– Today we’ve got your costume needs covered.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Before we get started, we just wanted to remind you that our brand spankin’ new
sketch, The Puzzle, is live over on our Rhett and Link channel.
– Yes! Together – ♪ What do you do when the
weather is bad? A P-U-Z-Zle, a puzzle! Yeah! What do you do when
you’re feelin’ sad? A P-U-Z-Zle, a puzzle! Yeah! What do you do when your parents
split up and you know that it’s your fault? You cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, cry,
cry, cry, cry, and then you do a P-U-Z-Zle, a puzzle! Yeah! – So head over there now and check it out
but not before we answer your questions. – Mythical Beasts, a question is like a young
man walking in the forest at dusk. And we are like a full moon rising into
the sky as the night falls. When we see the young man, the clouds
part, and our answer moonlight finds the face of the young man. Suddenly, he sprouts
fur and fangs, his clothes rip to shreds, and he lets out a blood-curdling answer
howl! (howls like a wolf) That’s right, Mythical Beasts. All answers
are werewolves. So ask your questions carefully. – Today we asked you to ask us questions
about Halloween! First up, from Hope Star who asks, What is the most
effective way to get more candy? – Great question! Well, you gotta go to
the same house multiple times in a quick convertible costume. And the best way
to do that is with a white sheet. – And lucky for you, we are going to show
you some options! (magical sound)
– You can get started with the traditional Ghost. Very scary!
– Booo! Trick or treat! (ghost noises) – And it only takes a second to transform
into a (magical noise) Ancient Roman! – No, I’m just a frat boy trying to get
into a toga party. – Ohh. But you still gotta get some more
candy! So you gotta turn into a (magical noise) Man with Large Napkin.
– (laughs) I don’t wanna get anything on my shirt! Don’t wanna get any candy
on the shirt. Got the big napkin to block it.
– Alright. And, you can also transform into a (magical noise) Cigarette!
– My head is the butt. (crew laughter)
– Really? But it’s not lit. This is a politically
correct cigarette, it’s not lit. – (laughter) Gimme some candy.
– You wanna transform into a (magical noise) Q-Tip?
– (muffled) My head is the tip! – You’re gonna need a buddy to lead you
around for this one. And finally, transform yourself into a (magical noise)
Snowy Mountaintop! Kinda looks like the Ghost. – They’ll forget about the ghost by the
time we get to this one. – And there it is: six costumes in one!
(magical noise) – Our next question comes from Samantha
Peters who asks, How do you make your pumpkin the best pumpkin?
– Okay, well, Samantha, it all comes down to picking the right pumpkin in the first
place. Now to do that, you need to find the perfect pumpkin patch – and those
can be hard to come by. But luckily, we have a lead on what might be the best
one in the country. So, we have decided to send out an actual local news correspondent
to check it out and report back to us. – That’s right, it’s time for a brand new
segment we’re calling: That’s News to Me with Official GMM Local News Correspondent,
Lee “Newston” Newton. Lee? – Thanks Rhett and Link. I’m Lee Newton
on location here in La Crecenta, California where a little pumpkin patch, has
a big reason to visit…it. Fall. The season of pumpkins, other
pumpkins, small pumpkins, this, ducks, sheep, jail? Even with all this glitz and
glamour, the real reason to visit this pumpkin patch was a little intimidating.
(dramatic noise) Luckily, we scored an exclusive interview with
pumpkin patch proprietor, Dave. – Now, I do see a sign that it says,
World’s Largest Slide. (dramatic noise) – Right. Yeah.
– Scary that you have the world’s largest slide?
– Yeah, well if you’re real little… – Alright!
– …it does look like the world’s largest slide. – But I wanted to hear from the little
people themselves. – Now, are you planning on riding the
world’s largest slide? – (in happy voice) I’ve already gone on it.
– Clearly, she is terrified. – Are you planning on riding the world’s largest slide?
– Yes! – Yes? Bastian are you quite possibly
the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? – Yes.
– He wasn’t the cutest thing I’d ever seen. This kid was. Was it scary at all?
– No. – He said no. I didn’t talk to these kids,
but the only way to assess the real risk, was to go down the slide myself. Get it together.
With reckless abandon and no regard for danger, one by one they took
the plunge. I was still hesitant. Alright, I’m doing it. Remember me.
(scary music) – Woooo!
– She did it, Bast! – I did do it. I’m Lee Newton for GMM News.
Back to you, Rhett and Link. Is my hair okay? ‘Cause it feels like it keeps
blowing and I don’t want it to look weird. – Thank you, Lee, for shedding light on
such an important local issue. – And onto another question. SpookyDunn
asks, How do you make a costume using household items? I’m broke!
– Uh, well, we reached our limit on DIY costumes pretty quickly with a white sheet,
but we know of some ladies who can take things a little bit further. – If you can cook with it…
– You can costume with it… – Let’s Mom About That. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Moms!
– Picture this: it’s the night before Halloween and you plop down on the sofa
with a Costco cheese plate and you’re about to go at it and then you realize
(gasp) oh no! I don’t have a costume for my middle child!
