angel inside doesn’t
demand, it longs for unity, while consciousness
demands, “Prove”. And God must prove to
consciousness that He exists. To whom? To a demon? God?..
Well, that’s the point. It’s just interesting
that if we touch upon, let’s say, even the same
signs of the end days, which are in the Scriptures, in
particular, in Orthodoxy, right, what is described there,
about the fact that… about climatic, let’s say,
factors, yes, that there will be “hungers, pestilences and earthquakes
in places” … IM: Yes, and the sea will
boil up and roar… After all, if we look at what
is happening to nature now, at what is happening
to our planet now, meaning, if we actually pay
attention: what scientists said would happen in a
hundred years – it is already happening
in the nearest decades. Yes, it is happening
now, and it is intensifying. Well, there are a lot of such
prophecies about the end days, and not only in Christianity,
but in that very Islam. In Islam, yes. In Islam, there are
minor signs of the end of the world, and there are major ones.
And what is interesting: all the minor signs
have already come true. Meaning, here are also the increasing
number of disasters and earthquakes as well as acceleration of time. Well, who doesn’t
actually notice that now gracefulness of time has disappeared,
and time has really accelerated? Meaning, a week flies
by like a day. In addition, there is again an
increase in the number of people and an increase in the number of
women in percentage ratio to men. Yes. And what makes the
Qur’an so unique is that it contains accurate figures and many,
say, predictions that really come true. And why do many people who study
the Qur’an still accept it? Because…T: Really…
consciousness cannot even argue, there are a lot of
such … well, that is… Yes, how much is said even
about the end times and… what will take place in
the political arena. Well, here is the merit of those
people who preserved all this, conveyed and included it
without changing a lot, or, let’s say, without
replacing some things. Well, in the Hadith there’s a lot
about the end times as well, and about the advent
of that very Mahdi. Well, again, it’s
also interesting: where the Truth is – there they deny it,
where it suits them – they accept it. Yes, there’s another interesting
example, Igor Mikhailovich, to support what you are saying.
There’s such an interesting Hadith, where it is said that “when
rivers flow in Mecca’s womb, when the shadow from buildings
falls on believers”, in particular, “the clock
shadow” it was said, and… then “be vigilant”, for
this is a sign of the hour, that is, of Mahdi’s advent.
But this Hadith, among many, let’s say, Hadith scholars,
is considered to be unreliable. Why?Because it is, let’s
say, disadvantageous. Yes. When was it written? It was written… It’s the 200th year of
the Hijra, it is around the 9th century. How could they know that there would
be such a pilgrimage of people, that they would
build a clock tower which is now covering
with its shadow… Also, that there would be
tunnels in Mecca’s mountains? That tunnels would be
in the mountains, yes. This is, excuse me, how
many centuries ago? And it’s incorrect, it’s not accepted.
Why? It’s not accepted by those in whose consciousness
satan reigns. Those won’t accept, because
it’s telling the truth, and this is extremely
unacceptable. Of course, it will be denied. And “be vigilant”… Well,
again, there’s vigilance… Not “be ready” or something
else, but “be vigilant”. And this precisely speaks
about being tuned internally. It’s just that it turns out that in Orthodoxy a
similar thing is said – “watch”, yes, as well. “Watch”, yes… T: Yes,… and “be
vigilant”, that is, don’t sleep. And don’t sleep – it means
looking not with earthly eyes, but from the internal. Well…
there is such a thing… Meaning, all these
signs, and there… Everything is there. They are there. When people begin to assert,
“well, we don’t know about it”, “it’s impossible”, “this
isn’t said anywhere”. But everything is there,
and everything is said. One just needs to remove
the veil from the eyes, and then everything
falls into place. And these signs are
needed so that a person would simply pay attention to
this and make an internal choice, an internal decision
in order to… These are hints. Hints that
run even through centuries. This is a great help,
let’s say, from people who were protecting
humanity as a potential, so to say, part of
the Spiritual World. They were on this guard and
opposed exactly that very satan, the devil, whatever we call him. And it’s a help from them
to future generations, to people who will follow them. They mentioned those signs in order for people to know
when that will happen. After all, if Mahdi really came or could come in such a way as
some Hadith scholars describe, in the understanding
they’ve described Him, well, here even a fool would
grasp that it’s Him, right? But in actual fact, as
we’ve already discussed, would Allah really send a murderer
of future Angels? Certainly, not. For this very reason such hints,
such understandings were needed, so that true believers, those who
really deserve to be called Muslims, so that they would
see and understand, and would make their choice
whether to serve Allah or not, or still to remain in the darkness of
consciousness under satan’s power. Well, this is a person’s
right, it is sacred. Are Geliars those very Angels whom
the son of man will come with? Who are mentioned
in the Scripture? Well, Geliars… Geliars – no.
