Well Easter is just around the corner Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Excuse me Hello What Father Who, When, Why? Oh No Oh Hell No! Devil Allow Me To Introduce Myself Are You Breathing? Did You Wake Up This Morning? Then You’re Welcome My Name Is Jeus, Wait Jesu, Holdup J.E.S.U.S Also Known As JESUS And I Got A Problem I Was Just Say.. Ah, Fuck This Beard I SHAVED! So I Was Sitting At Home With My Thornhat And My Disciples Watching The News, Than They Mentioned That Easter Was Coming Up And I Was Like “OH GOOD!” Everybody Gon’ Celebrate My Sacrifice Everybody Gon’ love Me Everybody Gon’ Show Me Appreciation But Then This Bitch Had The Nerve To Talk About Some Father Damn Bunny What Do You Mean Some Easter Bunny, What The Fuck This Is A Looney Toons Oh, I’m Sorry Was A Bunny Nailed To a Cross next To me Cause The Last Time I Checked They Don’t Got A Chapter In The Bible, So I Don’t Know Her Oh These Kids Better Be Excited For The Coming Of The Easter Bunny Oh, H..H Hell No These Kids Better be Excited For The Next Coming Of My Holy Ass Ain’t Nobody Got Time And Place For an Easter Bunny The Bunny Ain’t Do Shit The Bunny Doesn’t Even Lay EGGS Where’d You Get Them Eggs From Bunny? And Why They So Colorful? Who You Stealing From? Why You Writing Commandments? My Beard Grew Back You Know Being Jesus Christ And All Or As My Hispanic Children Will Call me Jesús Christo Or In Chinese 耶稣基督
Yēsū jīdū Yes I’m Multi-Langual I’m Gods Sperm Bitch You Would Think I Would Get The Upmost Respect Being The Freer Of All People The Vapisher Of Sin Then People Trying To Replace Me With A Big-Eyed, No-edges Having, Face Ass- Looking, Fluffy Creature This Ain’t The Bachelor You Can’t Choose Who To Love As Delilah 3:1, Said I Ain’t Finna Deal With These Hoes I Ain’t Finna Play With These Hoes Either You’re With Me Or You’re With Me Bitch, There Ain’t No Other Way Boo-Boo I Cured a Sin, I Cured Your Sin Oo, Some Busted Ass Bunny’s Gonna Come To Your Yard And Lay Some Busted Ass Eggs Around And You Have To Find Them What’s Gonna Be Inside CHOCOLATE! Bitch You Sure? Last Time I Checked, Bunnies Don’t Lay No Eggs That Chocolate Might Be Something Else I Would Know I’m Jesus! Bitch So The Next Time You See This Crack-Headed Easter Bunny You Better Tell Him A Bitch Better Watch His Back A Bitch Better Watch His Front A Bitch Better Watch His Side A Bitch Better Watch His Up A Bitch Better Watch His Down A Bitch Better Watch His All Over Anybody Gonna Stop Jesus From Getting What He Deserves What He Loves What He Needs Who Gonna Stop Me Judice? Bitch Can Try ” CATCH ME OUTSIDE, HOW BOUT THAT” Who The Fuck Was That? Weak Ass Bunny Tryna’ Take All My Brothers And Sisters Do We Have To Call Maury? You Can Take The DNA Test On Everything Why The Hell Ya’ll Worship This? Red Nose Looking Like A Bitch Big Ass Ears Looking Like A Bitch And Why He Got Clothes On? Bunnies Don’t Wear Clothes! I’d Know I’m Jesus Easter Bunny’s A Symbol Of New Life Bitch I Was Born Too The Fuck You Mean This New, This Alive What You Want Me To Do Lay EGGS Bitch I Laid Souls Into Yo’ Bodies So The Next Time Ya’ll Try Worshipping The Easter Bunny Don’t Come Crawling Back To Me When Yo’ Edges Go Missing