welcome to another day a victory I’m
excited today I’m starting a serious on the Holy Spirit God the Holy Spirit yes a so much in the Bible about the Holy
Spirit and the so much we need to no so please
join me and let’s adventure together through the
Scriptures about the Holy spirit I’m it’s a great joy for me to dive into this vast subject up the Holy
Spirit Holy Spirit is of course not a subject
is a person is God the Holy Spirit and I’m very
thrilled about teaching about the Holy Spirit for
for various numbers of reasons and no one is it of course them the
experience that I had when I became a believer are the baptism
of the Holy Spirit we will come back to that in this series and but i wanna be very
fun day tional and the start from the very bottom and
to give you and try to give you an understanding of the fascinating
personality and other power and other presence are
the Holy Spirit in our lives as believers so let’s go
into the Scriptures and join me a let’s go to 2nd
Corinthians the 13th chapter and verse sir teen I believe in
English by was actually the first 14 we have a difference here between the
Swedish and English Bible and so in verse 14 it says the gratings on the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of
God and that communion of the Holy Spirit be
with you all a man now the this is a wonderful scripture about the Trinity most Christians understand the Trinity
understand that their that God is a Triune God some have a
little problem with it but has no question but this on revelation
this a doctrine is very pounded in the scriptures and I will not
go through that in detail now but just point out to
give you a few pointers on why and how God is a Triune God and where the Holy Spirit fits into this
and here Paul is writing again the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ the love of God and communion with the Holy Spirit now up we look at God god is love the
Bible says God Israel up and because he is love his
sent His only begotten Son we know for God so loved the world buddy sent
his only begotten Sun so am the the sending I’ve Jesus is Grace so that’s why we have in this could
share the grace a follow Jesus Christ and the love of God and communion with the Holy Spirit I believe
that most christians it was paid for questions
have them we have a care somewhat clearer
understanding of the got us the father and even though we
might not picture him as an old man with a beard
we have in our hearts his personality his holy is righteous
his almighty his all-knowing is permeated would love that flows I do
have everything it does his goodness His grace his mercy his compaction comes out a heart a bluff the father loves us this is sold very important for us very important for us
to understand we talk about the Trinity when we talk
about the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit that it is one got it is also very
important for us to understand there’s one God in
three persons but these three persons they at flow together they have the same
in different accents they have different missions the head and so forth and they have their own distinct
personalities and how this close together of course we do not know the
Trinity in his deep it’s said deeper sense is a
mystery it but it’s not like the father is
constantly upset and then the Sun comes and tells the
father please take it to the you know don’t be so judgemental you know we
gotta love the PO the love people and then but said the Holy
Spirit to clean up the mess you know so it’s not like that they flow together they have the same heart have the same
mission have the same mine try you God the Trinity is in unity with itself the the love of the Father
flows to the Sun love the Sun flows to the father they
love one another and the love that flows through the
father and the Sun as the Holy Spirit because the because thats Paul says in Romans five that love
God has been shed abroad in our hearts through the presence of the Holy Spirit
so I’m this mystery and the word mysteries very
important also to clear up a little bit with mystery we don’t mean something
that is magical something that is you know there we can never understand there
mystery is a that which is being revealed the from
the hart %uh the father God is an unknown
got to us if we don’t get to know him God the creator of this vast universe the macro
and the macro universe and with all its passion it mean amazing fascinating things that you know we could just touch
but really don’t understanding depth all it is is created by a heavenly God this God reveals Himself because He loves us and the revelation
of this is that unveiling Ave mystery that’s
what the Bible says poor speaks about his very very plain in
the a in the has a lovely officials so anyway as we come into contact with the father
we also come into contact with the Sun because there’s no way we can come to
the father without going through the Sun
geez is very plain their father and the Sun in Co junction sense the Holy Spirit is set forth from the father his set forth through
