Is there a supernatural
dimension, a world
beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural. [Applause] Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. My guest carries so much of the
presence of the Glory of God, of the Spirit of God. This is going to be hard for you
to believe, she’s driving along one day and a stranger, someone
she doesn’t even know, jumps into her car. She stopped to leave her
children off. Jumps into her car and says,
“You’re beautiful.” Now what would you do? I’ll tell you what she did. She didn’t do anything. The Glory of God, the fire of
God jumped off of her on this man. He starts sweating profusely,
starts shaking and then she leads him to Jesus. Do you want to know
about that fire? That Glory is for you. [Applause] You know, I travel all the time
like you, but I have never had someone sit next to me like
Alice Cresswell. Tell me about this man that got
stuck next to you on a plane. There was nowhere
else for him to go. Alice: What do you
mean stuck next to me? Sid: He’s thinking,
how can I exit. Alice: He was pinned
in because he was by the window because I’m
in the middle. There’s another guy to my right. Sid: That’s even worse. Alice: So I’m just sitting there
minding my own business. We’re just about to take off and
as I’m looking out through the window I notice the guy to my
left by the window is starting to look a little
bit red in the face. And then I notice he’s got beads
of sweat begin to appear on his forehead and start to trickle
down the side of his face. Sid: Now if that happened to me
I’d think the person was sick. Alice: Well to be honest I just
thought, well maybe he’s scared of flying, and I was actually
starting to think maybe I ought to offer to pray and say, is
there a problem with flying. But before I had a chance to
even think about what I was going to say he just turned to
me and he said, “What’s that? What is that?” And I was like,
“What’s what?” And he said, “There is so much fire coming
out of you,” he said, “so much power and so much heat.” He
said, “You are making me sweat.” I said, “That would be the
Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit that you can you feel.” Now he
told me that he was into new age stuff. He had been into Buddhism. He said he knew the spirit realm
very well, but he never felt anything like this kind of level
of power or fire from anybody. So I just went on to tell him
that Jesus is the access point to the spirit realm. Jesus said, “I am the door.” And
I told him a bit more about Jesus and how he
died on the cross. And as I’m telling him
this I get a pain in the base of my spine. So I just thought, maybe I’m
picking up on something with this guy. So I just said to him, “Have you
got a problem with your spine?” And he said, “Yes.” He said,
“For 14 years,” he said, “I’ve been in constant pain.” He said,
“What happened was,” he said, “14 years ago I was in a bar,
got involved in a fight and I was actually, my back was
broken, like severe.” Breaking his back. He had surgery and sciatica. It was pressing on his sciatic
nerve. He had been on liquid morphine
for 14 years, but still had all this pain in his body. So I said, “You know the Spirit
of Jesus you could feel coming out of me, the Holy Spirit,
would you like a little bit of that power, just a little bit to
go into your body and heal you?” And he was like, “Don’t mind if
I do.” So I’m just sitting there and I just put my finger on his
shoulder like this and I said, “I release the spirit of the
power of Jesus, the healing power of Jesus now. In Jesus’ name be healed.” All
the bones go back together. He had metal rods in his back. I said, “Metal come out, all
pain go in Jesus’ name.” Then I said to him,
“What are you feeling?” Because I always like to ask. It’s always a scary part, but I
do ask what is the person feeling. And he’s like, “Nothing.” So I said, “What do you
mean nothing?” Sid: You must be feeling all
sorts of things. Alice: Yes. And I expect him
to be healed, you see. So I’m like, “What do you mean
you feel nothing?” And he says, “No, you
don’t understand. For 14 years, I have been in
constant pain. Now I feel nothing.” Sid: Wow. Now Alice has a bed and
breakfast and a boutique, and tell me about someone, a man
that came into your boutique and was, he’s looking for a gift or
something. Alice: I noticed this guy, as he
walked through the shop he had quite a pronounced limp, and I
just got chatting to him, and I said, “What’s the trouble?” And
he said, “Well 30 years ago, I was involved in a major car
accident, this car wreck.” He said, “It nearly killed me.”