Geliars are warriors, they are only to become Angels.
That’s the point. People should oppose evil.
People. An Angel doesn’t
need to oppose evil. Evil is powerless
before an Angel. Can satan really somehow harm even
the One Who comes from That World? Let’s say, you’ve put
on virtual glasses. Can the programmer who has written
the program of this game, can he somehow harm the person who’s
watching and playing this virtual game? You’ve taken the glasses off – and
that’s it, and you are no longer there. Well… What power can satan
have over an Angel?! An Angel is a part of the Spiritual
World, it’s like Jesus said, “I am in Father, and Father
is in Me”, the same is here. Well, this is impossible. A lesser one, not
even a lesser one, but actually nothing cannot
overcome everything. Well, I would put it this way. Igor Mikhailovich, also, when you’ve
just been talking about the Qur’an and mentioned that there were
those who preserved these grains and conveyed them, and, you
know, I’ve recalled that… regarding the ATLANTIS video. You’ve said that there
was also a stage of spiritual revival of humanity.
Igor Mikhailovich: Of course. And there was a thousand-year
rule of the Allat sisters. Well, the most interesting thing
is that this was always known, and the knowledge and
mentions of this still remain in the very Islam…E: Yes,… and in
the very Christianity, and everywhere. But it is such an
inconvenient Knowledge, because it speaks of the Truth,
it speaks of the verity, and it speaks of equality, honour,
and high spiritual service. Well, here petty thieves are
sort of simply ashamed, I mean petty thieves
from the system, they are ashamed of
even mentioning this. That’s why all this gets erased. Unskillfully, by the way.
In Islam they so… I’ll just tell a
little bit about this, regarding how clumsily
they work in fact. Initially, there was such an ayah
in surah The Star (An-Najm) that… “So have you considered
al-Lat and al-‘Uzza? And Manat, the third
– the other one. Indeed, they are honoured Angels whose intercession must
(or can) be hoped for.” But then, about one hundred years
after the death of the Prophet, there appeared someone named Ibn
Isḥāq (it means “a son of Ishaq”) who in his biography of the Prophet
wrote that exactly that ayah, out of more than
two hundred ayat, exactly that ayah had been whispered
to the Prophet by shaitan. That is, to the
Messenger of Allah… In such a case
I’ll say this way: if satan could whisper
to the Prophet, then it turns out that
Gabriel or Jibrail as He is called in Islam, (E:
Jibrail, yes), that He serves satan? A simple question. After all, it was He Who conveyed
messages to the Prophet. And what right does a Muslim have to believe a
person who was born 100 years after the Prophet’s death?
E: Yes. Who is higher? For a
Muslim who is higher: the Prophet or some follower who
began to tell this 100 years later? And adopted Islam and began to
write the Prophet’s biography. Of course. After all, he wasn’t even born in Islam…
E: Yes,… he adopted it later, meaning
he was an outsider. Yes. A Jew who adopted Islam. Of course. And here was the key
word, we are not emphasising it. Why and what for is the
essential being removed? And why is it the essential? Well, in order to understand
where people perform the Hajj, while these are, pardon me… Elchin:
The gardens of the Allat sisters. And here’s the answer – these are
the gardens of the Allat sisters. And why was this place so dear (Elchin: To the Prophet
Muhammad) to the Prophet himself (Elchin: Right)? Because he knew the essence and
knew the value of this place. He knew who had been holding satan
in leash for a thousand years, while residing in these gardens. And for this very reason there’s this rite of the
seven circlings. IM: Certainly. It is the same rite which the
Allat sisters performed. Well, the visible part is taken,
but the essence is forgotten. Well, we are not
going into this… So, originally the Kaaba was… al-Bayt al-‘Atiq –
“the primordial Home”. And there’s also another interesting Hadith
which already relates to the Allat sisters, where the Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) warns his followers, his
true followers, that in the end times
they should follow the religion of
ancient pious women. While the word ancient (kadim in Arabic)
also has a meaning of “primordial”. Of primordial women, so… He again refers to
the Allat sisters. Right. That is, to the Truth.