the Sun to us and on the Holy Spirit comes into
our lives through the hole is Chris got the Holy
Spirit we get to know the Sun and the father so we commune with the Trinity now these things a I mean they’re they’re they’re they’re
big enough and the deep enough for us to at at to drown in them but they there may
sing so I would say the whole of salvation and that’s why the understanding the Holy Spirit is
sold very important the hotel salvation is God in his mystery in his in himself God communion in love with the Holy
Spirit whether with the Sun in there in it 180 and in this for some reason which we call love which is a mystery
the father decides to include his created creatures into the slop into this life he brings
us in to the life on the Trinity the way he does it is through the Holy
Spirit but there’s no way he can do it without for sending His Son to die for
us on the cross to shed his blot we could say that the purpose are the atonement of
God reconciling mankind to himself is so that he could send the Holy Spirit
so that the Holy Spirit could bring us back to full communion with God again sold all this period as you understand
is very very very important now it was still in his first verse here the
grace up the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of
God and what and the communion %uh the Holy Spirit so we can say that the a distinct aspect of the Father is up course god is love a distinct aspect of the Sun is Grace
why because moses came with the law but grace abundance of grace and
fullness of grace came through our Lord Jesus Christ he
revealed what grace truly is grace in being
forgiven grace in being restored grace in being granted a absolutely new life having peace with God be made the
righteousness of God in Christ Jesus having access to the throne but the Holy Spirit peres’s and the
communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all the
Holy Spirit is the agent god is great as a person the agent that
brings us into this grace that pulls us in to fellowship with the loving father so without the Holy Spirit if I can say
that you understand know what I mean with this without
orders paid there’s no salvation because even if Jesus would have died
for us but the father would not have said the Holy Spirit hardy’s father and his two get not send
the Holy Spirit we would not have eternal life all of
which is would have done on the cross would have
been in vain but of course the the full plan our salvation is the father in this plan
is ian is mine is love in his heart planning out a way for us back to him cheeses executing that way to dying on
the cross and be raised again and sending the Holy
Spirit so the Holy Spirit could draws into that
life again so the work the I am ministry the power %uh the Holy Spirit is a basic now when
you and I think about the father as I said in the beginning and when you think about the party you
you think about God in heaven got sitting on this throw there is some form a mental picture Ave Manora may be an old man the man you know daniel has this their old man but we still know that this is of course
not Gaga’s not limited God is is so much more than that but for are
finite mind it gives us a picture that God is a person God is concrete got
answers our prayers God loves us who cares for us he takes
care us now the Sun is more is easier to to
picture because he is the Sun for me today that is incarnated
into this life he walks on this earth he has a body at you can touch him you
can feel Im and this is second course what the
Apostle john is saying that we saw him with touched him with fell team we heard
him and their we saw the Word of Life the tunnel word coming to us so you can picture Jesus and
there’s thousands of that causes up paintings and pictures of Jesus because
it it’s a desire of the christian because of the Incarnation because up the embodiment of Jesus Sep taking upon himself the flesh a man and
becoming a man servant a.m. we want it we’re fascinated by how he looks and and and how we walked around here on
this earthy cuz this our fate is very concrete but that when
we come to the Holy Spirit all we don’t know what to say as like it
what what is the Holy Spirit is your cloud easy a at as rain is the
water with a DOM what is it and this sis by so
important to have do is study in the scriptures we
r goal going to do that we going into that that
the Holy Spirit it’s not just electricity it’s not just
ep ago he feeling is that just power-pitch the comes like
that his cod the Holy coast is God the Holy
Spirit as a distinct personality as a distinct
way moving and walking and doing things he
has a distinct way up touching us and he drawls us and a wonderful way in to communion with himself with the the Sun and with the father saw what the Bible calls life on the spirit in the spirit still most thrilling most
amazing fantastic adventure did you and I comment done room thank you for joining me and welcome to
the next episode on this very fascinating study I’ve got
the Holy spirit and until then have another day up on they’ll well