He said, “It was terrible.” He said, “Three of my vertebrae”
in his back were crushed. The thought he was going to die. He’s actually lost, he said, he
lost four inches in height because his back was crushed. And he broke all his jaw and he
actually lost all his teeth. They had to reconstruct his jaw. The top part of his mouth they
had to put a new one in. He had bruising on his brain and
he had epileptic fits now. He had pain in his
body all down his legs, sciatic nerve
and everything. And he would wake up very often
in the morning with blood in his mouth and with, just his arms
and legs were numb. Sid: Sounds like an awful life. Alice: I mean, terrible. They told him he was going to be
in a wheelchair very soon and his hands were shaking like this
ever since the accident. So I said, “Well Jesus can heal
you. Can I pray for you?” And he didn’t know
anything about Jesus, but he was amazing. He said, “Yeah, have a go.” I
don’t know if he believed or not that it was going to work. But I started to pray and the
power of God just came in such a mighty way. His knees started to buckle and
he started to fall over. My husband Rob, across the other
side of the shop, saw what was happening and he just raced
across the shop and managed to catch him in time, and we helped
him into a seat. And he’s sitting there, and you
know, he couldn’t even speak because just the power of God
was so strongly upon him. And he was crying, and he was
crying, and he was crying. I was like, “Are you okay?” He
said, “The pain is gone. The pain is gone.” And as he’s
sitting there he’s trembling and he’s crying, and he can hardly
speak, and he’s like “The pain is gone.” He sat for a while and
I said, “Come on, just jump up.” And he said, “Last night I went
to the movies. It took me 20 minute to get up
from my seat.” He said, “I can’t just jump up.” I said, “Jump up
in the name of Jesus because the name of Jesus is so, so
powerful.” He literally jumps up out of his seat and he’s still
crying, and he’s like, “I’ve grown! I’ve grown. I’m taller.” Because he was four
inches short, he said. He said, “I feel taller.” We
prayed for his jaw and it went numb, and he said he feels it
moving around, and his hands stopped shaking. They were just perfectly still. And he stayed in the shop for
maybe another couple of hours. He was so overwhelmed and he
prayed to God, and he said, “God, thank you for healing me. Please come into my life. Come and fill me with
your Holy Spirit.” [Applause] Sid: You know, when
we come back, I want you to put
yourself in this situation. You’re driving a car. You’re by yourself and someone
you don’t know jumps into your car, and this person has evil
intentions. That’s what happened to Alice. But what happened to this
person, we’ll talk about him when we come back. We’ll be right back to It’s
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Supernatural. [Applause] Sid: I just can’t imagine this. You’re just driving along and
were you stopped for a light or a stop sign, and this man opens
your car door and jumps in. Were you stopped? Alice: Well what happened was I
was actually taking my daughter to work and she jumped out in
the car park, the parking lot, she jumps out, closes the
passenger door and I’m just reversing my car when this
random man I’ve never seen in my life before opens the passenger
seat and jumps in, and closes it behind him. And he looks at me, and he says,
“You are beautiful.” And I thought, well that doesn’t
happen every day. I was stunned. I was just so shocked. I was not expecting that. And I’m just sitting there, and
so basically I just looked at him and I didn’t even say a
word, but I just turned to him when I looked at him, and
without a saying anything, he just starts to, actually starts
to tremble in my car. And then before I knew it he
starts crying and he says, “I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so
sorry.” He keeps apologizing. He says, “I got into your car
with bad motives in my heart, impure motives in my heart,” and
he’s saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really bad, I’m
really bad, please help me, please help me. I need God, I need God, I need
God.” I look at him and I’m like, I said, “I’m a Christian
minister.” And he’s like, “I didn’t know that.” It
was just the atmosphere, I guess, because I didn’t have
any Christian music on. I wasn’t speaking in tongues. I was just sitting there, you
know. And all; I could think is that
it was just, it was the presence of Jesus, the Holy Spirit just
coming, emulating from me that he just got into the atmosphere
and he starts confessing his sin. So I said, “Do you really want
to know God?” He says, “Yes, I really want to know God. I’ve been wanting
to for so long. Can you help me with
that?” And I said yes. So I just told him about Jesus
and we grabbed hands, and he’s given his
life to Jesus. He’s crying. He’s saying, “Lord, please
forgive me for my sin.” Twenty minutes later,
we’re still there. My daughter is knocking on the
window because she had seen that I was still there, and she says,
“Mommy, are you okay?” And I was like, “Yeah, yeah. He’s just giving his life to
Jesus.” She says, “Oh that’s fine.” And she
goes back into work. Sid: Now it sounds like you
don’t have, she doesn’t have ordinary days. I know her secret. I want you to find out her
secret. Why? So you’re not going to have
ordinary days. You, just as a young girl, you
started a very special relationship with Holy Spirit. Tell me what your relationship
with Holy Spirit is now. Alice: Well we’re very close,