To the purity of faith, to the Truth and the
greatest service precisely in the meaning
of that very Geliarship. And, after all, it’s interesting that
peoples of the North have preserved legends, in the tales of peoples of the North, about
the fact that precisely after the Flood, when almost nothing
remained on Earth, in the times of Hyperborea, there
were exactly twelve maidens who were teaching people, who
were people’s spiritual advisers. Well, there is a little
distortion here. This has been lost. I
certainly know this legend. They say that it was in
the times of Hyperborea, but in actual fact, when
Hyperborea went away, they left… well, the Allat sisters were
precisely successors of Hyperborea. Right. And they were holding all
that for a thousand years. It’s just interesting that it
turns out that at that time the society exactly was, it
was… matriarchy reigned in it. But it reigned not in the sense that
it really reigned, yes, because still… No, that wasn’t power,
it was equality. They were keeping
faith in purity, they were keeping the
Knowledge in purity. It was a spiritual community. After
all, after the Allat sisters, Allathiara continued their
work, and also for millennia until satan got to them as well,
and patriarchy was established. Right, how much the Great Mother
goddess was actually revered in ancient times, in the
times of matriarchy. Yes, the Great Mother, and the
mention of the Allat sisters has also been preserved in India,
in the Hindu culture and tradition. For instance, even now one
can find such mentions, as reverence of seven goddesses,
they were called Saptamatrika, or eight goddesses – Ashtamatrika,
in some sources there were 9, in others there were 64.
The number sixty-four appeared in such traditions as
Tantrism, where there were 64 yoginis, and in Buddhism – it’s
the 5 wisdom dakinis. Well, what’s interesting about
Saptamatrika, about the seven mothers. These are seven goddesses who were
revered solely together as a group, that is, they didn’t have
a separate cult, meaning, each of them didn’t have a separate cult,
but they were worshipped only together. In ancient temples, a separate place
was usually allocated for them, where there were statues of them, yes.
And it’s interesting that, by legends, what were
they associated with? That is, these were seven goddesses
who were helping the Great Mother, the Great Goddess to fight with demons,
meaning, that was their main function. And that’s how it really is. If we
take the Allat sisters… Anna: Yes, after all, they were exactly the
first helpers at that time, well, of the one whom we
call Maria now, right. Again, the highest
function in Geliarship, well, or let’s put it simply, of the first
group is precisely this very function. Thus, everything is really so. Right, and
what’s interesting… And why were they revered together…
Anna: Yes,… and not separately? Separately, they
are only humans. But when they were getting together,
they were turning into Something. And it is precisely mentioned that
they were a part of this Great Mother, the Great Goddess. Of course. That they were like not separate
from her, but were a part of her. Well, and they are exactly
her extension on earth. She’s in Heaven, they are on earth,
well, as it is generally believed. Right, and what’s interesting is that this
worship originates from ancient times. Historians find evidence of this in the
fact that in the territory of India, yes, there existed the Harappan civilisation,
and on seals of the Harappan civilisation precisely seven women are depicted,
who are performing a joint practice, as we know from the AllatRa book,
it is the Fiery Lotus practice. And it turns out that these
seven women who are depicted there are directly associated
with Saptamatrika, meaning, with the seven goddesses. Igor
Mikhailovich: Well, certainly, of course. And this also evidences the
antiquity, meaning, that since remote antiquity people
knew about such a form of… Right, that did take place. But
the point is that there were 72, 6, 7, (A: Yes, 64) 5, 10 (A: Yes,
yes, yes, the number varies), 12 of them. While it is generally
believed, like in classics, let’s assume, well, as classics
here we take the Allat sisters, because at that time there
were indeed opportunities, and there were actually
many spiritual people, 12 people formed the group itself, the
thirteenth was the one that led them, sort of uniting, and altogether
there were basically 72 of them. That is, Allathiara were those who were
like assisting them, these twelve ones. And on the whole it turned out that there
were 5 assistants per each representative. After they had left,
Allathiara remained. Allathiara were also split
– 12 plus 5 assistants who replaced those who had
gone, those who were leaving, and young ones came, well,
there was such a succession. Eventually, this came down to,
again, we observe: 64, then 60, later on 58, then all that
was reducing to 33, 24, later on 12, then 10, 7,
well, and so it went. When there remained 3 of them, that’s
when everything actually ended. That’s exactly when patriarchy came.
