My name is Gábor Oláh and I gaot to know the Caucasian Shepherds in the 1990s. I have been breeding them since the early 2000s. In the past seven years we have been doing together this work with my wife. In connection with the history of this breed we could go back in time for long, but the first written sources are from the 18th century. They were first mentioned during the Turkish-Russian war. As their name shows, they are originating from the Caucasian mountain region. Conscious breeding work began at the beginning of the 20th century in Russia. The Second World War was had a very negative effect on the breed, like all other Russian breeds. After the 2nd World War the center of breeding work was the legendary Red Star Kennel. The center of breeding work was to preserve the ancient character and qualities of the Caucasians. At their original place of birth the Caucasian Shepherds lived a very rough and harsh life. Only the strongest, the fittest, the healthiest could survive these conditions. Natural selection worked and this was the reason they could preserve their qualities for centuries. At that time they were guarding huge territories and flocks of animals against wolves, bear and men. They were not herding, their role was protection and guarding. There was no need to teach these dogs for this kind of work as they acted instinctively. The Caucasian Shepherd is a giant size of dog, males can have the weight of 60-70 kgs (130-155 lbs). In some rare cases they can be as heavy as 80-100 kg (180-200 lbs), In spite of their weight, they are relatively athletic with a flexible movement and lot of vitality. The Caucasian Shepherd has a very strong guarding instinct, they are popular primarily because of this. In connection with their guarding abilities I would tell a story that happened to one of our dogs in Austria. He was bought by the owner of a horse ranch and she was never trained, she was handled as a pet. This bitch was around 8 months old when a drunken intruder got into the territory of the ranch. As the owner of the dog was attacked by the intruder, the dog reacted immediately and cornered and kept the attacker in bay until the police arrived. It is important to tell that this breed is not for everybody, I would not recommend them for young, or children. It is also not recommended for elderly, or old people with reduced physical abilities. If you keep this breed, you will definitely need a certain level of strong physical shape to handle them properly. They require a balanced and relaxed owner who is strong minded and definite. With this breed you have to be absolutely consequent, what you expect from them as an adult dog, you have to do the same things with them when they are 6-8 weeks old. If you allow to do them when they are two month old, they will do exactly the same thing when they grow up. If you let the let the young puppy to your bed, the 100 lb adult would also like to get into your bed. Their activity level is not extra, but they need a big open space so that they can move freely and you need to walk them regularly. Of course they require mental care as well, they need to socialize, sniffing around and activities like these. In the present day urbanized world they are usually used for guarding real estates and properties, in which they excel They are guarding dogs, but not like a German type working dog. They usually self-acting and bring their decisions. Guarding instincts are coded depply to their gene pool. From health perspective we are lucky with them. As I mentioned earlier, for centuries only the fittest could survive. This is the reason why they are very healthy and do not have typical health issues. Apart from some very rare examples, we take our dogs to the vet only for the compulsory vaccination. As they are a giant breed, you have to screen them for the illnesses that are known among giant breeds. Their average life span is around 10 years, bitches usually live one-two years longer, for 11-12 years. In connection with their feeding a lot of people believe that they eat extremely lot, which is not true. Compared to their size, they eat surprisingly low amount of food, I have some 30 kgs hunter dogs, who eat more than our Caucasians. As they are extra large, feed them with high quality dog foods and raw meat. The fur of the Caucasian Shepherd can be handled very easily. You have to deal with it twice a year. When they are shedding, you have to comb out the hair and that is all. I first met this breed in the middle of the 90s. In Pusztazámor, where we live, there was a very successful kennel, which was known worldwide. I had a very good relationship with them and on every weekend we went together for shows and other events. After a while I noticed that I fell in love with this breed and I gaot to know more and more about them. As a present, I got a puppy from my friends from very valuable bloodlines and everything started at this point. Nowadays we breed this fantastic breed together with my wife. We have very nice show results from all over the world. and we have become golden level master breeders. Presently what I am most proud of is that last year we won the European Dog Show with one of our young dogs.