really close. You know, the Holy Spirit is a
person. He’s God and but he’s also my
best friend and he talks to me, and we have fun together. Sid: Now when he talks to you,
is it inner thoughts or is it an audible voice? Alice: Oh all sorts of ways. Sid: Really? Alice: And he’s, it’s like it
changes. There’s so much to God. He’s so many facets to God, and
sometimes he will show me things. Like first thing in the morning
as soon as I wake up, I just talk to him and
he’s like he’s waiting for me, and even
while I’m sleeping. Sid: Are you excited to talk to
him first thing in the morning? Alice: Oh yeah, I love him. It’s like being in love. It just feels like
being in love. Sid: Is he as much in love
with you as you are with him? Alice: Yes. Yes. And he just tells me that he
loves me and I say, well I love you, too. And sometimes I really feel his
presence, you know, especially when I’m talking to him and I’m
like, “O Holy Spirit, I love you so much.” And I really feel like
the manifest presence of Jesus just coming in the
room wherever I am. It doesn’t
matter where I am. Sid: Okay. How can I know him? How can my friends watching now
know him like you do? Alice: Well spend time with him
and really cultivate the relationship. Like with any relationship you
got to cultivate it. And so I talk to him all the
time, like wherever I am I’m just chatting to him or I’m
singing, or he’s singing to me, but also being obedient. If he says to you like, not to
do something or not to say something, instantly, try and be
obedient and not to do that or if he says do this and do that. And I just find that it just
cultivates that relationship and he loves that. Sid: Something that you talk
about, the average person is very almost afraid of. You talk about, you had a dream
about demons. I mean, people, polite people
don’t even believe in them let alone talk about them. What happened in your dream? Alice: Well this was a while
ago. And I was having a few dreams
actually and it seemed to be recurring dreams where I would
be dreaming, like these scary looking monsters would be
chasing me and it would be in houses and there would be lots
of stairs, and I was trying to run away from these scary
looking creatures and trying to escape out the windows or
whatever. And after a while having these
dreams, I thought, I think that’s kind of a spiritual thing
going on. So next time I said, “Lord, can
you help me in my dreams.” So the next dream I had, in my
dream, instead of running away, I was actually, I stood my
ground. And then the dream after that I
was facing these demonic looking creatures, and then the next
dream I’m actually chasing them and I’ve got this big sword, and
I’m coming at them, and I’m chasing them through these dark
places, and they’re screaming. And then I’m lopping their heads
off and everything. Sid: They’re very afraid of you. Alice: Yes. Well it’s Jesus
they’re afraid of actually, but yes, he’s in me. Sid: Okay. So how does this
play out in your life? Alice: Well just what I realized
from the dreams was the Lord was teaching me that in everyday
life that we have authority over the demonic. Jesus says he gives us all
authority. Sid: You say get used to casting
out demons. Alice: Yes. Sid: What do you mean by that? Alice: It’s just part of
everyday life, like you don’t have to go into a special place
to help somebody get free. But yeah, demons, they often
will sort of pop out of people just when you go near them
because of the presence of Jesus that you carry when
you follow Jesus. Sid: Okay. Well your gifts,
it seems as though they’re, you’re not static. They keep growing and growing. You even have been able to
predict exact dates that something happens. I’ll have her share that when we
come back. [Applause] We’ll be right back to It’s
Supernatural. We now return to It’s
Supernatural. [Applause] Sid: Now I’m excited about your
book because people will know longer have normal days. They’re going to be supernatural
days. You tell me you’re so excited
when you wake up in the morning and you get to talk to your
friend the Holy Spirit. Alice: Yes. Sid: But this is happening to
people all over the world. Tell me about a woman who
started reading your book. Alice: Yes. This is a woman, she did not
know anything about Jesus. She had been in bed virtually
the whole time for ten years, apparently, and she was
suffering from a condition called MA, which is like chronic
fatigue, in pain, lots of tiredness. And a friend of hers
gave her my book, “The Normal
Supernatural Christian Life” and she goes to
bed that night. She starts to read it. It has a lot of different
chapters, a lot of different things, the Holy Spirit,
healing. She gets to the chapter on
demons and as she’s reading the chapter on demons, some demons
begin to manifest. Something starts to happen and
she’s like, she’s thinking, I’ve got to keep reading to find out
what to do about these demons. Anyway, they start manifesting
and she reads what to do. So she says, you know, “In Jesus
name.” She didn’t even know Jesus at that point. But she says, “In Jesus’ name
leave me know.” She read what to do. And as she said that, in the
middle of the night these demons left her and she realized she
was completely well, so she… Sid: Ten years in bed? Wow. Alice: Yes. So then
she actually, she gets
up that morning. She hardly slept because she had
been reading my book all night. She then comes into our shop the
next morning, I just happen to be in there, and she starts
telling what had just happened. And she said, “For these ten