There were changes. Well, just look, what a path
of degradation took place. And at different times there were
simply different mentions of them, hence there is confusion, but
basically this is the same. However, when they talk about goddesses,
they already mean Allathiara, that is, 7 persons or 12, but when
we talk about the Allat sisters, there’s the exact number
12 plus 5 assistants. Right, this really gives an understanding
of why there are various names… Why 72,
why 7, there are plenty… …various numbers, yes. And the names
of the Great goddesses also varied, although that was basically
the name of one and the same, yes, Being (Igor Mikhailovich: Of
course) who at that point in time was bearing this main… Spiritual
function on earth. …spiritual function. And here I
also had a question regarding this, exactly regarding the function
which you’ve mentioned, it’s just that it is also historically
described in different ways, that thanks to this spiritual
Being a great number of people have an opportunity to
become Angels, meaning… Of spiritual salvation. A: Of spiritual
salvation. A chance of spiritual salvation. After all, this
sphere is closed, and there has to be a
gate from it – an exit, and someone has to keep it open. Well, that’s what is believed
according to legend. And what’s interesting is that this is
also based on the choice of a human. Only based on the
choice, exclusively. Yes, and I also wanted to tell about
Maitreya, to add a little bit more, that often Maitreya (His main images),
He’s portrayed everywhere with a lotus as a symbol of the purity of Dharma,
meaning, of the pure Knowledge which He brings, and the lotus is like
a symbol of spiritual liberation. And note, lotus everywhere
is like a symbol of purity, and even, as Elchin has
mentioned, in the surah… In the surah … A: In The Star
surah… the Lotus is mentioned… In The Star surah, it is also
said, when the Prophet reached the Lote Tree of the Utmost Boundary.
What does this actually indicate? It is performance of the
ancient Lotus Flower practice. Which led to spiritual liberation,
and this has remained… To spiritual liberation,
to the gate. The Utmost Boundary was already
considered to be the threshold. Well, if you collect it all by grains,
everything becomes understandable, and when you have the Clues, everything
is totally clear. A: Yes. Well, one should just truly live by the
spiritual, then everything is clear. After all, well, a woman actually embodies
Love, and God’s Power, and God’s Energy… I’ll put it simply, many
religions belittle a woman. But why is this
beneficial to satan? Why exactly belittle a woman? Because God has endowed a woman
with the gift of giving birth. After all, He hasn’t given
this capability to a man. This means that in a woman the
flame of God’s Power, yes, is much higher than in a man, but
a man is stronger physically, and a man should serve a woman: protect
her, support her, and take care of her. But everything has changed.
Tatiana: Well, yes. “A woman must be an
obedient slave, because the one who’s stronger is right”
– by the law of satanism, strength dominates weakness, and
not wisdom, not freedom, nothing. It’s a harsh world,
a world of animals. In the world of animals,
strength dominates weakness. It is also interesting that
precisely the times are indicated, when the reign of this
Love was changed, and when patriarchy
replaced matriarchy. Such records even have been found (IM: Certainly) in legends of the peoples of both
Australia and Central Brazil, when it was simply
mentioned that, without understanding of the
inner spiritual processes, of that which is taking place,
well, in particular, at that time those were men who simply
seized the secret knowledge as it is written in legends and
stories, and changed it, however… A substitution of values simply
happened. T: were lost… A substitution of values
and nothing more. And naturally, having got a
taste of power, men understood that there was no need to strain
themselves, running after… hunting, working hard, it was
enough to simply be in power, and everything would be brought to you.
By the right of being strong, they established armies which
forced to serve. Well, so it went. And so it continues. It’s scary to
let women be in power in religions because they will put everything back in
its place, especially true believers. After all, if female service
is restored… what will happen? Sooner or later, as they possess
more spiritual strength, not physical, but spiritual, all
this will have an effect in them, and will ultimately
threaten the foundations, because they will start telling
the truth: what they feel, what they know, — well… they
will ruin institutions which… …the system
built over centuries. Yes, that’s why this is
beneficial neither to the system nor to those who live in such
institutions, so to speak. It’s also interesting that matriarchy
and patriarchy are basically not the primacy of a man or a woman, it’s…
IM: No, by no means. Matriarchy is a reign of
Love, precisely that… E: It’s an absence of power. IM: Absolutely right. T: …a woman never wanted power, yes, that is… IM: It’s
an absence of power. Elchin is right. It was justice, but in no way
domination of any power over someone. Patriarchy is establishment of
power, meaning, it is strict laws, laws of the animal world, which were
introduced into the human society. Because it is now interpreted
incorrectly by human consciousness and… Well… incorrectly. While human
consciousness believes that it’s correct, because it’s beneficial to it. It’s
beneficial to the master of consciousness. Right. T: It’s also
interesting that it turns out that when… well, it is described that when,
unfortunately, the times changed from that moment when Love reigned, for
the times when power started prevailing, when priests emerged, then it is exactly
mentioned that the main was basically lost, and this led to degradation, to
spiritual degradation of men and to spiritual degradation of women
(IM: Naturally) as well (IM: And what do we see now?), and, naturally,
there’s a breakdown of society, yes, a breakdown of communities. That’s what we now see. If we
honestly face the truth, so to say, well, then this is really so.
