What’s up? A walk in a spring forest? Come there Where’re all those sticks Here There’s a very fresh air It was raining a lot in the morning Here’s an effect of the storm Which some time ago came through my village Major, to me! Good dog You like walks in the forest, right? Where’s without leash you can running Your favourite meadow Probably favourite. Now there’s so many meadows, which you know Here! Good Major! Nice Wait, some stick sticked to your fur What Major? Again we’re in your treasure of sticks There you are Come! Mr. Fluffy on a walk It’s my I know, every stick is yours, right? Further, on the top Major, are you tired? Probably not You would walking like this, probably an hour more, right? What will you say? Major will say “Thumbs up for Major, a stroller” & a catcher of sticks Here Thanks for watching & see you next time Come, come Later