– We’ve all been there. You should be encouraged because everything
that you could need for a costume is right there inside of your home already.
– And what we’ve done is we’ve taken the liberty to put on a DIY fashion show for
you today. – Oh my.
– Introducing, my daughter, Cherish. Come on out, Cherish!
– She looks great! (clapping) – Now, as you can see she is my favorite
song, Trap Queen. – Oh, by Jiffy Pop.
– No, it’s Fetty Wap. I just rounded up a whole bunch of mouse
traps that were empty and some that I had to wrench out the vermin from…
– Yeah. – …and I just stuck it on a old outfit
that she didn’t wear much anymore and I revolutionized it.
– It’s so great. – You know, I can ride with my baby,
we be in the kitchen cookin’ pies with my baby.
– Oh wow. – Way to go Cherish. Good job!
(clapping) She’s gonna bring in a load of candy.
Alright, next up we have my son, and we really like to keep up with the times,
so welcome my son to the stage, Daultry. (claps)
Come on out, Daultry. Look at him. He’s Mars. And I don’t know if you’ve
noticed, but they have discovered water on Mars…
– Oh, that’s what that is! – …and if you go down there, just get my
water spritz bottle. Well, are you having trouble? Lemme get it, lemme get it here.
– Get it from my feet. – It’s stuck.
– I don’t wanna be indecent. You almost made me indecent.
– Alright so, as you can see, this is the exercise ball that I bought three years
ago, and it was already popped because I tried to do ball squats on Legos.
Look, spritz, spritz, spritz, spritz… – Oh! I found it!
Together – Water on Mars! – Water on Mars!
– Look at it! – It’s on his face, too!
– There’s water all over Mars. (clapping)
Alright, good job Daultry. Water on Mars, everybody. – Okay, now I’m super excited y’all about
this because I get to introduce my children to y’all. And this first costume
is really cinematically inspired by one of our favorite movies…
– Great. – …Come on out, Tarmac. Tarmac, hey!
This is Hunger Games. – Is it?
– Now, as you can see, what we’ve done is we’ve taken all the games that my
family doesn’t play with anymore because they’re ungrateful, and they quit playing
with them, well we glued them all over him. You can orbit.
– Oh, look at that, there’s a checker chess on the back.
– And he’s got the tennis racket he doesn’t play with, he’s got the golf he doesn’t
play with, he’s got checkers that he doesn’t play with, and we haven’t fed him for
twelve hours. – Oh goodness, he’s hungry.
– He’s hungry, he’s got games, he’s Hunger Games. – He’s gonna have to get us some candy
and eat it, idn’t he, boy? – Okay. Thank you, Tarmac.
– You’re cool, Tarmac. – Stay cool.
Sticking with the cinematic theme in a movie that has been giving me hot flashes
ever since I saw it this summer, I’ve got my littlest son, Hunter Donovan,
come on out. (clapping)
– Hunter Donovan. – He’s Magic Mike XXL y’all.
– Goodness. I love that movie. What are you doin’?
– I think he’s gonna do a trick it’s what I told him to do. He’s having trouble
grabbin’ it though. (whispers) Lemme grab it, lemme grab it, son.
– Come on, come on, pull it. Now did it, oh goodness gracious.
– Oh, I see what happened there. – There’s a cuff link attached…
– Now you hold that. (clapping)
– That is a good trick. – He did a trick, look at ‘im.
– Is he gonna do that in every house? – Well, I hope he works on it if he’s gonna
do it in every house. He’s got a wand as you can see. Now, Hunter Donovan, stop
that for a second. Now, we got my husband’s large tuxedo…
– I see that. – …and then we got the top hat and the
magic wand from the Abraham Lincoln murder mystery party that I went to. And then
we got Uncle Mike’s nametag from when he did speed-dating in Honolulu.
That’s why it says, “Aloha” my name is Mike. – Well that is just so purdy. He is just
itchin’ to be given candy. – Thank you, Donovan Hunter, Hunter
Donovan. – Thank you Hunter Donovan.
(clapping) – As you can see, our children just look
fabulous, let’s bring ’em out and give ’em… – Come on!
– …one last round of applause. Everybody come out. (clapping)
Good Job children, we are so proud of you. And we will take our 20% of your candy.
– Yes we will. Now y’all stay tuned next time, where we teach you how to feed
Thanksgiving dinner to 50 people and three babies in under 17 minutes. – Okay, the Good Mythical Moms did all
the work for ya, now you know exactly how to dress your kids for Halloween!
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where we’re gonna open some mail with Jen, find out what this is…
– Snake? It’s not a snake. – …ooh gracious.
– Link is the last living Woolly Mammoth. – Hey, that’s quite a coat, wow. You’re
like an elephant with hair! – Yeah, you know what that means?
– Are you from the zoo? – Nah, man. I’m from the Ice Age, homie.
And you know what? I’m the last of my species. – Oh, really? What are you?
– I’m a Mammoth! Get in close, man. Get in close.
– What are you trying, do you want me to smell you? Do you want to tell me something?
– Your ear, man, bring your ear in close. Woolly Mammoth.