It’s sad, well… what can you do? Well, on the other hand, it is exactly
a stimulus to do something good. It’s not a reason to relax. It’s
exactly a reason to get together. Right? T: To unite in Love.
IM: Absolutely right. Moreover, we have such a time that
there are a lot of people now who have stepped on the path of
salvation, who are internally aware of this importance and inner need to
unite with the Spiritual World. And in the ALLATRA movement, there are a
lot of people from various countries, who really work on themselves,
who (IM: Yes) work not just for their
own spiritual salvation, but also understand the
entire importance of service to the Spiritual World. IM:
Service for other people. A: Right. Yes, in dissemination of the
Knowledge, in preserving it in purity. And they realise how important
it is to work on themselves, to tame this demon inside, so that the
Knowledge is preserved in its purity. And there exists a positive international
experience (A: Yes) of how people, working for the benefit of the
Spiritual World, serving God, develop themselves in this,
meaning, what a big help it is… Well, it’s natural. It’s natural that
spiritual growth (A: Yes) of a person is in his or her deeds as well. If a person sits and tries
to develop spiritually, meanwhile staying still,
it’s not going to work. First of all, spiritual development
is movement. Well, this is normal. And it multiplies exactly
when you share it. But how else could it be? A: Yes, yes.
T: Exactly in this. After all, it is said,
“What you’ve given to God will be returned to
you hundredfold.” And what can you give to God
except your Love and service?! It’s just interesting even to
listen to the experience of people who interact within the
framework of all the projects of the ALLATRA International
Public Movement. It would also be interesting to listen to those
who deal with climatic issues (T: Yes). After all, we are actually
standing (Tatiana: Yes), and we’ve raised this topic
today, on the threshold, let’s say, of the end times. And
climatic changes are a confirmed fact which is witnessed by people
from all over the world. Unfortunately, much is being
hushed up, but, thank God, ALLATRA participants are all over the
world, and firsthand information is transferred much faster than mass
media try to publish or conсeal it. This is also interesting. Indeed, those natural disasters
which you, Igor Mikhailovich, also warned of in the programmes,
and which were written about in the books by Anastasia Novykh,
they are already happening now. And, like Tatiana has said before,
all these climatic changes that scientists promised within 100 years,
we see that they are happening already within a decade, meaning, that… The
process is accelerating. The process is accelerating.
And, by the way, many scientists even note the fact
that these climatic processes, which are now taking place,
can no longer be even called either global warming (IM: No), or climate change, but there’s even such a term as
“rapid climate change”. And so… They are not caused by the anthropogenic
factor (T: Right), not at all. And many people already come to this now
(IM: Well, thank God), also scientists whom our
participants get in touch with Well, we
talked about this long ago. Yes, and it gladdens a lot that there are also
such scientists who speak, meaning, they see… Freer ones (T: Right)
who can speak. Yes, who see that
there is inconsistency, yes, they aspire
to show the truth, meaning, that in actual
fact, well, yes… that, generally speaking,
the anthropogenic factor is not the first thing (IM:
Certainly, not) which is a reason for that impetuous increase. Well, even if we take, for
instance, by specific… And I’d like to say from
the following perspective. If we consider the anthropogenic
factor in a spiritual aspect, then there’s spiritual degradation,
and it is precisely the main reason. The pointlessness of
existence, well, let’s say, of the globe on which
satanism is propagating. It is simply not interesting. That’s
why such things start happening. It’s just surprising, yes, even
every person can turn on TV and watch weather news, and
there are more and more… And do you know what the trouble is?
(Teya: But they are fragmented.) People don’t see this (T: Yes). Say,
something has occurred in our country… “Well… well, that can happen, after
all, it took place in the past.” Besides, mass media have said,
“Well, this did happen in the past.” Well, a person already
feels relieved, more calm. People don’t look broadly. After all,
satan narrows human consciousness, and a person sees just one point.
But in order to look broadly at what is actually happening and
to link everything together – well, a person is simply afraid.
And people don’t do this, unfortunately, even scientists who
are climatologists, who engage in climate change studies,
they still look at all this somehow in a segmented
way: there, there. Very fragmentary. IM: Fragmentary.