years I’ve hardly been into the city center because I get in
here.” It was only two miles away from where she lived. But she said, she told me what
had just happened to her, “I want to give my
life to Jesus. What do I need to do?” So I just
told her about Jesus and she gave her life to Jesus. Amazing. Sid: You don’t believe in normal
things, do you? Alice: No. That would be boring. Sid: Okay. But guess what? You don’t stay constant when you
know God. You go from Glory, that’s being
in the presence of God, to Glory, being in more presence
of God, to Glory, being even in more presence of God. You even are starting to tell
people exact dates that prophetic things are going to
happen. Give me an example. Alice: Yes. It’s powerful. When you prophesy to somebody
often you can give a date or a length of time and it will
happen as you speak it out. I met this lady who I had never
seen before and I really felt like the Lord wanted me to speak
to her and prophesy to her. Now what happens very often with
me is I don’t know what I’m going to say until actually I
open my mouth. And even I just felt like I
needed to prophesy. Sid: And you know what? There are a lot of people like
that that are watching us, but you’re not opening your mouth. Alice: I know. Sid: And that’s why the
prophetic isn’t coming out. There is a faith dimension, but
go ahead. Alice: Yes. It’s really scary. I’m scared every time, but I
just think, well, I’m going to give it a go. So I went up to her and I said,
“Excuse me,” I said, “I’ve got a message
for you from God. Do you want to hear it?” That’s
what I said. I don’t always say that, but I
said it to her that day. Now at that point I still didn’t
have a message. So she says to me, “Yeah, okay. Tell me what it is.” She knew
nothing about God, but as I start to open my mouth it comes
out, and I said, “You’ve been going through a terrible time
for about two years. You can’t even sleep at night. You’re in such a bad way. You’ve got all this anxiety. You don’t know what’s going to
happen.” But I said, “You’ve been crying out and you said,
God, if you’re real I need a miracle.” And so I said to her,
“I’ve come to tell you that God is real. He’s heard your cries and you’re
going to have a miracle.” I said, “But what he wants
you to know is when you give your life to him
completely within two weeks everything is going
to turn around for you.” Now as I’m
saying this, she’s crying. So I said, she says, “Everything
you said is true. I’m on tranquilizers. I’m about to lose my home. The whole family is against me.”
She was going through such a terrible time. She really had been crying out
to God. So anyhow, I tell her about
Jesus. She gives her life to Jesus and
within two weeks everything completely transformed just like
I prophesied to her and it was just incredible what God did in
her life. Sid: God has given you another
paradigm for revival. You used to pray, pray, pray,
God send revival, God, send revival. God, are you there? Send revival. But God has shown you it’s a
little different. Explain. Alice: Yes. After praying, and it’s not
wrong to pray for revival, but I realized that actually
Jesus has already been and just for me to start revival
everywhere I go, because he lives on
the inside of me. I’ve got the whole of the
Kingdom of Heaven on the inside of me. So I can start revival
everywhere I go. That’s what I realized. And as soon as I came to that
realization then revival did begin to happen, and it’s not
just in a shop or in a café, but literally everywhere I go. Sid: That’s wonderful that you
can do it. But can everyone watching us now
do this? Alice: Yes, definitely.
And that is why I love to tell people that
this is for everyone. If I can live like this then so
can you because this really is for everybody everywhere. Jesus died for everybody and you
can have the Kingdom of Heaven on the inside of you. You can have the Holy Spirit on
the inside of you and release it. It’s just stepping out on faith
and boldness, and courage. And can I release that to your
audience? Sid: Please. That was the next
thing I was going to say. You must be prophetic. Alice: I just felt the Holy
Spirit tell me that people watching this show are going to
be activated right now. So I want to release that
supernatural faith. That’s one thing the Lord Jesus
wants you to do is to release supernatural faith and to
activate people in the miraculous in healings and in
the whole supernatural realm of Heaven. So I release that for you now
and I want to give you some homework if that’s okay, that I
would ask you to step out in faith. In fact right now, I ask the
Holy Spirit that you would come into that person’s room, for all
of those watching that something is going to happen tangible
right now wherever you are, whether it’s a healing. I release that now for you,
healing in Jesus’ name or whether some kind of
manifestation of the Holy Spirit that you really sense the
presence of Jesus right now and that he’s going to tell you
something, and then you need to step out in faith and go
activate the whole miraculous realm in your life that you
would do it today, let’s say by the end of tomorrow, in the name
of Jesus. Sid: And if Jesus is not yet
your Lord, what are you waiting for? Tell him you’re sorry for every
wrong thing you’ve done. Believe the blood of Jesus
washes you clean and now ask Jesus to live inside and say
with your mouth, Jesus, you are my Lord. I’m listening. [Applause] Sid: Next week on It’s
Supernatural. My guest had a dream about a
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