Yes. Well, meaning, it’s not holistic, there’s no some single view (IM: Not whole), it’s not whole. But in actual fact, everything’s
interrelated (T: Of course). Both those earthquakes and those tropical
showers which are already taking place. Weakening of the magnetic field, shifting of the magnetic poles
(IM: Surely), which is rapid. It’s just that, while
previously the north magnetic pole, yes, before 1970, it was shifting
about 10 km a year, nowadays, already after 1970, the
shift is already 40 km a year. It’s increasing. And it’s increasing. Yes. Of course. All
this has a reason: there is, again, instability of the
Earth core, which causes these changes, I mean those due to earthquakes. Again, the activity of
volcanoes in now increasing. Well, it is weak so far,
but soon it will be worse. This increases the concentration of
СО2 and intensifies everything again. One phenomenon clings to another
and intensifies the third one. And it turns out that a volcanic
eruption produces such emissions that humanity needs
many years to emit. And melting glaciers which
also cause СО2 increase. Well, naturally, all this leads to warming.
This, in turn, accelerates those processes that
are happening on their own. Well, this is inevitability.
The ocean is getting warmer, because of this the number
of hurricanes increases, meaning, and also
their intensity, and… What’s surprising is that there are so
many weather news even in the recent time, which are even accompanied
with the words like, yes, some “record-breaking” or (IM: Ongoing records) “strange phenomena” (T: Records
are broken every year), “anomalous”. Records are broken every month.
That is, almost every weather news is accompanied with precisely such words
that… (IM: New records) yes, that some anomalies
take place, and, well… where it used to be
cold — it becomes hot, where it used to be hot
— it becomes cold. Well, again, seismic activity.
If we look at the increase… If we even look at the
increase, if we just look at seismic sensors of geological
services, right, we can even check the data for 2005 out of interest, if we
look at how many earthquakes were – well, about 60,000, well, this is if we
take those of the first magnitude, and check how many of them
were in 9 months of 2018 – there were already 102,000.
Meaning, there is a 40% increase in the number of earthquakes
over just a small… Yes, but the increase is not
only in the number, but… The destructiveness also increases (IM: Of course. It is growing). Moreover, in those places, well,
the participants of the movement, eyewitnesses also say that
the earthquakes occur even in those places where
it was unusual before. If earlier it was surprising to
hear some figures of magnitude 5 on the Richter scale or something
else (IM: Well, yes), now it is already of
magnitude 6-7 – this is… This is a norm. It’s already a norm, yes. This is such a normal
concourse of circumstances for a modern… Let’s put it so, people should have a
self-preservation instinct, right? (T: Right.) After all, it is clear that if 5 years
ago or 3 years ago it was 2.5 – well, in average, now it is 5,
6, or even 7 already. This increase is literally
over a short period of time, and the increase is very large.
Is it worth thinking about? That something is going wrong?
Well… It’s just also interesting
that sometimes some people say that they fear. Besides, what does consciousness do? It
says, “I would rather not pay attention to the current climatic events, because
by putting my attention there, I allegedly somehow
strengthen them.” Well, this is nonsense. But if one ponders
(IM: Well, well), right? It turns out that mass media just conceal this
information (IM: Of course), and there is no attention to this topic,
nevertheless, they are increasing. On the contrary, they
remove this information. Yes. So, in fact, thus it can simply
be demonstrated to human consciousness that the power of attention
of a person in no way… Let’s consider another
very interesting point. It’s for those who are really
engaged in studying the system, exposing the devil
and how he acts. It’s clear that there
are political aspects, there are military
operations in Syria, forced migration, the decision,
for example, taken by Germany to accept refugees, which contributed
to a large-scale movement of refugees from the
East to Europe. But what was the result of it? Extreme negativity among
the local population. This confirmed an extremely
negative experience of a movement of huge masses
of people, of migration. And on the threshold of what? On the
threshold, this experience is accumulating, even self-defence brigades against, say,
immigrants are already formed there, immigrants start
imposing their culture, and a very strong
tension arises. And this is on the threshold of big
climatic changes… A: And migration, when there will be a forced
migration of huge masses. But understanding the predecessors’
experience which has now shown that migration is an evil… Because
it is perceived now as an evil. Authorities are
trying to conceal it, but what do we know
from our participants from Germany, from
France or from England? What is going on? After all, there
are serious conflicts arising between local population and those
very immigrants because of culture, because of all the
rest, their behaviour, the violence they have brought. Well, they have such a lifestyle,
they don’t accept, let’s say, the lifestyle which is customary
for people in Europe. And instead of finding common
ground and actually working, all this is being concealed. It’s
necessary to work with people, to give explanations and, let’s say,
if a person comes to another country, he should accept its
culture, if he’s forced to. If he doesn’t like this
culture, he shouldn’t go there. When in Rome, do as Romans do.
And this is right. He should choose a destination for
himself, let’s say, which would suit him, if he doesn’t want to accept that culture.
But it happens vice versa. Hence, there are rapes, robbery,
well, and all the rest. And what is happening? Authorities
conceal this. Mass media conceal this. But people resent it, and a huge
people’s outrage is rising. And on the threshold of a
situation when not a few million, but anytime soon tens of millions
and subsequently billions will have to migrate, what do
you think, what will happen? One group of people is forced to
move because there’s no place, while another group doesn’t
want to host them. Those ones have nothing else to
do, they have plenty of weapons, a lot of people, and
no place to live. While these ones have. Will this
be resolved peacefully or not? Well, if we look that way,
then… T: Well, as now… There is no model, yes,
this different one… It turns out that here you’ve also
raised such an interesting topic, when one understands that
it will be resolved… I’m not saying anything, I’m
just asking: what will happen? …it turns out that it will be
resolved depending on the level of humaneness in people.
Absolutely right. And here it becomes… And I
have a simple question: does anyone cultivate this
humaneness in people nowadays? Does anyone work with
them, explain to them? They already do. A: Actually, they
already do, yes. In this context, the importance of that activity which
participants of the ALLATRA movement are carrying out all over
the world becomes clear, the importance of the Knowledge
which has been brought today IM: This is very important,
of course,… the importance of everything, of every word, of every direction,
because thanks to this, a common base is exactly
being formed, where people can understand each
other, first of all. And understand precisely on
that common base, not on… not in the cultural field, not
in the field of traditions, but in the field of that truly humane
(IM: Humaneness) which is inside everyone. Because, when
participants from various countries, while taking part in THE UNIVERSAL
GRAIN, Breaking News projects, were also sharing with
each other to what extent all the projects of the movement
are interconnected… In what sense? That when a person eventually faces
an unforeseen critical situation, whether an emergency climatic or any other.
For instance, having found oneself in a situation with
a stranger, yes, what is important? The extent to which they will be able to
understand each other at that moment. After all, the further destiny of
each of them will depend on this. While life is valuable
exactly for the fact that it can sort of
cultivate an Angel. And when you understand this
value of human life, well… meaning, here even the very fact
of the value of life is revealed, that you actually, well… a totally different
attitude towards a person emerges. And then, no matter which culture or a
person from which part of the planet you come in touch with, you
primarily see this value in him, which you have in common and which
is one for all – this very Angel, and your attitude is
completely different. And in this, my friends, is exactly
the value of the ALLATRA movement. People may support it or not. But if
they don’t support it, what will happen? That which we don’t even
want to talk about. But what is now happening in those countries (E:
Yes) where there is forced migration. Yes. Forced migration, but
it’s without AllatRa. Yes. AllatRa is actually
valuable in this aspect. When it’s not there, what happens
is that (IM: Animal) satan rules, yes, satan rules people.
– Absolutely right. And people turn into animals. While
the value of the ALLATRA movement is also in the fact that people
of various nationalities (IM: Of various
religions), totally different people, people of different ages, different occupations,
different lifestyles, but they find… …but they become one family (E:
Yes), the spiritual family. And they create. Not for
the sake of some profit… And when people are united
in the spiritual family, everything material is easily
solvable – there’ll be no conflicts. Right.
That’s how it should be. And it’s a vivid example of this.
Although, yes, there are no these
difficulties here which people have encountered
there, but, after all, these difficulties
are also illusory. Of course, they are an illusion. And actually, if, let’s say, in a
relatively peaceful atmosphere people have managed to find
this common ground, that universal which
is inside everyone, that AllatRa which is inside (IM: Certainly) everyone, and have managed to act
on the basis of that… The inner true AllatRa which
lives in every human being. …they will manage
there, too, yes. Of course, they will. But for this,
the only thing that’s needed is what? Activeness of the ALLATRA
movement participants. Absolutely right. That’s why
much depends on every person. And here it turns out that even
one soldier does make a battle. But when (A: Spirit) there
are many of such people, and he’s not alone, then
everything is possible. And, as Archimedes said,
“Give me a pivot, and I shall move the world (Elchin:
I shall move the whole world).” Today the pivot, no matter how you twist
it, is every person’s inner AllatRa – it’s the only thing through which it is
possible not only to move the world, but to stop that inevitability
which is coming. The future is not determined yet, but
there’s already a forerunner of that. Yes, and very much depends
on absolutely every person. Active participation of people from various
countries in social international projects of the ALLATRA movement is
exactly that living example, an example of how much
people can do by uniting, interacting together and contrary to
the typical patterns of consciousness, contrary to the system’s mindsets.
When people work on themselves, they share this experience
with each other, they voice the secret action of consciousness
in their heads — what it tells them. And they understand
that this is precisely what is alien to their
inner spiritual nature. And they notice in themselves this amazing
process, the process of liberation, freedom from obsessive thoughts,
from oppression of consciousness. Igor Mikhailovich, earlier you’ve mentioned
about the catharsis in that very Christianity. Well, it is not just banal confession,
but precisely analysis and study: how consciousness works, how it acts
through that which seems to be ours, exactly that very unknown power
which is called the devil. This is precisely the exposure of satan,
precisely cleansing from that filth which makes the potentially Living
inevitably dead. This is really so. And people understand
it, they face it. And it’s no longer a fantasy for them, it’s
no longer a religious misunderstanding, but it is life, it is practice,
it’s the practice of today. This is what people face,
face absolutely for real, and they face it in this
three-dimensionality. They already begin to see the signs
and understand what is happening, and it is much easier for them
to get rid of that dependence, from that satan’s dictatorship
over them as Personalities. And what does this give, first of all?
Liberation. Freedom. Love and freedom. And the most interesting
thing is that this is not a religion. Because people of different religious
views unite, they become a single whole. And the most interesting thing is
that they find universal grains in their religions — that
which unites them all. And it turns out that God is
one, while satan divides Him. Through whom? Through people.
And people contribute to this. So, what is needed? To stop serving
satan and to become the one who is inherent in everyone
– to become an Angel. And this is the
meaning of humankind. If people don’t live by
the Spiritual World, if people don’t live by Love
and respect for each other, then what kind of people are they?
They are beasts. And since people are beasts,
it means there will happen that which is gaining momentum.
There’s no point… in our humanity. And was
it worth living then? What’s the point? Isn’t that so? Yes. And here we’ve also touched
upon such an interesting topic about how people
share, open themselves and talk about the typical
patterns of consciousness, but there is service
in this, too, when through this (IM: Of course) the position of the system is weakened (IM : For sure), this openness of people… After all, your understanding
of how the system acts, how it stereotypically catches
you on one or another thing, how it manipulates you, how it forces
you to believe in those fairy tales which are indeed fairy tales,
and how it covers the Truth which exists – this very
experience is invaluable. And a person who follows the
spiritual path does understand that he needs to share
it with other people. This is like a sailing guide that works
a ship’s way, let’s say, among reefs. And another person who follows the
path no longer runs into this reef because he knows that if this happens
consequences will take place as well, and he avoids these
consequences already, because he can
resist the system. And fewer and fewer
tricks remain for satan, and he becomes more and more exposed
and understandable for the person, and the person becomes more and more
free from his directives. Isn’t that so? And, hence, what is he filling with?
With greater Love. Love for what? For
the Spiritual World, because It reveals itself before
him in Its boundlessness. And if the person feels more and
more Love for the Spiritual World, then the Spiritual World also
starts loving him, meaning, this way an Angel is being born –
from an ordinary mortal nothing, there emerges Life,
Life Eternal. How important this inner call of
a person precisely to God is, that call (IM: It’s
important) to the Spiritual World. It’s important, of
course, it’s important. And when such people grow in number,
and they unite, this is really joy. Then the system
is weakened, too. Right, and it’s a joy for the Spiritual
World (IM: Surely). That’s precisely the point. IM: For the Spiritual World it’s a joy even if one Angel has come, and when
many come – it’s a greater joy. Why is that World Boundless? Why do
Love and Joy always reign in It? Why does It give true Happiness? Because everything
is always new in It, there is no single moment repeating there.
Well, in this world it’s impossible to convey the entire charm of That world.
Let’s say, when a person really comes
into contact with That world, and this is mentioned in all the
Scriptures, this overfills the person with such a Joy that is incomparable
with anything in this world. And imagine, this is only when an
Angel has slightly touched him, when the Holy Spirit has paid
a little attention to him, and the person experiences
such a… This is like splashes. Say… there’s a wind that has
brought splashes from the ocean, and the person, being in a desert,
in heat, feels this freshness. But what will happen when
he plunges into this ocean, when he merges and becomes its part?
And this is, well, worth pondering. This is really wonderful.
And on this nice note, the note of Love and
respect for each other, for those who not
just hear us, but… we’d like to say one thing:
guys, let’s love each other. All the best! Thank you very
much for being with us. Even if you are on consciousness
so far, but you are with us.